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Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like the oth

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Random Ideas V.2

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1Random Ideas V.2 Empty Random Ideas V.2 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:27 am

Ann cracked a small smile at that and returned the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck briefly before she pulled away and offered him a wad of cash. "Don't ask, please. Just take it," she whispered. It was just her birthday money, and she would rather Aspen have it. What would she do with it?

Drake glared at him as he muttered, "You can't go." He didn't even know this kid, and he was expecting him to be all cool with the idea of him tagging along. Who in the world did he think he was? Livia cracked a small smile when Angel agreed. "Good. But if you are going, so am I. I am not letting you leave me behind," she said with a half smile.

Lindi blushed and shrugged her shoulders sheepishly. "I am glad you think so," she whispered before she dropped her gaze to the ground. "But I don't know if I will ever be able to do that," she continued, sighing softly.

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Aspen listened to her, but his eyes widened hen she pulled out the money. he quickly shook his head and looked into her eyes. "Annalise Hannah Sherwood, there is no way that I am ever taking money from you. You need that for something," he said, and he kissed her softly. He couldn't take it.

Dimitri shook his hea,d and he looked at him. "See, here's the thing. I am going, and I don't care if you say yes or no. After all, you don't think you're my father," he said, and he walked out, heading toward the hovercrafts without another word. Good thing he saw them before. Angel stood, and he smiled brightly. "Well come on Liv!" she said excitedly, and he raced out of the house as quickly as she could. She wasn't thinking straight. All she could think about was Drake. She started running back to the base.

Dimitri shook his head. "No. When you are queen, there are opportunities all round you for philanthropy projects, and you can do whatever you want with them. You can help schools or hospitals. You can do anything your heart desires." he said, and he smiled to himself. Lindi would do whatever she could to help others.

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"No, I don't," Ann replied with a shake of her head. She already knew that Maria and Aspen needed it way more than she did. "If you won't take it, I will give it to Maria," she insisted, and she wasn't kidding. When Ann had her mind set on something, there was a little chance that she would change it.

Drake glared after him and gritted his teeth. This kid was not making any sense, and he just didn't understand why he was so determined to not listen. He made his way out of the base anyway. If anything, he could find a way to ditch the kid. Livia's eyes widened but she didn't object. Instead, she followed after her. "Hold on, Angel! My legs aren't that long!" she muttered as she attempted to catch up.

Lindi flushed and dropped her gaze to the ground. "When I am queen?" she inquired as she thought it over. Did that mean Dimitri had plans to marry her? She knew that he must like her a lot, and she felt the same way. Yet, she still couldn't imagine that he already had his mind set on it.

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Aspen sighed to himself. He knew that Ann wasn't kidding when she said she was going to do something. She never did back down from her word. "Ann, I can't take this. It's fine. I can get a job and make my own money," he said. He was going to get food with his own money, not someone else's. He just wanted to do something for himself.

Dimitri smirked a bit at his father's irritation, and he rolled his eyes. "Boy were the history books right," he muttered to himself as he walked long to the hovercraft. He soon came to it, and he sat down. He reached down in his pocket, and he grabbed the wallet he had. He always kept pictures of his family and one extra of Lindi just incase he needed them, and boy did he need them. Angel looked back at Livia, and she shook her head. She stopped for a moment or two. "Come on, Liv! I have got to see him before it's too late!" she called, and he sighed to herself. She just wanted to be happy with Drake.

Dimitri blushed, his entire face turning red. It wasn't something that he was open to admitting, but yes, he did love Lindi more than he could ever describe. "Yes. When," he said shyly, and he kept his gaze to the ground, trying his best to not look like a fool.

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"Aspen, this is just to get you back on your feet. I am not going to let you starve," Ann insisted before she took his hand in his. "I wouldn't do that to you, okay?" she added on before she kissed his cheek. "Besides, I know you need it," she whispered as she dropped her gaze down to the floor. "Consider it a early birthday present."

