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Random Ideas V.4

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Horror seemed to strike in front of her; it was as if she had stepped out of the real world and into an action packed thriller. Yet, no matter what she might have thought, this was real life, and Jamie was attacking her boyfriend - or whatever he was to her. She could barely look Jamie in the eye; everything had erupted before her, and she should have expected it. Yet, she thought Jamie had changed; she had assumed that she had the capability to alter his old ways and to present him as a decent person, because she knew very well that he could be a relatively good guy from time to time. Though, her gut feeling had been telling her all along that Jamie would never completely change; she should have listened to it instead of brushing it off to the side and refusing to admit the truth. She brushed past him and dropped down beside the guy, her boyfriend...somewhat. "It would be different, Jamie, if this fight actually meant something, but you just wanted to fight," she answered, her voice flat and emotionless; she was numb. At this point, she did not know how to feel, but she wasn't the same naive little Maya anymore. This fight wasn't merely about defending her honor. No, it was about the thrill. Because that was how Jamie was, and that was how he is. Perhaps that would be how he would always be. Later, the pain might finally seep in, because whether she would admit it or not...she harbored feelings for Jamie.

Such prying questions, so it seemed. However, perhaps they were questions that even Willow herself was curious about, but would never have the guts to ask herself. Besides, marriage was a concept she had considered, but she had always wanted to find the right person. Thus far, she was utterly convinced that Apollo was her right person. They balanced each other out like no other; he was her whole world, and he was one of the most important people in her life. An amused smirk crossed her lips at the tint of color that coated Apollo's cheeks. She rarely found Apollo in a state of embarrassment; but when she did, she adored every moment of it. "Maybe is so indefinite," she teased, a grin forming on her lips. "That is like me saying, maybe I am in love with you." She paused as she grasped the final brownie that was stashed in the ziploc bag. "Or, maybe I ate the last brownie," she continued, a mischievous grin sliding onto her lips before she stuffed the brownie into her mouth, her cheeks puffing out like a chipmunk. That produced a laugh from the students; perhaps the lack of sleep was getting to her, yet being a practical teacher was not on her agenda, not today at least.

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Just a fight? Was she right? Was he only fighting because he hadn't been in a good one for months? No, he knew that wasn't the case. Sure, that was an element, but in the long run, he did it all for her. He shook his head, hoping that she would understand him, but he knew better than to think that everything would be fine. He was smart enough to know that he screwed up royally, and there was no getting out of it this time. "I didn't fight just because I wanted to! Maya, I fought to make him learn his lesson! He was out for your dad's money and that's it," he said, looking down at the girl before him. Yes, he loved her so very deeply, but she knew him too well. She knew his real desires. She probably even guessed that he never did change in the first place. He hated himself for it. He hated himself so much. He looked into the girl's eyes, taking in a deep breath. He cared for her so much. "Maya, you have got to trust me. I'm just looking out for you," he said. He always had wanted the best for her, and he still did. He just thought that he was the best anyway.

Apollo listened to her go on and on about the word maybe, and a lot of it didn't mean much to him. That was until he heard her last phrase. "You ate the last brownie!" he asked in disbelief. There was no way that she could have! He walked over to her, smirking a bit. "Maybe I'll have to chase you around the building," he said playfully, and he ruffled her hair, kissing the top of her head. He leaned against the board, sighing a bit. "I guess I'll have to tell you about my borning job," he said, and he started to draw the corporate ladder on the board. "Any other questions before I go on to this?" he asked. He was sure that at least maybe one or two of them would like to know more about Willow as possible. It was odd, but they liked her, right?

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Could Maya believe him? The answer was obvious, at least to her it was. She had been utterly convinced that Jamie was changing for the better; however, it was the same person he had been months before. There was no denying the truth; her efforts were worthless, and now she had come to terms with that mere fact. "I can look out for myself, Jamie," she muttered, her voice still harboring the flat tone that she had obtained from before. The old, innocent Maya might have shed a tear or two. Yet, the weeks of depression had strengthened her. If she did cry, it wouldn't be where Jamie could have a front row seat. It would be in the comfort of her bedroom. "If you really cared about me Jamie, you wouldn't pry into my personal life. You would let me make my own decisions," she whispered before she turned away from him. She felt as if she had swallowed a rock; her throat was hoarse, containing a raspy undertone.

A smirk grew on her lips as Willow wiped the residue of the brownie off her fingers. "Maybe I did. Maybe I didn't," she answered innocently, her eyes growing wide to influence the natural sweet impression. Moments later it evaporated when her Apollo messed with her hair. "Hey," she grumbled as she sent a glare in his direction. Though, whether she wanted to or not, she couldn't remain frustrated with Apollo for long. "Boring job," she repeated under her breath, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. If Apollo wanted an enticing job, she would gladly let him have hers. The students definitely wore her out by keeping her on her toes.

