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Random Ideas V.4

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Well, he wasn't wrong. Though, Maya wasn't going to admit to that. After all, she hated admitting that other people right almost as much as she hated being wrong. Instead, she focused on relieving the pulsing pain that was coursing through her brain by rubbing her temples as carefully as possible. "It taste terrible. I honestly don't understand how you can eat that," she grumbled as she dropped her forehead onto the table. The cool table was enough to release some of the brain freeze that had continued to travel along. "I shouldn't actually. Coffee is terrible for you, and I prefer my caffeine in a bottle. Preferably sprite," she stated in response, shooting a playful glare in Jamie's direction. "You have five seconds to run Dameron."

As hardheaded as ever, Willow let out an exasperated sigh as she rose to her feet. Even with how stubborn he was, she still loved this man; at least he tried. At this rate, they would be ready to go to bed right when it would be time to get up. "Or," Willow commented as Apollo rose to his feet. "You could call a mechanic. You will end up hurting yourself," she stated. Of course, she doubted that Apollo would actually listen to her. Nevertheless, at least she tried to keep him out of harms way. "If you are really planning to do this, then you should probably have some coffee first. Otherwise you might not be able to focus," she pointed out. This would be one long, sleepless night.

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Jamie knew Maya just about as well as she knew him. Yet, there were still some certain things that seemed to remain a mystery between the two of them. he didn't mind it, though. He liked the suspence. "I shouldn't like a lot of things, Amberly, but I love them anyway. In fact, that's the best part about some things, knowing that you shouldn't have them. It really is one of my favorite factors," he commented, taking another few licks of the ice cream and leaning back. He rose a brow a bit when he heard her next words? "What exactly am I running from, Davenport?" he asked, the sly smile stuck on his face. He started to watch her, trying to figure out what she had up her sleeve for him. Trying to figure out people was a favorite past time of his.

Apollo quickly shook his head as she once again mentioned the mechanic. "Nope, I have got to do it myself! If not, there will be no way I can ever use that door. I will have to crawl through the basement once more and pretend to be a burglar," he said jokingly. On his way to the garage, he pressed a kiss to her cheek, smiling all the while to himself. He loved being with her. She was the one thing in the world, besides his mother, that could make him happy. As soon as he came back, he grabbed a mug. "I think these are the right size," he said, showing her the box of screws that he had picked up. He hoped and prayed that they were the right size. He could already tell it was going to be a long night.

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Jamie's reasoning behind it just didn't seem to add up to Maya. Well, except for one simple concept; yet, she immediately dismissed the thought the moment that it presented itself to her. "Has anyone ever told you that you were odd, Jamie? Because you are," she mused as she twisted the rough cone between her hands lightly. A mischievous smirk upturned her lips slightly as he followed with a question. "I said run, not play twenty question, Jamie," she commented, a sarcastic undertone slipping through her words; oh, she was definitely her mother's child. "You have ten seconds," she added on, arching her brows expectantly at him.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Apollo wasn't actually being serious, or at least Willow dearly hoped not. In spite of it all, a cheeky grin appeared on her lips as his lips brushed her cheek. The simple gestures were what she yearned for; those actions displayed how much Apollo truly cared about her. As he disappeared into the garage, she dipped a fork into the brownies to check to see how well they were cooking. Unfortunately her sweet tooth would have to wait. Turning on her heel, she sent Apollo a half smile and held back an exasperated sigh. There was no use in arguing with him about it; if he set his mind to it, more than likely he would get it done - and hopefully correctly. "Hopefully they are," she mused, squinting at the box he held in his hands. Where were her reading glasses when she needed them?

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Jamie was trying his best to contain his laughter, but it was getting rather hard considering the look that Maya was giving him. She truly did try to be serious, but serious just wasn't a look for her, at least not when she didn't really mean something. While all of this was fun and games, he could sense some sort of a reality to her words. "If you really want me to run, you better come and get me," he said with a smirk, and without another word, he started to run out of the ice cream shop. He had a feeling that she wasn't going to wait ten seconds.

Apollo looked down at the screws, and he grabbed the cup of coffee that he had, hoping that it would help him get through the night. He was already starting to feel sleepy, and he couldn't do that. Not when he had to fix the door, at least. He glanced at his girlfriend, smiling a little bit. She looked so adorable when she was cooking. He then started to work on the hinges, screwing them into the door and the wall. "I hope and pray to God that I'm doing this right," he muttered. He couldn't really afford to get another one. He glanced back at her, seeing her squinting. "Babe, your reading glasses are in our room on your bedside table," he said. He knew that she hated to wear them. She thought she didn't look good in them, but he thought different.