Drake got on and pulled out a piece of paper with the coordinates. After a few soldiers climbed aboard, he began to quickly type in the coordinates. He was more than ready to hightail it out of there. Livia sighed and caught up to her. "I know you need to see him but I don't think running is going to make a big difference," she muttered as she continued on. Ann had been out looking for her mother. She stopped in her tracks when she saw her. There was no mistaking her. They looked just alike. She rushed over quickly. "I would explain, but there is no time. We have to get you to Drake. Now."

Lindi could feel a blush creeping on her face. Oh, how she adored this man. She kissed him softly and whispered, "Are you sure you want that?" She averted her gaze and sighed softly. "You could have someone who is literate and beautiful and..," she trailed and shook her head. "But you want me."

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Aspen watched Ann for a moment or two before he sighed. She somehow found a way to talk him in to getting the money. "Fine," he said, and he took the money. He wrapped his arm around her, and he pulled her close to him. "I am so glad I found you, Annie," he said, smirking as he used the nickname she hated.

Dimitri watched as all the soldiers started to file in. He then started to think of ways that the Capital could win. He needed to up history back on track, He stood, and he snuck to the back of the hovercraft with some of the equipment, and he tried to get a signal with the Capital. Angel looked down at Ann when she came, and she gave her an odd look. "Wait, who are you? Why do you look like me?" she asked.

Dimitri smiled, and he tried his best to hide his blush, but that wasn't happening. "Of course I am sure I want that. Lindi, you are beautiful, and literacy can be taught. You see, you have attributes and experiences that no one else has, and I love that about you, Lindi Crawford."

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Ann grinned with satisfaction when he finally agreed. She grinned up at him but the smile faltered when he used her nickname. "How many times are you going to call me that before you realize I hate it?" she muttered, rolling her eyes at him. "Besides, I don't have a nickname for you."

Drake finished up getting the hovercraft ready and the entrance began to close. It was time to take over. Ann let out a sigh of frustration. "I told you, there is no time to explain," she muttered before she glanced at Livia. "Wow, people were right. Lindi and I are basically our parents," she whispered more to herself before she shook her head. "Come on, if we don't get you to Drake now, history will change," she muttered before she grabbed Angel's hand and tugged her along.

Lindi couldn't help but smile at his words. He knew just the right things to say it seemed. She sighed softly and whispered, "I am glad you think so, then," she whispered as she took his hand. She did not know how she got so lucky, but she couldn't be more relieved.

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Aspen chuckled at her words, and he smirked a bit. "Oh, I know you hate it," he said, and he kissed her cheek. "You are just going to have to come up with a nickname for me. I'm sure it won't be all that hard. Come on, spit one out," he said, and he smiled a bit. He would never not call her Annie.

Dimitri played around with the buttons a bit, trying to see how everything worked. When he finally managed to get a hold of things, he started to make the connection to the Capital. "To anyone that is listening, I alert you. The rebels are on their way to make a surprise attack. Get ready," he said. Angel looked down at her daughter and gave her an odd look. "But who are you?" she asked as she ran. She looked back at Livia. Should she trust her?

Dimitri smiled to himself, and he looked down at the ground. It seemed to be his friend that night. He wrapped his are around her and pulled her closer, closing his eyes. He just wanted to lay there with her in his arms.

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Ann rolled her eyes at Aspen's comment and nudged him slightly. "Which means that you shouldn't be calling me that," she muttered before she stuck her tongue out at him. At his next comment, she thought it over and said the first word that came to mind, "Aspy." She then laughed to herself. It even sounded ridiculous.

Drake smiled as the hovercraft began to lift in the air. He was still in awe. They could win, and all of this would be over. That is what he had been hoping for all along. It could finally end. Ann let out a huff of frustration. "You will never be able to find out, if we don't get you to Drake!" she muttered. She had a bad feeling. She came to a skittering halt, however, when she saw the hovercraft lifting in the air. "No!"

Lindi rested her head against his chest and let out a long sigh. She still couldn't believe any of this but she couldn't be happier. She planted a kiss on Dimitri's cheek and murmured, "I love you." She then flushed as she realized what she said. Had she actually told him she loved him? Yeah, she had.