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Jamie knew that he should have stayed by her side and not talked to the man, but he couldn't help it. He was protecting her name! He took a deep breath, and he shook his head. "Maya, why can't you understand! Everything that I do is for you! I stopped my habits because of you, I actually worked to control my anger for you, and I even got rid of the only friends I had ever known for you," he said, but he knew she wasn't listening. He turned and made his way out, trying his best not to cry. He couldn't show that Maya hurt him. No. She hardened him. He started to recall his memories of a nearby place that he had heard had a good business for things he needed. He could work for that group there. Who was the head of that group? He had heard of it before. Dexter maybe? He didn't bother to remember the last name. He grabbed the keys to his motorcycle. No one would miss him anyway. He didn't bother to leave a note. Apollo was pacing in the living room. Yes, he trusted Jamie for the most part, but he was also very wary of the boy. They were late. He started to call his daughter, thinking of horrible things that could have happened to her. No, he didn't want to think that anything like that happened to her. "Come on, Maya, pick up."

Apollo smirked a bit as he heard his girlfriend. "Now now, Ms. Walker, it isn't nice to make remarks like that. In fact, it's quite rude. I just might have to give you a demerit," he joked. He finished drawing the corporate ladder. "Alright. As many of you may know, there is a very successful business company. Well, I am the executive director of that company. So I tell the high ups how well the company is doing, and I'm on my way to being CEO. Now, executive director is right here," he said, pointing to one of the spots of the corporate ladder. "It usually takes about ten years, but I am so brilliant at what I do that I got it in about three and a half years. I guess my whole intention is to make sure you kids do well in school. I mean, when I was your age, I was the kid in the back who would never answer and never pay attention. I didn't do well, and I didn't act well either until I really screwed up. I won't tell you what happened, but I got my head on straight and manages to graduate with honors," he said. He really did want these kids to do well, even if he didn't know them well.

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Ringing. There was a constant buzzing noise piercing her ears, her thoughts. She hugged her legs to her chest and took her bottom lip between her teeth. She couldn't move. She could barely think. Her head was throbinng and pounding. Not to mention, the constant noise was relentless. Eventually, she come to found that the noise was, in fact, her phone. She might have chucked it across the alleyway if Daphne hadn't stopped her. With numb hands, she answered the call and cleared her throat. Her throat felt scratchy; but after a couple of tries, she managed to speak. But only one word. "Hello?"

"I was merely repeating what you said yourself, Mr. Davenport," Willow answered in response, resisting the initial urge to roll her eyes. As he continued on with his ramblings, she zoned out once more. In theory, she knew everything there was to know about his job. At one time, she had been his secretary - and later quit, because it was not necessarily appropriate to work with your significant other - especially when said significant other is your boss. As her attention keyed back in, she nodded in approval to the class, excluding the fact that she had been the one not paying attention this go around. "Exactly. I am sure all of you want to end up like me and having to teach a bunch of teenagers," she commented, a sarcastic undertone trickling through her words.

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Jamie rode for what seemed like hours upon hours. He finally came to the city. It seemed to be pouring down rain, and Mother Nature had no intention to stop anytime soon. He pulled part of his leather jacket over his head, hoping that it would keep him semi dry. He soon came to the warehouse that he had heard was owned by his Dexter guy. He started to bang on the door, hoping that someone would come. Apollo seemed to be holding his breath until the moment that his daughter answered. "Maya, are you okay? Jamie wasn't been answering any of my texts. I mean, it's not that I don't trust him. I'm just worried. I hope you're okay," he said, his voice still sounding rather panicked and terrified. He was so scared that something could happen to his daughter. He wasn't quite sure what, but he was still worried. "I'm sorry if I seem overbearing," he said once more.

Apollo rolled his eyes as he heard her, and he smirked a bit. "Keep this up, Ms. Walker, and I am going to have to make you pull a card. Do they do that in high school? Or maybe detention," he said, and he chuckled a little bit more. He sat down, and he looked at all of the kids for a moment. There was something about standing in front of them that really seemed to resonate with him. They seemed to be the most engaged. "Now, I'm not going to make you write some huge essay about me. All I want you to do is tell me one thing you love about Ms. Walker. I'm sure she needs it," he said, smiling a little as he looked down at his girlfriend. Everyone needed a little bit of kindness and compassion in their lives. He sat down beside her, taking her head under the desk. "I hope I at least speak to one kid," he said. He wanted to make a difference, and if it was only one kid, so be it.

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Frozen in place, Maya could barely comprehend the words that were trailing from the other end. She clutched her legs to her chest, much like she would a few weeks before during her downward spiral. She felt cold, too cold to move or speak. Unfortunately, a part of her knew that that was exactly what she had to do. Swallowing to clear her sore throat, she spoke in a raspy voice as she whispered, "Fight...ran off..." She couldn't find the words to fill in the fragmented sentences. It was all she could do to force her mouth to work. Why couldn't she possess as much strength as Daphne - physically and emotionally. She was a trainwreck waiting to happen. Moments after the obnoxious sound drifted through the corridors, one of the guards drifted to the front; in the back of his pocket rested a gun, ready to whip out if need be. He cracked the door open and squinted at Jamie. "Name? Did you have an appointment kid?" he flatly inquired, accustomed to randoms appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

Such a child, Apollo was. Nevertheless, Willow was used to his antics and teasing behavior. Not that she would ever admit to it, but it was one of the reasons she had fallen for him. She leaned back against the back of her chair, twisting to and fro as she did so. It was a natural habit she had acquired over the time as a teacher. "Well, Mr. Davenport, I would like to know what you like about me?" she mused, quirking a brow expectantly and leaning forward with her elbows resting on her knees and her chin propped up on her hand. A reassuring smile crossed her lips moment later at his wishful words. "Maybe you did. Maybe you didn't, but at least you tried," she commented quietly, her eyes drifting to the bunch gathered.