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Before Maya actually had a chance to respond, Jamie was rushing out of the shop as if he had caught on fire. Well, she could definitely quench it out, considering what she had planned. She grasped the roughly textured cone between her palms as she hopped to her feet. The chair she had been planted on moments before came tumbling to the ground as she raced after the fleeing Jamie. What she hadn't completely thought through as the fact that her short legs could never match up to Jamie's, and it would be pure luck if she actually caught up to him. So, it was time for a plan B.

Attentive on the work at hand, Willow perhaps would have missed his comment completely if she hadn't glanced up. "It's fine," she mumbled, a long sigh of exasperation slipping from her lips. "I am not in dire need of them," she commented, only partially telling the truth. She only wore her glasses when it was utterly necessary, and she preferred not to wear them with others nearby, especially Apollo. The ding of the timer grasped her attention, and she bent to check on the brownies. The fragrant sent of chocolate filtered the room and eased some of her fatigued muscles. If she must stay up half the night, at least she had warm brownies to fill her up. "We might have ice cream too, Apollo," she called over her shoulder.

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Jamie had absolutely no idea what Maya had in mind, but he just went along with her, running as quickly as he could to try and get away from her and whatever she had planned. He went to the side of the building, stopping there and waiting for Maya to go out and find him. He couldn't help but wonder what she was actually thinking. He poked his head out from the side of the building, wondering where she had gone. He looked down at the ice cream cone in his hand, licking it a bit more. There was nothing wrong with eating and running. Well, unless you choked, and Jamie refuses to go out like that.

Apollo was still trying to get the hinges on the wall. Maybe it would have been smarter to put them on the wall before he thought about putting them on the door. Well, he wasn't the brightest man ever. He stopped all of his work when the sweet, savory smell of the brownies came to him. He carefully set down the door, walking over to his girlfriend and wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. "Those were my thoughts exactly," he replied as she mentioned the brownies. He remembered the rare occasions when his mother would make brownies. Of course, Apollo wanted them all, but his mother made him share it with all the kids around him. It was the only time that he really liked being poor. Seeing the smile on someone face from something so simple as a brownie.

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Huffing and puffing, Maya felt like the Big Bad Wolf with asthma. She was surprisingly relieved that she hadn't made the cheerleading squad. After all, she would end up passing out halfway through practice. Though she was relatively thin, she was definitely not fit for rushing around. Once she was certain that it was the appropriate time, Maya came tumbling to the ground. Though it had been a feigned fall, she still had somehow added to the scrape count that dabbled her arm. Yet, that wouldn't be enough to divert Jamie's attention. She clutched her ankle, as if she had twisted it, and let out a yelp, hoping that Jamie would buy it. "Andy, help me," she heaved, glancing in his direction. In her hands, she still clutched onto her ice cream cone. Chocolate began to melt its path down the cone and onto her dainty hands, creating a sticky residue.

As Apollo made his way over, Willow momentarily leaned her head back against him and closed her eyes as she just relaxed into his embrace. Every moment with him, she would fall for him all over again. It was a constant cycle. "I love you," she whispered as she leaned up to press a kiss to his jaw. "And I am to ruin your clothes," she added on as she glanced down at the soil apron from the brownie batter. She wiggled out of his arms and reached into the fridge to pull out the ice cream. The perfect balance between the scalding brownies and the chilly ice cream was always her favorite part. "Don't touch them. They are hot," she warned as if Apollo was a kid. Unfortunately, his common sense was sometimes lacking, considering he was always so eager to just dive in.

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Jamie watched as she came out, and while he knew how clumsy she could be, he wasn't expecting the fall. He rushed over to her, kneeling down beside her. "Hey, you alright, Mays?" he asked, looking at her knee to see if there was another scrape. There was in fact. He only then realized that he had dropped his ice cream cone when he went to go help her. A sad day it was, but he was saving his Maya. Well, that was the title he gave her, but he knew that she wasn't anyone's. She was her own entity, and she was going to do what she wanted, no matter what anyone told her. She was as stubborn as her father.

Apollo pressed a soft kiss to her neck, pulling her closer and smiling brightly. "I love you too," he whispered, taking her hand once she had put the brownies down. He knew that they were hot, but he still wanted one. "Oh come on, it won't be all that hot if I just put some ice cream on it," he said, a laugh escaping his lips. He pulled away after a moment, looking at the beautiful woman that was before him. He wasn't sure how he had gotten so lucky, but he had at some point or another. She fell for him when she shouldn't have, but he loved her anyway. He grabbed a knife, starting to cut the brownies. He yawned a little, already getting even more tired.