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Aspen listened to her, and he gave her an odd look. "Aspy?" he said to clarify, but she had indeed said it. "Well, I guess since I hate it you can use it because I am always going to call you Annie," he said with a laugh, and he picked her up in his arms, spinning her around in circles. He loved her more than anything.

Dimitri soon came out of the room, and he went to the window, but there he saw Ann and Angel standing. "Holy crap," he whispered to himself. He went to Drake and grabbed his arm. "We have to land this thing right now! Angel and Ann are down there," he said. If he didn't want to land it, he would land it himself. Angel tried her best not to look as disappointed as she was to see the hovercraft leaving. "Maybe it's for the best that I don't see him. He probably hates me for leaving anyway."

Dimitri looked down at Lindi in shocked when he heard her words. Did she just say that she loved him? "I love you too," he found himself whispering before he knew it. "Lindi Crawford, I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he told her before he pressed his lips to hers.

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Ann laughed and rolled her eyes at his comment. "Yeah, Aspy," she insisted. She honestly couldn't care if it sounded ridiculous. Hers sounded pretty ridiculous as well. "Even if I ask you not to?" she inquired, letting out a long sigh of frustration. "Darn, I was really hoping the nickname would get you to stop," she continued. She was surprised, however, when he picked her up and spun her around. "Well look at you being all smooth," she said with a laugh.

Drake was in the middle of flying the hovercraft when Dimitri spoke. He didn't want the kid to come in the first place, and now he was ordering him around? He set the hovercraft on autopilot before he turned on Dimitri. "Why do I have to land this? I don't believe you are the one in charge here, kid," he muttered, gritting his teeth. Ann's eyes widened, and she shook her head. "You don't understand. If you and Drake aren't together, then Dimitri and I don't exist, and everything will change," she muttered before she placed her hands on her mother's shoulders and muttered, "You can't give up! You always give up, and...and you can't!"

Lindi was surprised when he said that he loved her back. She had almost expected him not to feel the same way. She had no reason to, but she was just worried. She relaxed as Dimitri continued and returned the kiss. "I am glad to hear that," she whispered as she pulled away and looked into his eyes.

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Aspen looked down at her, and he smirked a bit to himself. "I know I'm smooth," he said jokingly, and he put his arm around her, "I hate to say this, but your dad is going to find out that you have snuck out sooner or later," he said. He didn't really want Drake hunting him down and trying to kill him. He knew that he would do it.

Dimitri glared at his father, and he grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "You shut up and you listen to me. If you don't get your act together, you won't have a family. Now you land this hovercraft before I do it myself!" he said. Angel glanced at Ann, and she sighed to herself. "What are you even talking about? I don't know who you are!" She was starting to get frustrated about everything.

Dimitri looked down at her, and he smiled a little bit. "Just think about the future though. You and me together at the castle. I can teach you to read and write and everything. You can teach me how to farm. We oils start out own garden!"

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Ann arched a brow at his comment and muttered, "And what could he do about it? It's not like he will know where I went." She sighed and dipped her head, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "Besides, I don't know if I want to go back home right now anyway," she added.

Drake scowled at Dimitri's words. Oh, how he wanted to turn a gun on the kid. He glared at him before he stared ahead. "I don't have a family," he muttered in response, more to himself. Ann wanted nothing more than to throw her head back and scream, and she would have if she wouldn't look even more insane than she already did. "I am your daughter for crying out loud!"

Lindi laughed softly as he talked and considered it as she stared up at the nightsky. "I would like that," she murmured truthfully. It would feel a little more at home if they had their own little garden. Maybe it wouldn't feel so weird with it.

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Aspen nodded in understanding, and he looked into her eyes. "You can stay here as long as you need to," he told her, and he looked into her eyes. She was just so beautiful. He understand how he was so lucky. "I love you," he whispered to her.

Dimitri narrowed his eyes at his father. "I won't let this happen to my family again," he said bitterly before punching his father as hard as he could in the face. After that, he rushed to get the hovercraft landed. it was a bit messy, but after a few moments, he managed to land.

Dimitri listened to her after a moment or two, and he nodded a bit to himself. "Trust me, I will make it feel like home for you," he said to her, and he kissed the top of her head. He would make sure she was nothing but happy when she was at the castle.

