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Random Ideas V.4

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Jamie knew that she was right. Somehow she always managed to be right, maybe it was because she was so smart. He always knew deep down that he wasn't good for Maya. Even if he had always been sober, she needed a smart guy that could support her, not some guy who couldn't even think critically. Yet, that wasn't going to stop him. The only thing that could possibly stop him at this point was death. Even rejection wasn't going to stop him. "Maybe that's because a kiss from you is that important to me. You are that important to me. You are the reason I gave everything I thrived off of to your mother," he said quietly. He knew that Apollo still hated him. Apollo probably hates him because he recognized himself in Jamie. It was something insane to think of at first, but for the people who truly knew Apollo, it wasn't surprising.

Apollo looked down at her, and he yawned to himself, looking down at the ground for another moment or two. He felt as if he was going to pass out right then and there. He grabbed a brownie and shoved it in his mouth. "Let's go to bed now," he muttered with a face full of chocolate, and he took her hand in his, starting to lead her to the room. He would gladly go ahead and change, but he was too tired. He simply lied on the bed with his comfortable pants and tank top. He closed his eyes and curled up in a small ball. "Goodnight Wills," he mumbled.

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The words struck a chord within her; it almost sounded unbelievable. No, it was unbelievable. Why would Jamie of all people care that much about her? It was why she had spiraled into her depression in the first place; she did not feel cared for, instead she had felt detached from herself. "Jamie," she whispered, but she did not know what else to say. Her eyes dropped to the ground; her mind flew through the brief conversation once more. In the end, there was a part of her that wasn't ready to know, not yet. One kiss was all it took to change everything, whether it be a positive change or a negative one. Either outcome couldn't possibly end well, could it?

Dazed, Willow stumbled after him; the steps were the tricky part, especially when she felt more out of it than she thought she would have. As she curled up on the bed beside him, she nestled her head against his shoulder. "Mhm," she mumbled with her eyes still closed, not having the energy to actually form words. She tugged the covers up to her chin by blindly reaching out for them. Within seconds, she was swept into the abyss that was sleep.

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Jamie looked at the girl in front of him. She was really a woman. He looked into her eyes, and he leaned down. He knew that he loved her more than anything, but he couldn't just say it. She wouldn't believe him. She would probably say he was high or drunk. Or both. Jamie took a deep breath. Oh, screw fearing what she would think. "Maya, I love you," he whispered. Afraid of rejection of either out of passion, he closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, pressing his lips to hers. He was worried she would say something denouncing his love, but he also had been waiting to kiss her ever since he had really broken down and lost everything in him.

{should we ts?

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It was miraculous how only a few words could send someone spiraling into shock. Love? No, Jamie couldn't possibly love her. Truthfully, Maya did not even fully grasp the concept of love either; how would she ever know for certain that she was in love? Before she even had a chance to sort out the mess that were her thoughts, she was swept into a kiss. For a few stunned moments, she was frozen and paralyzed, unsure of how to react. Eventually, however, her eyes fluttered closed, and she did the one thing that she never thought she would ever do. She kissed him back.

{yes yes. to when?

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Jamie couldn't even begin to understand why she kissed him back, but he didn't question it," he simply smiled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her a bit closer and kissing her once more before he pulled away. He kept his eyes closed for another moment, taking in a deep breath. Kissing Maya was unlike kissing any other girl. Kissing Maya was better than any high he had ever been on. He slowly opened his eyes, and he placed a hand on her cheek. He hoped that he hadn't scared her.

{probably the next morning when they are trying to stay awake at work and calling each other to keep the other awake

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With one simple kiss, Maya was unsure what she was supposed to take from it, make of it. Due to all the unknowns, she could not even begin to explain how she felt. Her eyes traveled down to her shoes, unable to look Jamie in the eye. Whilst she had thought that the kiss would bring forth clarity, it had only pushed more hollow confusion at her. There was no denying that he was a good kisser; though, he had probably kissed plenty of other girls. He was her first and only. It was highly unlikely that she could ever live up to anyone else. "Why Jamie?" she finally whispered, her eyes reluctantly drifting up to his. "Why do you love me? I am just a mess."

{okay sounds good. could you possibly start?

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Jamie knew that she probably would ask why, and of course she did. He chuckled a bit, and he playing with a small strand of her hair. "Well, you can't get much worse than me," he said quietly, and he pulled her a little closer, hoping that he didn't creep her out. "Maya...I know for a fact that you can't see it, but you make me a better person. When I'm with you...I'm not the drug addicted kid that I was. I can control myself. Your my drug. I know it sounds cheesy as hell, but it's true," he said, feeling a tear fall down his face. He never cried. Then again, he never showed his feels either but that was happening. "I just can't believe I've been so stupid all these years."