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Apollo's eyes widened. He could barely even make out what his beautiful daughter was trying to tell him. Luckily Daphne and Gabriel had caught up to her. Gabe was the one that finally took her phone, motioning for Daph to go help her friend. She needed it after all. He then explain the entire situation to Apollo who was more than furious. He was demanding his daughter home, but while there was anger in his voice, worry dominated his demeanor. His daughter meant everything to him and he didn't even know where she was. Some creepy alleyway. He hoped and prayed that his daughter would get home safe. Jamie looked up at the man for a moment, shaking his head. "No, but if Mr. Dexter is free, I do wish for a meeting. I want to become a dealer. It's not my friend time, either, so I know what I'm doing. I could really help boost profit," he said. He had a feeling they wouldn't just accept him blindly, but he could dream.

Apollo was about to sit down, but then he heard her. His eyes widened when he heard her, and he thought for a moment. "I love you because of your personality. You are the most creative, original, and adorable person that I have ever met. I just couldn't imagine my life without you, and if that isn't love, I don't know what is," he answered honestly. He loved this girl more than he could put into words, but he was going to try his best. He took her hand, listening in to what she had to say about the importance of trying, even if it didn't meant anything to some teenager. He wanted to try his best to make a difference in the lives of at least one teenager. He wanted to believe he did that. Based on the looks of the kids, maybe he did it with just one

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Bending down to guide an arm around Maya's shoulders, Daphne attempted to aid her friend by guiding her to lean into her side. While Daphne was superior when it came to an abundance of qualities, she was lacking in the comforting department. She was just a step up from saying "there, there" and patting a person with a broom ten feet away. It was an unfortunate aspect; yet, she had the ability to at least guide Maya into a standing position. "The ambulance will come, and we will get you home safely, okay?" Daphne commented to which Maya said nothing in response. Squinting his gaze at the kid, he had to fight off a chuckle as he commented, "I don't know are a little young. Don't you think-" From down the hall, Dexter called from his office, "Just send him in." The amused expression evaporated from the guards face, and he grumbled a few obscenities under his breath before opening the door large enough to allow a person access. "Hurry along."

Just like that, Apollo had the ability to brighten her day with a few brief words declaring how special she was and highlighting how unbelievably important she was to him. "Apollo, I...," she began, but before she could even respond, half the class - the girl portion - awed, whilst the a few of the boys made immature gagging noises. "Okay, back to work," she commented, shooing them away as if that would cease their ease dropping. Her eyes traveled back to Apollo as she gave his hand a delicate squeeze under the table. "If you haven't changed their lives or viewpoints, that is okay. You have still made a difference in someone's," she whispered, her words barely above as whisper. Oh, how she adored this man.

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Thankfully Gabriel finished the call quickly, and he wrapped an arm around Maya. "Let's just get you home," he said quietly, starting to walk to the car. He looked over at Daphne with a soft and concerned smile. She really did try, and he was proud of her for that much. "Daph, do you want to drive or do you want to stay with Maya?" he asked her in a soft voice. Maya was going to need someone. Who, he just wasn't sure of yet. Jamie was worried that he wouldn't even be let in. He didn't have anywhere to go, and he was surely get sick in the pouring rain if he stayed out. He let out a sigh of relief when he heard Dexter's voice. Slowly, he walked in to the office and examined the man in front of him. He looked just like Apollo. It was quite scary. "My name is Jamie Dameron. I wish to become a dealer," he said, hoping that he sounded strong enough.

Apollo glanced over at the girls when he heard the awws, and he couldn't help but chuckle. "They probably think we came straight from a Nicholas Sparks book without all the drama," he said playfully. He wanted to kiss her so badly, but he couldn't at the moment. Not in front of the kids at least, and she had another class. The entire day was going to be torture if he couldn't kiss her. He wrapped his arms around her, and he pulled her close. "Well, I'm glad I've gotten to change you, for better or worse," he said. He couldn't even seem to wait to marry her

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"I'll drive," Daphne immediately answered; reasonably, she probably shouldn't be driving when she barely had a permit in tact. Yet, she would much rather drive than be stuck trying to comfort Maya. Unfortunately, that was not quite her forte. The comforting aspect had always been up Maya's alley of expertise - not Daphne's obviously. Guiding Maya to the car, she helped her inside before rushing to the driver's seat. "Get ready for a wild ride guys," she muttered under her breath as she fished out a cigarette. Before she had an opportunity to stash it back into her purse, the pack was snatched from her grasp. Moments later, Maya had a slender cigarette wedged between her teeth. "Lighter," was all she managed to mumble. Immediately after Jamie stepped into the room, a frown crossed Dexter's lips. He hadn't been quite what he was expecting. "And I want to be a millionaire but we don't always get what we want kid," he muttered flatly, leaning forward to rest his elbows against the desk.