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Ann cracked a small smile at his words and held his hand lightly in hers. She was a bit surprised when he said he loved her, but it made her even happier. She grinned up at him and murmured, "I love you too." She then wrapped her arms around him happily.

Drake frowned, and he would have asked what he was talking about but then he was punched in the face. He crushed and rubbed his face. His blood was now boiling with anger, and if he would have pinned the guy against the ground if he were certain they wouldn't crash.

Lindi smiled at that and placed a kiss briefly on his lips. "You don't have to, Dimitri," she whispered as she dropped her gaze to the ground. How did she even get so lucky? It wasn't like she was that great. It was Dimitri who was the great one. "Thank you."

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Aspen smiled down at her, and he held her close to him. "Well, while you are here you might as well meet my mom," he said, and he took her hand, leading her to the small couch that they had. It wasn't much, but at least it was something.

Dimitri finally had the hovercraft landed, and he grabbed Drake tightly. "You are coming with me," he said, and he took him out to where Ann and Angel were standing. Angel was a bit shocked at first to see Drake there. She took a small smile forward, and she tried not to look as scared as she really was. "Hi," she said quietly.

Dimitri smiled down at her, and he kissed her softly. "Maybe we should be heading back right now. I hate it, but I really don't want your dad to hate me more than he already does," he said jokingly.

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Ann cracked a small smile as she followed him to the couch. Maria glanced up when the two walked over and offered a small smile. "Hey," she began as she glanced from Ann to Aspen. "So this is the famous Ann Sherwood."

Drake was taken aback when Dimitri forced him out of the hovercraft. He muttered obscenities under his breath but then his eyes landed on Angel. He grew momentarily speechless, and he forgot what he was even upset about. It was like a cure in itself almost. He then raced to Angel and wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Oh, God. I've missed you so much."

Lindi rolled her eyes and laughed softly before she stood. "Yeah, I guess you are right," she agreed with a long sigh. She stood and brushed off her pants. She wanted to stay but Dimitri had a good point. She would rather not have more tension in the house.

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Aspen couldn't help but blush a bit when his mother spoke. Ann didn't need to know that he talked about her all the time. It was sort of something that was a secret for him. "Yeah, this is her," he sad nervously. Maybe Ann would like his mother.

Dimitri had forced his father out, and he thought he was going to have to fight him, but it all chanced when his father saw his mother. It was like a magical moment in some cliché romance movie, but yet it seemed real. Angel smiled when she saw Drake, and she hugged him tightly. "I missed you too! I was so stupid for leaving," she said.

Dimitri helped her up, and he kissed her a bit. He was hoping that things would work out for all of them. He took her hand, and he started to take her back to the house.

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Maria smiled lightly at them both and stood before she pulled Ann into a quick hug. "It is nice to meet you," she said as she pulled away. Ann laughed softly and dropped her gaze to the ground. "It is nice to meet you too," she said before she took Aspen's hand.

Drake held her close and kissed the top of her head. "Don't worry about it," he began as he pulled away to look into her eyes. "You are here now, and that is all that matters," he whispered as he placed a hand on her cheek. He then pulled her close and kissed her softly. He couldn't be more grateful to have her back.

{should we timeskip?

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Aspen smiled down at her, and he pulled her a little bit closer. "So, how long are you planning on saying?" he asked a bit curiously. He was wondering if Drake would hunt him down. Knowing him, he would. He would follow him to the ends of the earth.

Angel smiled, and she held him close. "I am so glad I have you now," she said, and she kissed him back. Without Drake, her life was incomplete. Dimitri looked down at his sister, and he smiled to himself. "I think we did it, baby sis," he said with a smirk before ruffling her hair. He was more than happy to know that he would have his sister.

{sure c: when to?

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Ann dipped her head sheepishly and said, "Uh, I don't know." She bit down on her bottom lip as she thought it out. She knew her father would eventually find out she was gone, but did she really want to up and leave quite yet? No, not really. She glanced at Aspen and said, "I guess how ever long you want me to stay."