Apollo had a managed to make it to work, but actually doing work was another story. He was constantly drifting off, and at one point he did fall asleep. He only woke up when he fell off his propped hand and hit his head on the keyboard. He grabbed his phone, taking in a deep breath. He called Willow, hoping that maybe she wouldn't be in a class. He should know her schedule, but he just couldn't think. He called her, hoping that it would help him stay awake. She was probably just as tired. She stayed up with him the entire time.

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Throughout the speech, Maya had no clue how to respond. The words were rather surreal, not what she expected to come out of Jamie's mouth at all. Her thoughts were a coursing storm, unable to settle the turmoil that was her mind. Though she was uncertain of her feelings, she knew one thing was for certain; she did care for Jamie. Love him? She couldn't possibly answer that, not now at least. Her eyes trailed up to his, and she noticed the single tear trail down his face. After a pause, she reached up to delicately brush it away. "No, you are not stupid," she whispered eventually, her gaze shifting up to his. "You are just a smart guy who made stupid decisions."

Teaching was difficult enough with the rambunctious class that she had at hand. Yet, her being cranky and exhausted was the icing on top of the cake. "Ms. Walker, I believe you put copper and tellurium in the wrong order if you were attempting to call me cute," one of the students announced, a glorious smirk evident on his features as his buddies gave him high fives. Gritting her teeth, Willow dropped the marker on the rack and turned on her heel. "I believe you should focus on science rather than grammar, since this is...oh, I don't know, chemistry," she snapped, her words seething. "Listen here, I put up with a lot, but I am running on four hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. You do not-" she continued but her words came to a stuttering halt as her phone began to go off. "Ms. Walker, it is only fair that teachers stay off of their cellular devices if students have to," the student mocked, a smug grin on his lips. Glaring in his direction, Willow snapped the phone off of her desk and raked a hand through her hair. "Label the periodic table. I have to take this call," she grumbled before she stepped out into the hall. Once she was free of the imbeciles, she answered the phone, doing everything possible to keep from shrieking. "Hello?"

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The only thing that Jamie hated about this was that he was crying. For so long, he kept in so many emotions, some he should have let out a long time ago, but now they were boiling over, and he couldn't hide them anymore. He wrapped his arms around Maya to pull her into a tight hug. "I made so many of those stupid decisions. I thought you hated me for so long. I wouldn't blame you at all of you did," he said quietly, and he took a deep breaths. He wondered what his parents thought of him. Did they hate him almost as much as he hated himself?

Apollo nearly feel asleep just listening to the ringing. He was sure that she was in a class. He needed to get something to keep him awake. It probably wasn't smart to get another cup of coffee. He had had five from the time that they started working on the door until now. When she did answer, he mumbled a bit, too tired to even care about coherency. "I want to go to bed," he mumbled like a little kid. He was wondering how her teaching was going. Knowing Willow, she was probably roasting kids left and right, no questions asked. He wouldn't be surprised if she made one of them cry. Probably two with how late they stayed up. And all the coffee she had. "I packed you something special in your lunch whenever it gets to that point," he said. He snuck a couple of the brownies they made into her bag. He knew it would make her happy at least until some point at the end of the day.

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Despite all the emotions that Maya still hadn't sorted out, she couldn't stand to see Jamie cry. She knew Jamie as the strong independent person that he was; this broken shell of a man before her was definitely not what she had expected. Slowly, she wound her arms around him and rested her head against his chest. "I never hated you," she whispered quietly, her words barely audible. "I mean, I wasn't your biggest fan for a long time, but I never hated you." Though, she had her own issues on top of the Jamie-dilemma for a while.

Exhaustion played out on Willow's features, and she had to lean against the wall to keep from toppling over. She rubbed her eyes, probably smearing the mascara she had applied this morning - makeup always made people look more awake, didn't it? "At least you don't have to deal with ignorant teenagers who act like nine year-olds," Willow seethed, dropping her head back against the wall and immediately regretting it as shooting pain entered her skull. Though, she would willingly admit, it was nice to let loose and let them have it for once. "What did you pack?" she mumbled around a yawn. She cast her gaze down the hall briefly, being sure that the principal wasn't heading her way.