"Without all the drama?" Willow repeated, arching a delicate brow at the words trailing at the end of his sentence. "Did you happen to forget about last night and the door?" she pressed on, a soft laugh escaping her lips as she did so. Perhaps their world wasn't as drastic as the set world for Nicholas Sparks, but she certainly did not believe that they had it easy. As natural as breathing, she leaned into him before remembering where they were and what they were doing. She distanced herself from him and straightened out the skirt of her dress. "I say it would be a little bit of both," she commented with a teasing smirk gliding onto her smooth lips. "Better and worse."

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Gabriel didn't seem at all surprised when she chose to drive. What he was surprised by was when Maya grabbed the pack and took a cigarette out. "Maya, you need to think before you use one of these, okay. They can really mess up your system. He really was worried about her. Ever since the incident with Jamie, she just wasn't herself anymore, and this really wasn't like her. "And we are going home. Your dad won't be happy to see you smoking. He'll be mortified in fact," he said, trying to stop her, but she and Jamie had something in common that they never acknowledged. They were both bloody stubborn. He looked over at Daphne, trying to get her to talk some sense into her friend. Jamie looked up at him, and he couldn't help the smirk that came to his lips. He shoved his hands into his pockets. "I'm no stranger to this business. I know the rules, I know how to get more money out of people. If I ever took business in school, it would have been the only class I aced. Actually, I take that back, I wouldn't have. I still would have skipped and never paid attention," he said. He wasn't sure why he was being so honest. Maybe because he heard that people appreciate honesty. That was a lie just to get people to tell the truth. If only they were told the reality of the world and not some sugarcoated utopia.

Apollo thought back to the door, and he started to laugh even more. "It may have took longer, but I did it myself, didn't I?" he said jokingly. He placed a hand on the outside of her thigh, tapping his fingers like he was playing piano. It was a bad habit of his, and he did it quite a lot. Willow seemed to enjoy it though, so he wasn't going to complain. He seemed to smirk even more when he heard her. "Better and worse you say? Well, I have to beg to differ. There is no way Apollo Davenport could have changed you for the worse. After all, Apollo Davenport had no faults whatsoever," he said, leaning back in his chair. He nearly fell over, but he managed to play it off rather cool. As cool as he possibly could in a room full of teenagers.

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Whilst Gabriel was blubbering on, all Maya heard was a bunch of yammering. If Jamie had the privilege of doing whatever he wanted and getting away with it, then shouldn't she have the same opportunity? Her nerves was on end, and the scene continued to play out in her mind. She needed a means of escape, and cigarettes had a tendency to calm a person on edge. Months ago, she wouldn't have been caught dead even in a ten yard radius of someone who was puffing on one of the sticks of death. Now, she was aching to have one to at least try to take the edge away. "Lighter," she repeated urgently, offering her hand out expectantly. This wasn't merely a want. No, it was a need. Chewing along the edge of a hangnail, Dexter observed the boy in front of him; he was no man, but merely a boy. "This isn't high school kid," he muttered finally, rising to his full height to glare down at him. "You can't decide to skip out on this job if you suddenly grow bored or find yourself in a pickle. Once you are in, there is no getting out," he spat, leaning forward with his hands braced on the desk. "Are you still sure about this?"

As her thoughts drifted to the night before, Willow couldn't help but stifle a laugh at the determination; it would have been so much easier to call someone for assistance, yet Apollo was relentless - merely a quality one couldn't pass up when dating Apollo. His following statement produced a signature eye roll out of her. "Apollo Davenport is also referring to himself in third person," she muttered as the bell chorused. Immediately, the kids scrambled out the door before she even had a chance to assign homework. "Sneaky little devils!" she called after them before shaking he head and rising from her swivel chair. The sleep deprivation was wearing on her, and it was a wonder she could remain standing. At some point, she had to relieve herself from her heels, setting them at the edge of the inside of her desk. The barefoot look was quite professional, at least at this point in the day. Fortunately, her room was free of grime.

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As much as it hurt him, there wasn't al that much that Gabriel could do to stop her. Maya was being Maya, and so she was even more stubborn than before. Reluctantly, he handed her the lighter. He knew that Apollo could probably beat him for letting his daughter smoke, but there wasn't really another option. He closed his eyes, and he looked out the window and each house they passed. It really did pain him to see Maya in such as state like that. She was a beautiful and kind girl. She deserved so much better than she was given. Slowly, he took her hand in a friendly way. "Maya, I want you to know that I'm here for you. I may not be much, but I'm here." Jamie watched Dexter closely, seeming to examine his every move in hopes that he would find something to give away a weakness. He smirked a little bit, scoffing at how much he was being underestimated. "Oh I know that. I know the trouble I can get into. I'm still willing to do the job," he said. He wasn't necessarily cocky. He was just...a little too confident. "I am completely positive about taking on this job."

