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Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like the oth

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Random Ideas

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Ann placed a hand on Aspen's arm. "Aspen, I've got this," she said before she glared at her father. "I can do what I want," she muttered. Drake let out a groan of frustration and said, "No, you can't, and now you are grounded," he muttered before he glared at Aspen. "Off my property now, and don't make me call the police."

Ann furrowed her brows in confusion as Dimitri spoke. "Hold on, hold on," Ann muttered, holding up a hand. "Dimitri, if we changed history, what does that mean?" she asked, letting out a long sigh. Would that be a good thing? She then ran a hand through her hair and sighed. "And how in the world do you expect to find mom? She could be anywhere, Dimitri."

Lindi dipped her head and bit down on her lip. "Are you sure?" she asked as she glanced over at him. She reached out and took his hand in hers. "I just want things to be simple and easy, but my parents aren't making it that simple...or easy."

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Aspen narrowed his eyes. He couldn't take it anymore. He pulled himself away from Ann, and he looked Drake in the eye. "You can't always be there for Ann. I get that you want to be the main man in her life all the time, but one day she if going to need some space and a new man. Maybe that day is today. You can't always have an iron tight grip on her."

Dimitri looked at Ann, and he sighed to himself. "I don't know. I just hope it doesn't affect us. Wait, if they win this, do they win the whole revolution? No, that can't happen. We have to make them lose," he said in a panicked voice, and he started to pace. "Maybe we can ask someone where she if. We can find someone who will hear us out like Brandon or Livia," he said.

Dimitri nodded, and he looked into her eyes. "We can't run away form them. We are going to have to face them at one point or another. I think we should get to know them better," he said, and he kissed her once more.

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"Maybe I can't. But I can keep you off my property," Drake snapped as he stepped towards him. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut before you regret ever opening it," he muttered. The guy was working every last nerve that he had in his body. He was tempted to kill him.

"Why would that matter, Dimitri? Isn't that a good thing?" Ann asked as she furrowed her brows in confusion. She didn't see the big problem in them winning. Wouldn't he rather have a life that was easier than what they had now? At his next comment, she ran a hand through her hair. "How do you know they won't think we are insane?" she muttered, letting out a long sigh.

Lindi cracked a small smile as she returned the kiss. "Yeah, maybe everything will work out," she whispered hopefully. She just wanted everyone to be happy. She held his hand and let out a long sigh. "Maybe after everything boils over...," she began, trailing. Maybe her parents could see how much she loved him.

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Aspen kept his jaw clenched as he tried to stay calm. "I tried to reason with you, but that has obviously gotten me nowhere. I will have you know that I will see Ann," he said, but before anything could start, he turned his back on him and started to walk away.

Dimitri bit his lip nervously, and he sighed to himself. "I don't know. Maybe I can catch a moment when dad isn't in his office. I can go through his things and see if there is anything about mom. Besides, if we win this, there will be no second revolution. You will never meet Aspen. I'll never be president," he said, and he took a deep breath, trying not to worry himself too much.

Dimitri looked into her eyes, and he smiled a bit. "I'm sure that your dad and mom will warm up to me. Just let them get used to me. Time is all it will take," he told her, and he lied down, looking up at the numerous stars. "How many stars do you think are up there?" he asked her curiously.

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Drake glared after him and gritted his teeth. "By the way," Drake called after him, "you are fired!" He turned to Ann and snapped, "And you are grounded. Up to your room." Ann rolled her eyes. "Where my computer and television is?" she inquired. "Of course, I would love to be stuck up in my room, away from you." Drake watched as she stomped off and called after her, "And no riding Clyde for a month!"

Ann bit her lip as that sunk in. Was going through all of it worth it? She knew the answer to that. It was. She loved Aspen too much to let him go, and she was sure that Dimitri didn't want to lose his presidency nor Lindi. It would be like their lives would be swept clean. "Dimitri, I will go find mom, and you can go and make sure that the Capital wins," she stated. She never thought that she would be saying those words or rooting for the Capital.

Lindi lied down beside him and stared up at the night sky. "Too many to count," she commented with a half smile. "I tried once but lost count. They are infinite," she whispered before she glanced over at him. "I guess the number doesn't matter anyway," she whispered, but she wasn't talking about the stars anymore.

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Aspen bit his lip when he heard Drake's words. Fired? It was the one thing he was trying to avoid, but that wouldn't seem to happen now. He was going to have to break it to his mother that he had lost his job. He was going to have to go find another one, and who knows how long it was going to take him until he got to see Ann again.