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Jamie knew that it wasn't Maya's fault for not liking him. After all, he brought everything upon himself. He always had. He held on to her tightly, hating to see the look on her face. He wasn't sure why, but him crying really did seem to break her. Maya was such a forgiving person. He didn't understand how she liked him enough to kiss him back. He sighed to himself, pulling away after a moment. "Thank you Maya...for everything. I don't know what I would do without you," he told her, kissing the top of her head.

Apollo chuckled a bit as he listened to his wife. "I may have have packed a few brownies...and some ice cream in that thermos of yours," he said, typing random things on his keyboard to try and keep himself a awake. It was going to be hard, but he could do it if he tried hard enough. Maybe. "So, on a scale of one to ten, how annoying are the little brats. If they are pretty bad, I'll take off work and come visit you. I wouldn't mind that at all. I could even pick up lunch from your favorite Chinese please," he said, smirking a bit. The more he thought about T, the more he loved the idea.

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Her eyes cast down to the ground once more as the words seemingly passed through the air. Though she didn't say so, she sometimes wondered if Jamie's life would have been better without her being apart of it. Perhaps he would have never turned to the wrong group of people and started using drugs excessively. As soon as the thoughts emerged, however, she brushed them aside. She could not let tainting thoughts ruin this night. "No need to thank me," she whispered as she slowly took his hand between hers.

Rubbing a hand over her face, Willow slid down the wall and planted herself on the cool tile floor; this was perhaps a mistake, considering she was wearing a black pencil skirt, but in this moment she could not care less. "That sounds really good," she mumbled, at the very least she had something to look forward to besides her couch. "One hundred," she answered through gritted teeth, casting a gaze towards the door. How did she get stuck with the assholes? Where were all the studious students? "You don't have to though. I can handle them," she added on, bracing her shoulders. She had been "handling" them for weeks now.

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Jamie closed his eyes for a moment, and he felt the back of his neck. It was the most disgusting texture he had ever felt. "I need to wash that chocolate ice cream or your off," he muttered playfully, and he pushed her, making sure it wouldn't hurt her or anything. He then put an arm around her shoulder. "How about we head to my house. My parents probably aren't home. We can sit down and watch a movie," he said, smiling to himself. He figured it wouldn't be smart to mention her boyfriend.

Apollo was struggling to keep his eyes open as it was. He smiled a little when he heard her response. He was hoping she would say something like that. "Have no fear. Apollo Davenport is going to be on his way very soon," he said before he leaned back and got up from his desk. He was one of the best workers, so all he would have to say is that he wasn't feeling well. "I'll be over there in a moment. You just try not to kill some hormonal teen until then," he said playfully before saying he loved her and hanging up.

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A triumphant smirk tugged on her lips as she remembered how she pulled one over on him. She could be sneaky and underhanded when she wanted to be - perhaps she got that quality from her father. She didn't know much of his past, but she knew very well that he had lived a different life before her mother. "What movie?" she inquired, interest gleaming in her eye. She wasn't certain about going to Jamie's house, considering the last time she had been was for a family gathering.

Fully prepared to protest, Willow opened her mouth, but a yawn slipped past her lips instead. She never had the opportunity to object, so it seemed that Apollo was coming whether she liked it or not. Rising to her feet, she brushed off the majority of the dirt that clung to the back of her skirt and stepped back into the classroom. Everyone immediately grew quiet as she stepped into the room. "Now that is more like it," she commented flatly as she switched to the next slide on the powerpoint. "Next person who speaks out with be in for a surprise." It was one thing for Willow to snap at the students; it would be a completely different concept for Apollo to put them in their place. Where Willow's words cut like ice, Apollo would willingly snap their neck - not that Willow would let it go quite that far.

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Jamie paused for a moment, thinking. "You can pick one out. I mean, my parents have that huge movie collection in their room. We can even watch one of your favorite Disney movies. I know how much you love Mulan," he said with a small laugh, chuckling and trying to wet his hand in some way and get the chocolate ice cream. "I don't know what you did, but that stupid ice cream is stuck to me like glue," he muttered. He had a feeling he was going to have a long shower. A hot one too.

It didn't take long for Apollo to get off work. The one thing that was really time consuming was trying to convince the old lady at the main office of the school to let him go see his girlfriend. It took him almost thirty minutes, but he managed to finally get a visitor's badge. Good thing he stopped by the house and got her another cup of coffee and her favorite ice cream. He stopped by the door of her classroom, peaking in and knocking. The kids looked pretty annoying. He remembered his high school days...he didn't want to remember them. They were a rather rough time. He sighed and waited for the door to be opened.