Apollo couldn't help but laugh as he saw her eye roll. She did it quite a lot, but he loved it every single time she did it. It was sort of like when she got mad, but that didn't happen very often. Her nose would crinkle and she would try to look annoyed with him. He would just find it completely irresistible if he were to be honest. He watched the kids file out of the classroom without a bit of homework. "Man, if I were a teenager, I would love this day. It didn't have to pay attention and no homework," he said. Without any kids in the room, he finally had time to do what he was dying to do. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed a kiss to her lips. "Man, you're adorable," he said, closing his eyes contently. He was more than happy to have no kids for the first few moments. In fact, they could just lock them out and hang a sign that said they would meet in the library or some science lab. "Tell me about the next class."

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Grasping the lighter in one hand, Maya propelled the window to slide down about halfway; the wind whipped hair along, casually throwing it into her face no matter how many times she continuously pushed it back. After a few unsuccessful tries, she managed to light the cigarette. The first puff sent a wave of nausea through her; she coughed a couple of times. Clouds of smoke fell in drifts from her mouth. She hardly caught on to Gabriel's words; her throat felt much too hoarse to even speak. "I wish...," she began as a few more coughs formed. "I wish I could actually believe that." At that point, she was uncertain that anyone would ever stick around. All she had was a crummy cigarette. Dexter dropped back into the spiral seat, placing his clasped hands near the middle of the desk. "All right," he began as he pulled out a stack of papers, the agreement. "Sign this. But if you are caught, you are caught. We don't bail people out of prison, not even the important ones." Did he particularly have faith in Jamie? No, not really.

Thus far, the day had been increasingly dreadful; well, for the most part. Apollo somehow managed to form this horrible day into one that was at least somewhat tolerable. Fatigue was still coursing through her bones, but she only had to make it through one more class. One more class and this day would be over with. Ring, ring, her bed was already calling her. "I hoped they paid attention, but I doubt that they ever do," she grumbled, an exasperated sigh leaving her lips. When he kissed her, her drooping eyes popped open in surprise; she returned the kiss briefly, before pulling away and giving a gentle shove - not enough to actually hurt him. "If we are caught, I'll lose my job," she chastised; yet, a gleam of mischief entered her eyes. She felt like a schoolgirl once again, stealing brief kisses in the hallways and casting a gaze around to be sure a teacher wouldn't catch them. The compliment resulted in her arching her brows; "adorable" wasn't quite the adjective she would use to describe herself, but she would take it. "The next class," she repeated with a long sigh. "The class that...struggles. Introduction to Biology," she commented as she raked a hand through her hair; definitely not her favored class of the day, especially when she would rather just stick with chemistry.

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Gabriel tried to hide the hurt in his words when he heard her. He really did, but it still came. "Really? Well would you believe me if Daph and I stayed over. We could go to the ice cream shop you like," he said, hoping for a moment that she would agree, but he figured that if anything, he wouldn't get an answer. The moment that they came home, Apollo was outside waiting. He seemed rather nervous, but who could blame him. He had just heard his daughter was hurt by a boy he trusted. He was more than shocked to see her smoking. He quickly took it away from her and pulled her into a tight hug. "Maya...God I'm so sorry," he whispered before he started crying. Apollo was a strong man, and he never cried, especially in front of his daughter, but he couldn't help it. He failed her. He let her get hurt. Jamie took one of the pens in a very nonchalant manor, signing his name rather carelessly. He had nothing left to live for. He might as well make it fun. "When do I start?" he asked as he looked in his pockets for some cigarettes. He was broke, and Willow took the last of his. He should have never stopped.

Apollo was leaning back in his chair, closing his eyes as he spun around and around. He really shouldn't have sat in one. He would accidentally make himself sick trying to have fun. He paused a moment when he heard her. "Intro to Bio?" he asked, smirking a bit. "I took that. Failed it, but I took it. I can probably connect with these kids," he said, and he watched them as they filed in. Many of them reminded him of himself. It was like looking into a mirror ten or so years ago. Quite scary, really. He paused for a moment before standing and closing the door. "Now, many of you may not know me. My name is Apollo Davenport, and I am the Director of C&S company. Now, how many of you kids do drugs?" he asked. The children seemed to go white in the face, completely surprised by the question, some snickering. "Come on, raise your hands." Finally, a hand rose and a few others followed.