Dimitri looked down at his sister, and he sent her a small smile. "Be careful, Annie. I don't want you hurt. I'll try my best to get things back on track," he said. He hugged her tightly for a few moments before he let her go. He just needed her to help him as much as she could. He quickly rushed to his father's office, and he placed his ear on the door, listening to see if he was inside.

Dimitri chuckled a bit, and he nodded. "I tried once myself. I was about to a thousand when my father told me to come down. I was the most disappointed a boy could be," he said, laughing at the thought of his smaller self. "Counting the stars wasn't practical for a prince."

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Ann went up to her room and slammed the door shut. When she was sure she had the effect she needed, she grabbed her phone and her car keys before she pried the window open. She was about three stories up. "Please, gymnastics don't fail me now," she muttered before she gripped the window sill and squinted her eyes closed. "Here goes nothing," she muttered before she jumped out.

Ann returned the hug and said, "Me? Get hurt. Pfft...don't offend me." She sent him a wide smile before she pulled away. She watched him head off before she turned and made her way through the halls. Where would her mother be? "If I were mom, where would I be?" she grumbled. Then she realized that Dimitri should be having this job. Not her. Too late now.

Lindi laughed softly as she listened to the little story. "I guess I never had room for practicality," she whispered as she stared up at the bright stars. "What's the fun in being all serious all the time anyway? I don't think I could handle it," she added on with a long sigh.

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Aspen sighed, and he soon reached his home. He started to take off his suit, and he looked down at his mother. She was lucky not to have to work that night, but now he needed her help. Taking care of horses was all he had ever known, and all of the jobs were filled. He put his face in his hands as he tried to calm down. "I'm so stupid!" he muttered angrily as he threw his tie across the room.

Dimitri soon came in the room, and he started to go through the drawers in his father's desk. He was looking for anything that had to do with his mother. Pictures, letters, documents, anything would work really. "Come on, there has to be something here," he muttered. Maybe he could even find plans that he had for attacking the Capital.

Dimitri sighed to himself, and he closed his eyes. "I say screw being practical. I'll count the stars if I want to. I will become a cook if I please. I want the same for the people," he said, and he looked down at Lindi. Maybe she felt the same.

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Maria frowned and poked her head out of the kitchen, where she had been making a quick meal. "Is everything okay?" she asked, frowning slightly. That was definitely a stupid question. Aspen didn't seem okay. "What happened to the party?" she asked as she took the jacket suit off him before he threw that across the room too and ruin it.

Drake headed towards his office and said into his walkie talkie, "Yeah, we will head for the Capital soon." He then stuffed his walkie talkie in his pocket and nudged his office door open. He came to a halt when he saw Dimitri. "You obviously have a hard sense of hearing," he seethed before he pointed a gun at Dimitri. He wore a hard stare, and his eyes were clouded dark.

Lindi turned on her side so she was looking over at Dimitri. "You really do?" she asked as she placed a hand on his. She cracked a smile to herself and planted a kiss on his lips. "You were just what everyone needed," she whispered.

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Aspen sighed to himself, and he closed his eyes, trying to cool off. "It was going perfect. I got Ann the best gift, we kissed, but then Drake saw. Of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut," he said. He didn't want to lay the news right on her. "I got fired," he said quietly, and he sighed, pacing. "What am I even supposed to do for another job? I don't know anything else than horses."

Dimitri was in the middle of looking in a drawer he heard Drake. He let a curse or two slip through his lips before he put his hands up and stood. "I can explain, okay. You are just going to have to trust me. If you don't lose this rebellion, thing that need to happen aren't going to happen."

Dimitri shrugged a bit, and he half smiled. "I don't think that people should be confided to their castes. They deserve to do what they want to do. I never did agree with the castes," he said.

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Maria listened to him and sighed as he mentioned everything that had happened. She had hoped to avoid a situation like that but it seemed almost inevitable. "Aspen, calm down. We will figure something out," she whispered, but she wasn't sure what to do. They were already tight on money as it was, and now that Aspen was jobless, things were going to get worse. She would have said more but there was a knock on the door.

Drake scowled at Dimitri when he spoke. "What are you talking about? I think the best thing that could ever happen just did, and I don't think you have any right to ruin in," he snapped as he took a step towards him. "And why would I trust you? You know, you make no sense. Why even help in the first place if you are going to turn you back on me?! Like everyone else did," Drake continued seething. "Yeah, that's right. Angel, Brandon and Livia, everyone turned their back on me and left me here to do all the dirty work."