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All the options swam through Maya's memory as she recalled the vast majority of their movies that they had; when she was younger, she would always borrow some of their DVDs, and most of the time, they were lucky if they ever saw them again. "All I did was douse you in it. You were the one that let it stick there," she replied as she stuck out her tongue at him, a childish grin of triumphant clear on her features. "Come on," she stated, tugging insistently on his hand to pull his towards his motorcycle - she didn't even want to think of the damages she might have caused.

The entire time, Willow had to force herself to withhold her words, which was quite the task for her. She was halfway through the lecture when the knock resounded, bouncing off the walls. "Great," she whispered under her breath as she rubbed her eyes and strode over to the door. "Coffee. Thank you, I love you," she stated, immediately grasping the scalding cup and taking several gulps even though it left a seething trail down her throat. "And Apollo...please don't make a scene," she added on as she stepped aside to let him in. "This is Apollo Davenport, and he will be talking about his career," she addressed the class before patting him on the shoulder. In his ear she whispered, "Good luck."

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Jamie couldn't help but roll his eyes as he heard her. "I still blame you," he said playfully, but in return he ruffled some of her hair. They both were messes, but then again, they could be worse. Maybe they were just depictions of what they were like on the inside. No, Jamie would be half dead on life support. Well, maybe not as bad now that he has Maya by his side. He walked with her to his motorcycle, and he took in a deep breath. Now was the time to panic. There was scratch marks and dents everywhere, and the paint was gone on most of the marks. He didn't have to money to fix it. He closed his rhea, pretending that if he forgot about it, it wasn't there. He was going to have a hard time explaining to his father what happened. "Let's get on to my house," he muttered.

Apollo smiled as he listened to her, and he kissed her cheek. "Anything for my skywalker," he said playfully, knowing she hated the nickname. He walked in, but his eyes widened when he heard her. "I am doing what now?" he asked. He knew that she was serious, as much as he didn't want her to be. He sighed, and he grabbed a marker. "Alright you little snot nosed teens," he muttered, starting to draw a triangle on the board. "My name is Apollo Davenport, and I am an executive director for a company. I would go in to it, but half of you aren't listening anyway. Basically, I report on how well the company is doing and report to the CEO, and if he isn't there, the EVP and so on. It's about half way up the corporate ladder, and usually you would get this position in about ten or so years of being in the company, but I'm so smart and brilliant that I got this position within three and a half years," he said, and he leaned back against the white board. "I was just like you, believe it or not," he said, pointing to a kid in the back. He clearly wasn't the best dressed, and it didn't seem to be paying a lick of attention.

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A sheepish smile spread across Maya's lips, more out of nervousness and mortification rather than any other reason. In truth, she did actually feel terrible for ruining the motorcycle, and being the typical Maya that she was, she attempted to see the bright side in the darkness. "If I am aren't even that safe. I mean, look at me," she stated, taking a stab at lightening the mood. This simple aspect indicated that, at the very least, Maya was starting to become her old self once more. Whether she would admit it or not, Jamie had a hand in that. However, he also had a hand in sending her into the spiral she had been in before as well. It seemed that they were either each other's downfall or each other's savior. There was no in between.

Relief seeped through Willow's veins as she plopped down in her spiral chair, spinning to and fro with the buzz of the coffee to keep her energized. The stone-cold truth was, she had zoned out in the middle of Apollo's description as well. She was more focused on staying awake than to listen to his actual words. Instead of paying attention, as she perhaps should have to set an example, she focused on Apollo instead. Her eyes trailed over his features, following the way his mouth moved to form syllables and taking in the stubble that was prickling up expectantly around his jaw. Her attention tuned back in as his explanation came to a close, almost in time for the bell as well. "I hope you were paying attention, because I want all of you to write an essay about Pollo- I mean, Mr. Davenport's job," she stated, a smirk appearing on her lips as the class all groaned in synchronization. She considered it payback for them smart-mouthing her. They were all only getting what they rightfully deserved.

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Even though Jamie was pretty mad about what had happened to his bike, he couldn't help but laugh as he listened to Maya. "Sorry, kiddo, but if you're trying to deter me from riding it, it's not going to happen," he joked, and he took his helmet, tightening it to the right amount before he grabbed Maya's, helping her get it on. "You still look pretty cute in it," he said, chuckling to himself. He started to wonder what kind of movie she would want to watch. Honestly, he would be happy with anything that she picked. He loved her so much.