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It was all Maya could do to suppress the smirk that was threatening to submerge onto her lips. She was definitely a better actress than she had originally thought; perhaps she should try out for theater next year. Though, she immediately brushed the wavering thoughts aside as she forced a frown onto her lips. "I...I don't know...I think I broke something," she stuttered as she sent pleading eyes up at him. Though, seconds later, a grin broke out onto her lips as she smeared the ice cream onto the back of his neck. "False alarm," she squeaked before she hopped to her feet and rushed off before Jamie could realize it had all been a plot.

Momentarily, Willow's eyes drifted closed as she leaned slightly into Apollo; the fatigue was weighing on her. Yet, she fought the sleep. After all, she didn't waste her time braking those delectable brownies for no reason. "Apollo," she groaned as her eyes shot open. "You can still end up burning your fingers, or your tongue. Or both," she commented, shaking her head as she did so. However, she had a feeling that he wouldn't listen to her either way, so there was no real reason to push the matter. As she opened the top of the ice cream, she brushed her fingers over the chilly exterior of the ice cream container. Her gaze drifted to the door, which still needed to be put in its place. "I oughta kill Day for ruining the door," she muttered, more to herself than to Apollo.

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Jamie, of course, thought that Maya was hurt the entire time. He had no idea what she was planning, but the moment he felt the odd substance on his neck, he knew just what she had been plotting. Oh, Maya was a sneaky little girl, but he was faster. "Maya Amberly Davenport, you are a dead girl!" he yelled, getting up to the best of his abilities to run after her. The best part about her trying to fool him was that while he running after her, he had a little snack. One point for Jamie. Maybe a half a point for Maya for effort. She was a sneaky little girl when she wanted to be.

Apollo grabbed a spatula once all the brownies were cut, and he put one on a plate for Willow. He then grabbed his own plate and put one on. They were oh so gooey and were falling apart. The best brownies. He took a bite, but he immediately regretted it. He started to move around as if he were doing some dance while making incoherent sounds. He finally managed to swallow it, but he grabbed a glass, filling it with ice and water and downing it the moment it was full. Apollo felt like his tongue was swollen and he couldn't speak, but maybe that was just him being overdramatic. "Don't you dare say I told you so," he muttered.

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Weaving her way around the parking lot, Maya only cast her gaze back once. She doubted that she would maintain her confidence if she continued to glance over her shoulder. After all, Jamie had the advantage when it came to racing around places. Soft pants left her lips in tiny gasps as she searched for a safe haven to camouflage herself - or at the very lest attempt to. "Not if you cannot catch me!" she called over her shoulder, continuing her journey onward with a triumphant grin never leaving her lips. Whether Jamie would admit it or not, she had definitely outwitted him this time.

The entire time Willow was withholding her smirk with her arms crossed over her chest. Her apron was still securely fastened to her waist, and she couldn't help the eye roll as she scooped ice cream and placed it over the still warm brownies. "I didn't say anything," she mused as she eyed the ice cream, which immediately melted and dribbled over the sides of the brownie, creating a pool of a tinted white mixture. Her mouth began to water as the mixture's fragrance tickled her senses, wafting past her nose. "But that doesn't mean I am not thinking it," she tacked on as she cut off a portion of the brownie and scooped up a tad of ice cream to go along with it before popping it in her mouth. The extra few moments had cooled the brownie down, with the ice cream's aid, and was the perfect temperature.

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Jamie had momentarily forgotten how smart Maya really was. Sure, he knew that she was a very bright girl, but he had no idea that she could outwit him like she did, but it was clear that she could. If she couldn't, he wouldn't be in the situation that he was in. He ran after her as quickly as he could, but he soon lost track of her. Dang it! Why did he have to be so stupid! "Maya, come out, come out, wherever you are," he called, much like he would when they would play hide and seek as little children. He always knew where she was hiding. Her go-to place was the dirty laundry hamper, and if that was full, she would then hide in the tub. That was some real hide and seek dedication. The shower was always wet from whomever was in their last, and so she would usually be wet when she came out.