Lindi sighed as she thought about the castes. "Neither did I," she whispered, but it was understandable why she didn't agree. She would never agree with the case, and if she were to become queen, she would want to do something about it as soon as possible.

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Aspen sighed, and he looked down at his mother. "It's fine. I'll just go without food until I get a job. It's work or starve, right" he said quietly, and he looked over at the door when he heard the knock. "I'll get it," he said, and he walked to the door, opening it to see who was on the other side.

Dimitri watched him closely, trying to make sure that he didn't lose it and shoot him. "Okay, let's calm down. Maybe they left you because, no offense, you look like a maniac, and you sound more inane than me. Okay, just listen. I might have a history text book. It says something about you complete going insane with power at this point. But the thing is, if you win the rebellion, you daughter is never going to meet a certain someone. I will never become president. Heck, Ann and I may never even be born if you don't get your act together!"

Dimitri took her hand, and he looked down at her. "I will try my best to get rid of them. it won't be easy, but I am not going to gibe up on Illéa," he said. The citizens meant everything to him.

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Ann bit her lip when Aspen opened the door. "Hey, I am really sorry about what happened," she whispered, dipping her head. She hesitated before she asked, "May I come in?" She felt like it was partially her fault. She had been the one to talk him into going to the party after all.

Drake scowled at him as the kid rambled on. "Look, dude, I don't know what you are even talking about. You don't look much younger than me. I don't have kids!" he muttered before he raked a hand through his hair. "And I am not going insane with power, and you have no right to tell me so." He was becoming fed up with this guy. He would have said more but his walkie talkie went off again. "The hovercraft is ready, sir." He turned on Dimitri and scowled. "Maybe it won't be such a bad thing if you two aren't around," he grumbled.

Lindi nodded and kissed his cheek. "That is all I ask," she whispered. It was more than Drake had ever done for them, and she couldn't ask for much more. "Thank you," she continued with a small smile sliding onto her face.

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Aspen was a bit shocked to see Ann, but then again, it was Ann. She didn't listen to anyone. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before moving so she could come in. "Come on in," he said, and he closed the door behind her. He just wanted to be sure that she was okay.

Dimitri shook his head, and he grabbed his arm. "Just five minutes, that's all I'm going. I can show you everything in that textbook, and I can assure you it is the same one that is being used in the schools that are in the future. Just listen to me, okay! You don't have to believe anything if you don't want to, but just give me a chance. Angel was sitting at the dinner table, sipping some coffee. She sighed to herself and bit her lip. "I know I shouldn't....but I miss him. I just want Drake back," she said.

Dimitri brushed some of the hair out of her face as he looked into her eyes. "I just want you to be able to be what you want. What do you want to be?" he asked her curiously.

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Ann stepped into the house and took his hand, leading him to the house. "I shouldn't have let that happen. I am sorry," she repeated, biting down on her bottom lip. Ann wasn't one to apologize often, so it was a pretty big deal. She hesitated before she whispered, "I feel like it is all my fault." Even though she hadn't fired him, she may as well have been the one to.

Drake glared at him and muttered, "You don't have any proof, and it doesn't matter if you have some textbook kid!" He was growing more frustrated by the second. "Look, I have someplace to be, and you are just wasting my time," he continued, gritting his teeth. Livia glanced up at Angel's comment and sighed. She knew that despite it all Angel couldn't really stop loving Drake. She tried to understand but it wasn't so easy. "Then why don't you go after him?"

Lindi considered it before she whispered, "It is kind of silly since I haven't had the proper education myself." She bit her lip before she whispered, "But I always have admired teachers, and what they could do." She paused before she asked, "What would you want to be? A chef?"

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Aspen shook his head, and he managed a small smile. "it's fine. I couldn't keep my mouth shut, so it could be worse," he said, and he looked down at her, keeping her hand in his grip. "Ann, I am still going to see you, and that is all that matters," he said, and he kissed her on the lips.

Dimitri sighed, and he then went to his last resort. "Fine, if you won't come with me, I will just go with you. I hope you have extra room on that hovercraft because there is no way you are going to get rid of me," he said. Angel thought about it for a moment or two. She was always terrified that he wouldn't want her back or he had moved on. After thinking for longer than she should have, she finally agreed. "Okay, I'll do it."

Dimitri smiled as he listened to her in awe. "Teachers? I think that's beautiful! Besides, you will be helping the rest of the children around you. I think it is one of the best thing you could be doing with your time," he said.




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