Apollo smirked a bit as he watched all the kids file out of the room, multiple ones giving him death glares. "I'd watch your looks. She might just make it a required two pages," he joked, and he walked over to Willow. "Have anymore classes, babe? I do enjoy watching kids walk out of the class with that look on their faces," he said, taking a bite of one of the brownies that he had packed her. He was sure that there wasn't going to be any the next day if they kept eating them at that rate. He was pretty tired as well. He just wanted to sleep, to be honest. He was missing his bed. "How about we just get take out, eat, and go to bed at like 5:00," he joked.

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"Deter? Since when did you acquire such an enhanced vocabulary?" Maya mused, arching a brow expectantly as she fastened the helmet onto her head. Though Jamie found the addition "cute," Maya found it quite the nuisance. It felt as if her head had gained a hundred or so pounds. Snorting, she situated herself on the bike and securely wound her arms around Jamie - there was no way in hell that she was going to fall off the bike going sixty down the highway. "I don't want to look cute, Jamie," she muttered finally, sticking her tongue out at him as she did so. A sigh slipped past her lips. Maya was commonly referred to as the "adorable" counterpart; whereas, Daphne was the attractive, daredevil. In some ways, Maya was just tired of being called merely "cute."

Minus her pounding head and her lack of sleep, Willow was having a relatively nice day. Perhaps it was for the mere fact that the students were hating Apollo this very moment and not her. "Two more," she answered, groaning afterwards. Was it too much to ask to have a break? She could go for a fluffy pillow and a blanket that very moment. To keep herself from passing out due to sleep deprivation, she stood and worked on erasing the board. "Honestly, I might end up skipping supper and heading straight to bed," she murmured as she turned to him and rested her head against his shoulder. Though he had been kidding, she meant her words. The coffee had only taken the edge off of her dazed emotions. "You took off. Why can't I take off?" she complained, her words muffled due to the fact her face was pressed into his chest.

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Jamie smirked a bit when he heard her. "Believe it or not, I have been listening to you. That's where I get my wife vocabulary," he said, getting on the bike. He was about to start the bike up, but then he heard her. She didn't want to be cute? He bit his lip, and he took her hand after a moment. "You don't want to be cute, huh? I don't think adorable would work, and I feel like you would hit me if I called you hot. How about's what you are. In fact, it's the first thing I think of when I see you. I just thought you wouldn't like it. I guess I was completely wrong," he said quickly, and he moved his helmet so that he could kiss her. He loved the girl in front of him so much. He couldn't seem to put it into words. Slowly, he pulled away. "Let's get to my house while we can."

Apollo groaned as he heard her. "Two more? Dang, I'm going to need to go to the teacher's lounge and get a cup of coffee myself," he said. He watched as more teenagers started to file in to the classroom, all of them giving him odd looks. "I guess you want me to talk about my job again," he said with a soft sigh, and he took a sip of her coffee, even though he knew she would like it. "I don't get paid enough for this," he muttered jokingly, often hearing Willow say that the moment she would come home. Before he could even get a word in, some kid had her hand up. "What?" Apollo asked in a clearly annoyed tone. "Are you and Ms. Walker dating?" she asked, and he rolled his eyes in response. "No comment," he said simply.

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{wait so are we timeskipping right now or not?

"Can I just hide out in the teacher's lounge?" Willow pleaded; though it was meant as almost a joke, it sounded like such an enticing idea. She could stray away from the unruly students and perhaps even gain a couple of hours of sleep. Is this what it would be like to one day be a parent? If that was the case, then she never wanted to have children. Sleep was an important factor in her daily life. "Talk about whatever. I am done talking about ionic bonding for the day," she stated, swaying her hand aimlessly at him. The fatigue was weighing on her shoulders, and it was all she could do to keep her eyes from closing. The prying question stunned Willow into silence, and she forced herself into a sitting position in her cushioned chair. "Why don't you humor them with our story?" she pressed with an amused smirk. This would be interesting, especially when the guys all simultaneously groaned.

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Jamie had been with Maya for quite some. They were pretty happy so far, and things were only getting better. That was until they were eating dinner one night with their friends. Gabriel and Elaine were very happy together despite their differences. Jamie had been walking along the street with Maya, hoping her hand. He paused when he heard a familiar voice. It was Maya's boyfriend. They never really broke up, but he was sure that they didn't mean anything. "I'll be right back," he said. While he stayed off of alcohol and drugs for the most part, but still had this sort of bloodlust in him that he couldn't seem to get rid of, no matter how hard he tried. He found him, and he grabbed him tightly by the shirt. He had caused Maya so much pain. He would pay for what he did...that was for sure. "Tell me what you wanted with Maya. Tell me why you tried to get with her in the first place," he said bitterly. If he had any intention of truly being with her, he would let them go, but without it, he wouldn't spare him.