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As one might expect, Maya didn't utter a single word; her focal point remained on the deadly stick she had wedged between her lips. It created a fire within her throat - choaking the life out of her and producing numerous coughs as a side effect. She embraced the physical pain, even so. That meant that at least she was feeling something other than the burden of her sorrows, other than the empty, numbing feeling that rested in the pit of her stomach; though she was still numb now, the weight would drop on her eventually, which was exactly why she focused on the life sucking cigarette. Moments later, it barely registered that she was home; not even the crackle of the gravel beneath her feet captured her interest. When the cigarette was pulled from her grasp, instantaneous anger flourished through her. In spite of it, however, she could help but sink into her father's embrace with her head buried into the crook of his neck, much like she would as a child. The first tear formulated in her eyes and eventually dropped onto her cheekbones. "Dad...I'm scared," she whispered, her words barely recognizable, merely a mumble against his shirt. Instead of focusing on the mixture of emotions, she focused on the musk scented cologne that her father often wore, bringing a sense of familiarity in her disturbed life. Reaching across the space to grasp the papers, Dexter dropped them into a folder and then placed the pack in a sealed cabinet, just for safe keeping. "Tomorrow night. A very special delivery," he stated with a smirk trailing along his lips as he leaned forward, eyeing Jamie cautiously.

Straightening out her already board straight pants, Willow suppressed a half smile at Apollo's words; she knew Apollo well enough. Some may discount him for his past, but Willow knew the full story. He was wiser than people seemed to believe, especially when he actually applied himself. Their academic records were quite contrasting; yet, he was just as intelligent, perhaps even more so, than Willow herself. "Maybe you could," she agreed eventually. Her mind drifted off as the lecture began, considering she expected the same speech that he had presented to the past three classes. However, the moment the word "drug" passed from Apollo's lips, her head shot up, stunned by the blatant question. "Uh, Mr. Davenport," she spoke up between clenched teeth as she reached out and grasped his wrist, attempting to tug him down to grow closer. "What is the point behind this?" she inquired, resisting the urge to let out a sigh. She definitely didn't want...important people, such as her bosses, to overhear. She might not agree with the actions that the kids faced; however, she also would feel guilty if they were caught and sent to juvy. Some of them, though aggravating, were anything but juvenile delinquents. Perhaps they were even another Apollo, lost and seeking a way out.

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The words seemed to break Apollo's heard more than he could even imagine. He had failed his little girl. He loved her, and he failed her. He was becoming his father. As if she were a child, he picked her up in his arms. It hurt him, but he didn't care how much pain he was in. As long as Maya was okay, he could be dying for all he cared. He felt tears run down his face as he rocked her in his arms. "It's okay, darling. Daddy's got you. Daddy's right here," he said quietly. He started to walk inside, taking her to her room and lying her on the bed before he took her hand. "God, I'm so sorry, Maya. This is all my fault. I should have protected you more," he said as tears fell down on to the sheets below him. How could he let himself do this? He felt almost as numb as his daughter did. He would fight through it, though. He would fight as hard as he possibly could to make sure that his daughter was happy. Maya was everything to him after all. Jamie smiled a little when he heard him. "Good...sounds perfect," he said. He took a few moments to think of how he would word his next phrase. "I sort of have nowhere to go. Is there any place I can stay?" he asked. He had a feeling a knew the answer, but it was worth a shot.

Apollo smirked a little when he saw the shock on their faces. He looked back at his girlfriend, and he placed his finger on his lips. It was a surprise. He then turned back to the kids, making sure to keep his voice down. "Now, I know what you are thinking. 'What does this stupid rich guy think he is even talking about?' Well, I'll tell you this, I know a lot. Believe me or don't, that's your choice, but I was once one of you. I was failing each and every one of my classes, I was doing things I shouldn't. I always got in trouble with the law and the school. I got arrested a few times, but here I am now...I am here in front of you practically wearing money. Now what does that tell you? My senior year I cleaned up. I cleaned up because my mother asked me to and because I was told by someone that they saw something in my. I wasn't a valedictorian, in fact, I was only in the middle of my class, but that sure did beat dead last," he said, sitting down on Willow's desk as he looked at the kids. "I think all you kids have something special in you. I think you can all get to it if you try too. You just have to find that something inside of you that drives for a better life," he said, and he took a sip of coffee. "Alright, my rant is over. Talk amongst yourselves, but please try to keep it down," he said before taking his seat beside Willow.

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No further words were spoken in those few moments; Maya felt as if a rock was lodged in her throat, and she could barely breath, much less for words or even at the very least fragmented sentences. The familiar spring of her bed relaxed her muscles, and she delicately reached up with the palm of her hand to swipe away the foul tears - so much for being like Daphne, who possessed so much strength and did not have to lean on anyone. A shaky breath passed from her lips as her eyes skirted up to meet her father's. "Dad...," she whispered hoarsely, attempting to clear her throat. The only result were a few shaky breaths. "Not your fault," was all she could muster to say. Though she felt detached and confused, she reached up with the pad of her thumb to brush the streak the tear left in its path. Her father, the one who she looked up to as this independent, strong man, never cried. Ready to send him on his way, Dexter was prepared to call in one of the guards when another question was poised at him. A frown creased on his lips as he gaze shifted over Jamie. "Sorry kid, I provide jobs, not miracles. But I can forge you a fake ID so you can at least rent an apartment," he commented as he fished a half empty bottle of liquor out from under his desk - always stashed, always stocked.