Drake smiled lightly down at her and rubbed her back softly. He pulled away slowly and took her hand in his. "I love you," he whispered to her. Ann rolled her eyes and nudged him. "Two minutes isn't that big of a difference," she muttered in response. Those two minutes would hang over her head for the rest of her life.

{when they go to the market?

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Aspen smiled at her words, and he kissed her softly. "Good. Because I want you to stay here forever and ever," he said, and he held her close to him. She was just so beautiful, and he couldn't understand why Drake hate him so much. Was it his hair? His smart mouth?

Angel smiled brightly, and she placed her hand on his cheek. "I love you too, Drake Sherwood. I always have," she said, and she held him close to her. She was too happy to have him back. Dimitri chuckled, and he nodded. "Yeah, I will need let it go. "I am just really happy to have you. Now we just have to make sure the Capital wins."

{sure c: want me to start or do you want to?

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23Random Ideas V.2 Empty definitely the hair Aspen on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:18 pm

Ann laughed and kissed him back before she nudged him lightly. "You are a dork," she muttered as she rolled her eyes and rested her head against his shoulder. "But I guess I have to deal with that," she continued with a joking smirk on her face. She loved Aspen almost as much as she loved to tease him.

Drake smiled at her words and kissed the top of her head. He held her close and let out a long sigh. "Good," he whispered with a half smile on his face. What would he do without this woman in his life? Oh right, kill all of Panem, more than likely. Ann sighed at his next comment. It didn't sound all that easy.

{I can.

The next morning, Lindi woke up early and quickly dressed. It had been a while since she had been to the market, and she was a little excited. Maybe a bit too excited. She could remember the first time her mother took her, and she had been so happy just to look at everything, even if they couldn't buy them - which most of the time they couldn't. After she grabbed her basket, she knocked on the guest bedroom door where Dimitri had stayed. "Are you ready?"

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24Random Ideas V.2 Empty oh yeah you know the hair is a deal breaker on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:29 pm

Aspen chuckled, and he rolled his eyes. "I may be a dork, but I am your dork," he said with a small smile, and he kissed her. Ann meant everything to him, and he couldn't see his life without her. She was just so beautiful and amazing.

Angel looked up at Drake, and she blushed a bit. She then turned to look at Ann and Dimitri. "Who are you guys? There is no way you are our kids," she said, and Dimitri groaned, running a hand through his hair. "Must I go through this again! We are from the future where I am president of Panem. You lose this rebellion and then Ann is chosen for the games, falls in love with this really annoying guy, no offense Ann, and then we have another revolution. Yay us!" he added the last part sarcastically. "Oh wow, Lindi was right. I am spending too much time around Dom."

Dimitri looked at himself in the mirror. Hopefully he would blend in. He was wearing an old work shirt of Brandon's along with some jeans and boots. He let his hair go into their natural curls, and he grabbed the money he had. When Lindi knocked, he opened the door and smiled down at her. "Yeah, I think I'm ready. Anything in particular you need?" he asked.

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25Random Ideas V.2 Empty Re: Random Ideas V.2 on Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:39 pm

Ann rolled her eyes as she kissed him back. "That is only what dorks say," she commented as she stuck her tongue out at him and ruffled his hair. She then rested her head once more against his shoulder and sighed softly. She didn't know what she would do without Aspen by her side.

Ann gritted her teeth as she raked a hand through her hair. Was her mom always this annoying or was it one of those weird pre-kid-phase? As he goes on to explain, she just rolls her eyes and sighed. Drake spoke up after a moment. "Wait, wait, wait. Lindi? Dom?" he repeated, furrowing his brows in confusion. He then shook his head and sighed. "And Ann...I had a sister named Ann," he said thoughtfully, furrowing his brows. "Hey, maybe we should name one of our kids that one day," Drake said with a grin, and Ann groaned. "Dad, you already have," she muttered in frustration.

Lindi shook her head as she thought it over. "No, not that I know of," she stated before she took Dimitri's hand and lead the way out the door. "I might get some fruits and vegetables though," she added thoughtfully. She was more excited than she probably should be.

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