Apollo had taken a small bit of brownie and shoved it in his mouth. He rose a brow a bit as he listened to her. "Our story? Well, if you insist," he said, and he looked over at one of the girls who seemed to be trying to discretely take a picture of him. He smirked a bit, leaning on his girlfriend's desk. "Shall I model?" he asked her, and she seemed to blush a bit more. He thought back to it for a moment, smirking. "Ms. Walker and I met at one of the most romantic places. A tattoo parlor," he said, and he suddenly became a little self conscious. He wondered if they could see any of his. He hoped not. One might be peeking out, but that was about it. "Now before you get excited, no, your teacher doesn't have any tattoos. She went with her cousin, and I was at the parlor with my best friend who happened to be a tattoo artist. We talked. I managed to get her number. And the rest is history, you snobby teens."

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Over the past few weeks, things had been looking up for Maya. Well, for the most part. She was still uncertain how she felt about him, or her boyfriend, or anyone for that matter. Whenever she tried to get Daphne's opinion on it, she was partial to Jamie - but she had a sort of biased opinion that was not exactly forthcoming. So, she attempted to sort out her emotions; not leading Jamie on per sa - she would never do that intentionally, but feeling the relationship out first as friends and waiting to see where it would end up, which meant no more kissing. In truth, she strayed away from that factor because she felt as if she wasn't a good enough kisser. Deep seeded emotions told her that she would never truly be what Jamie wanted, and she was ignoring them to the best of her ability. On this one fateful night, Maya was genuinely happy, and everything was going swell. Jamie's jacket rested along her shoulders, encasing her in a circle of warmth. The fall weather was definitely closing in on them. The moment that Jamie departed from her, everything seemed to go downhill. Stunned, the boy momentarily stared at Jamie before he spoke, "Why do you care? Aren't you wanting the same thing from her that I wanted? Her dad has bank dude." His voice had feigned nonchalance. Though Jamie told her that he would be back, Maya couldn't help herself from following him. Her eyes widened in horror at the scene that was going down. She was so shell shocked that she couldn't even say a word.

The entire time, Willow was careened back in her seat as she listened to him retell their story. "How romantic," she mused at his lack of elaboration; though, she recalled the day. Dayton wanted to extend his sleeve out to his wrist, which Willow had been against. However, since then, she wanted to get a tattoo herself; something small and not-so-noticeable. Yet, she hadn't worked up the nerve to do so quite yet. "Word of advice, don't date a guy who is at a tattoo shop just because I did. You might not get as lucky," she commented as she swiveled in her chair. "I don't want to teach today, and I know you don't want to learn, so just chill," she added on; at this point, she wouldn't mind "just chilling" with Apollo herself.

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Jamie knew that it wasn't smart for him to go after this guy. Maya would never forgive him. She would never forget it. Sadly, he couldn't control himself. He seemed to lose every bit of cool that he had when he heard him. "I don't care for her dad's money, you bastard!" he yelled before swinging a punch. Once one was in, he could stop himself from the next. He kept on punching him until he felt hands on him, trying to pull him off of the guy. He later realized that it was Gabriel. He must have been even more mortified than he could fathom, but he still was going to pull Jamie off. He was heaving deep breaths, his knuckles red from the jerk a blood, but also his. Jamie finally was able to spare a look at Maya. He didn't even have to see her to know that he blew it. He screwed everything up, and there was no way that he could ever get things back to could he be so stupid? He had tears rolling down his face. "Maya...God I'm so sorry." Sorry wasn't enough.

Apollo looked back at her, and he couldn't help the laughing. "What is that supposed to mean?" he asked playfully, and he smirked a bit, leaning back and kissing her cheek. "Anything else you kids want to know about?" he asked, and one of the girls immediately rose her hand. He sighed but nodded, waiting for an answer. "Are you two going to get married soon?" she asked. Apollo's face seemed to go completely red. He looked down at the ground. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to think of an explanation. "Maybe. I guess you guys will just have to see," he said, smiling a little and looking back at Willow. He did plan on marrying her, but he didn't want to give it away. He wanted to make sure she was ready. He wanted it to be special.

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