Uncertainty crossed Willow's face as Apollo continued on with the reasoning behind such an absurd question; the pieces slowly fitted together, and by the end of the lecture, it created a definable picture, the moral to the entire tale. Willow was vastly different in comparison to Apollo and some of the kids going down the same road that he had already traveled down. She had been the top of her class and never even had a whiff of alcohol until the night she had turned twenty-one. Yet, she related to Apollo more than she had anyone else - not because of the past decisions, but how their personalities clicked, meshing together in a perfect unit. "Apollo Davenport, I believe you should drop your job and become a youth minister, or a spokesperson," she whispered as she tugged him closer by pulling on the arms of his chair. Oh, how she adored this man, from his flaws and all the way through to his perfect attributes.

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Though she said it wasn't his fault, he didn't believe a word. He caused his daughter so much pain because he was looking out. Because he thought he could trust Jamie. He held her close as his eyes continued to cry. "I screwed up so much, Maya. More than you know. I'm a horrible man. I'm no role model. This by far is the worst thing I've done," he said quietly. It seemed that it had turn from him comforting his daughter to the other way around. Maya was so much like Willow that it really scared him. Someone he could hardly tell the two apart. He closed his eyes, trying not to seem as hurt as he was by everything. "I won't ask you about what happened. The only thing I'll ask is what I can do to help," he whispered. Jamie nodded, and he took a deep breath. He wouldn't have money for dinner or a home at the moment, but an I.D. would work. "If I could get an I.D. at some point, I would like that very much," he said.

Apollo never had been aware of the affect that he had on some people, especially Willow. He thought that she was just some girl that somehow liked him, but he could never be more wrong. Willow was the one that would stick with him through everything. He couldn't help but laugh when he heard her. "A youth minister? Willow, have you even met me?" he asked jokingly, sitting down beside her and wrapping his arms around her. He had to admit, he was pretty good with kids, but he still just couldn't find it in him to talk with them about his life. Until today, that was. He always kept it a secret, too afraid of the people that would judge him and not take him seriously. He paused a moment, looking at Willow in a way different from most times. "Thank you, Wills. Thank you for sticking with me, even after I told you my past."

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Though Maya was reliant on her father's support, she could sense that something was stirring within him - negative memories. Her dark, looming eyes dropped down to her hands when he spoke. She accepted the fact that her father was nowhere near perfect; she understood that he had perhaps made many mistakes in his life. However, she doubted that they could be as severe as some of the grand errors that Jamie had succumbed to. Her father was anything but hungry for inflicting pain; yearning for the battlefield. He wasn't Jamie; he wasn't terrifying, not in the sense that Jamie was. The storm that was ultimately her thoughts, passed over as Apollo spoke once more, relieving her mind of all the reoccurring events that coursed through her thoughts. Help? In truth, she didn't even know what would truly help her at this point. She was merely hoping for a sense of familiarity. She needed warmth, security. She yearned to wash away the events of that night. With the blanket crumbled in her arms, fastened against her chest, she lifted her head and whispered, "Could you dance with me? Like we used to when I was a kid?" Dancing had never been her strong suit, in truth. She wasn't as graceful and light on her feet as her mother was - surprisingly enough, her mother was an amazing dancer despite her horrid coordination; something as simple as walking always seemed to be a constant struggle for her mother. Even so, she could dance. Unfortunately, that trait hadn't been passed down to Maya. Folding his hands together on the desk, Dexter eyed Jamie for a moment, regarding the fact that he was still present at this very moment. "Is that all?" he inquired, letting out an exasperated sigh. Otherwise, why was the boy still standing in his presence?

The fatigue in regards to the day's events were wearing on her; even so, she focused on Apollo in hopes to stay awake until the final bell resounded. There was no way she was working over this evening; home was calling her, as if with an actual microphone, becoming her to tread home. Apollo's words brought an easy smile to her lips. Unlike most people, she sought out the good in Apollo and even somehow brought that out onto the surface. The bad wasn't particularly a part of him; it was more so a part of his past. He wasn't the same man that he used to be, and she was accepting of that. "Apollo, you are not your choices," she whispered as she rested her head against his shoulder, momentarily forgetting that they were still on school grounds. "Besides, I don't leave people I love. I'm not my father," she whispered, her gaze flickering to the ground. The wound, though old, was constantly a stab in the gut. Yet, she had forgiven even her father for leaving, because in the end he came back. She would rather have him in her life than cast him away. When in regards to the ones she loves, she is more than willing to offer second chances. "I love you, you know," she whispered, grasping his hand and lacing their fingers together. She even accepted the mistakes that he made, because they were what made him the man he was today.

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Apollo figured that she didn't understand him to begin with, and he didn't blame her. He was probably saying things that she had never heard before. She didn't need to know about his past, but he just couldn't hold it in anymore. Something had to give before he really hurt himself. He was about to speak, but Maya beat him to him. A memory came to mind. It was Christmas Day. Little Maya was only three years older, and she clung to her father just as much as she did now. She had finished opening all of her presents. The last thing she had gotten was a pair of tap dance shoes. She wanted to dance, but not tap dance. No, what she had in mind was a waltz. Apollo smiled, and he let her dance with him. She could hardly keep her balance, and so to compensate, Apollo told her to stand on his toes. They danced like that for the next almost ten years. He remembered her first date with Jamie. They went to the ice cream parlor and then dancing. He came home and told him she stood on his toes. As he brought himself out of his memories, he stood, taking her hand as a single tear rushed down his cheek. "May I have this dance?" he asked, bowing. He lifted his head up once to make a comment. "Don't forget about my toes," he said. Jamie bit his lip, nodding a little. "Yeah, that's all. Thank you," he muttered before he started to make his way out. He had no idea what he would eat. He had no idea where he was sleep. The only thing he was sure of was what he had made a grave mistake.

Apollo bit his lip, and he took her hand the moment he heard her mention her father. He knew that she was still mad at him. He knew all too well, but he wanted her to love her father. "He isn't that bad. At least your father came back," he said in a sympathetic tone. It was no lie that his father never did. He had no idea where he was. "He cares for you a lot, you know. That one night I waited on you to come home from your flight, he went on and on about how smart you are," he said with a smile. He really did love his daughter. He just wishes that she could see that. He pressed a soft kiss to her cheek, smiling. "I love you too."

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No matter what the situation may be, there was one thing, or person for better terms, that Maya could absolutely count on - her father. He was her rock, keeping her ground among all the hardships that developed throughout her life. One prime example would be her friendly visitor making an appearance at the worst possible times - when her mother was away on a ladies' retreat. Even so, her father had stuck through for her and bought her all of the necessities, along with a tub of ice cream and The Little Mermaid, her favorite Disney Princess. Despite the image he had of himself, Maya did not see a monster or a dad failing at his one task. No, she saw her hero. With a weak smile, she climbed off the bed and placed her hands in his; a heavy breath passed through her lips as the hand resting in his closed her fingers around it. The other hand rested on his shoulder. Though her eyes remained on the ground below, her lips began to hum a fine tune, one she had heard often before when she would sneak into the kitchen late at night and see her parents dancing to that very music.

The memories were constantly there, reminding her of the years she had went without her father. Years and years she would hear the fairy tale stories about the bond between her friends and their fathers. The pain was still there, an open wound. Even so, she wasn't angry over it, not anymore at least. "I know," she managed to whisper after moments later, resting her head against his shoulder. "I forgave him long ago, Apollo. It is just hard to forget sometimes," she whispered, trailing her fingers through her hair - a habit she acquired when she was rather exasperated. Time would heal all wounds, as they always declared.

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Apollo took a deep breath as he stood, letting his daughter stand on his toes. He probably needed it just as much as she did, if not more. He closed his eyes as he listened to the small tune she started to hum. He couldn't seem to get it out of his head. Where had he heard it before. Suddenly it came to him. It was an old song he had played at the Christmas party where he and Willow really started being a couple. They danced to it under the mistletoe. They also danced to it in the kitchen of their home, and now here he was, dancing to the exact same song with his daughter, tears rolling down both of their cheeks. It was an imagine he would never forget, he was sure of that. His daughter meant the world to him, after all. "You know, some say a father is the only man you ever need in life," he said jokingly.

Apollo held her hand in his, biting his lip as he thought about what she said. Sure, he understood where she was coming from, but only to an extent. "Can you really forgive him if each time you see him, that's all you think of. You know what, this year we are having thanksgiving at our house. You and I can cook," he offered, but he knew Willow would end up cooking considering his horrible skills. "I could help you make decorations. I could get closer with your family! It really would help us," he said with a smile. He could also work on Willow's relationship with her dad. He would kill to have a Dad that was actually around.

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The steps felt almost awkward and foreign, one she couldn't quite get correct no matter how hard she attempted them. The tears trickled along, hanging from her jawline before dropping onto her teeshirt. A stained blob rested in the place, but she didn't mind in that moment. Her father offered guidance, creating joy and parting the storm that had erupted inside of her - as he always did. He was the one person that she could count on; though the words were merely teasing, she almost believed him. Thus far, all the other boys - not men, they were hardly teenagers, much less men - in her life her harmed her in one way or another. From the doorway, her mother had appeared; a luminous smile was apparent not only in her face but in her eyes. "Honey, you shouldn't tell her that. She just might believe it coming from you. I want my daughter to grow up and get married one day, not live with us the rest of her life," Willow commented, sending a wink in Maya's direction.

Unconsciously, Willow's shoulders tensed. Perhaps Apollo was right in some form or fashion; no matter how hard she attempted to forget the memories, they always stuck their devil head in her mind; they tainted her thoughts and created a negative image of her father. Apollo's suggestion sounded as if it just might work - or at the very least, she attempted to believe that it would. However, it could end in a disaster. "Or I could do the cooking, and you could clean," she filled in as she tilted her head up so that their eyes met. Oftentimes, she liked cooking with Apollo, but only if she was supervising his every move and keeping tabs on how much salt he used or how much sugar he added in and so forth.

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