Apollo glared at her, but he couldn't keep the look on his face very long. He took a spoonful of ice cream and shoved it in his mouth, hoping that it would combat with the heat from the brownie, but all it did for him was give him a brain freeze. After pausing and trying to recollect himself, he gave his girlfriend a pointed look. "Don't say anything...again," he muttered. Maybe he really did need to brighten up. Well, he would just stick to being regular Apollo Davenport for the time being. Besides, he knew that if he tried to be someone else, he would get bored with it. He liked his life just fine. In fact, he loved it. He wouldn't change anything, not even the tragedy that was his past. It shaped him to be the man that he is, and he was sure that somehow he if changed his past, fate would play with him. It would make him never meet Willow, and he couldn't live life without her. He would live his past a thousand times just for one moment with Willow Walker.

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Constant running was not going to cut it for long; eventually, she was basically hyperventilating from overexertion. However, she had managed to climb her way up a tree. Her body was curled around the body of the tree like a koala, and there was no way in hell that she was letting go. The words traveled past, weaving around her in a taunting way. It was all she could do to press her lips tightly together to keep from making any noise. As long as she was silent, he couldn't possibly find her, could he? There were plenty of trees around; so even if he could guess where she might be crouching, odds were he never would find her.

Arching a brow at Apollo's statement, Willow shrugged off the mishap that was her apron and tugged her hair free of the bun it had been in before. It lied in a disheveled mess at her shoulders, but she could worry with that later. "Fine," she muttered shortly as she grasped her plate between her fingers and brushed past him. Though she wasn't actually upset with him, she could still give him the cold shoulder; perhaps she could get a massage out of this if he felt guilty enough. Besides, he had said to not say anything; she was merely doing as he requested. Planting herself on the edge of the couch, she withheld a smirk as she switched on the television. If she was going to stay up for ungodly hours, she may as well watch The Fresh Prince of Belair or something.

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Jamie was trying his best to listen for Maya. While he knew that she was smart, she was as far from athetlic as one could get. She would be breathing like a dog in the hot sun from all the running she had to have done to get this far away from him. Either that or the adrenaline kicked in and her brain finally realized that he wasn't the best guy to be dating. Then he heard something. Was that....She was in the trees! Jamie tried his best to act like he hadn't found out, but the smirk on his face gave it all away. "I'm gonna get you!" he laughed, and he started to climb up the tree. It wasn't the smartest move, but it wouldn't be bad.

Apollo's eyes widened when she really took his words for face value. He didn't mean it like that...what had he done. "Wills, babe," he said, starting to follow her into the room. "I didn't mean it like that, babe," he said, a worried expression on his face. He really was worried that he had said the wrong thing to her. He wasn't the brightest. He wouldn't have been surprised. He knew what to do! He grabbed some more brownies as well as ice cream and topped it with whipped cream. He also grabbed her favorite book and movie. "Please," he said as he went inside their room. He loved her, he really did. He just wished that he knew what he did wrong. "I'll do anything to get you to talk to him," he said, and boy did he mean it. He had a feeling what she would want too.

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In the past, Maya's hiding places had never exactly been forthcoming. However, she felt as if she had thrown Jamie into a loop on this one. Her dreams came to a stuttering halt when she felt the tree quake beneath her. Daring a peek, she noticed Jamie looming near the bottom. Instead of speaking or letting out a giggle, which was a nervous habit that often occurred, she reached up and tugged herself higher. The branches were gradually thinning, growing weaker and more flexible with each lift. Though she wasn't the most agile person, she could get away with such lengths due to her petite-structured body. Now she just couldn't look down. "Good luck!" she eventually called as she clutched onto the branch; her grip was a death hold. There was no way she was letting go and falling to her doom.

Evidently, Willow's assumptions had been correct; oh, men were so easy. She dropped onto the bed, pulling the covers back and slipping under the silky sheets. It was quite difficult to contain the facade. After all, the pleading facial expressions that remained on Apollo's face almost tore at her heartstrings, and the mere fact that he was willing to bend over backwards for her was quite endearing. Pursing her lips, she eyed him as he entered the room, and immediately, she shifted her gaze away from him, averting it to the wall. "Anything?" she repeated, the words coming out short; a hint of mischief slipped between her words as she spoke. "Well, now that you mention shoulders and my back have been hurting a lot lately...I could really go for a massage," she mused as she patted a dainty hand against her shoulder.

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Jamie watched as Maya seemed to climb higher and higher into the tree. He wouldn't be able to make it up as high as her, that was the truth. Maya may e clumsy, but she could climb a tree better than anyone else in the world. She was petite and rather agile when she really needed to be. It was a surprise to many. He grabbed a hold of a branch, trying to pull himself up and not also break the branch at the same time. He weighed a lot more that Maya did, so he was going to have some more trouble trying to get up high. He got pretty close to her, but the branches he had grabbed on to were starting to crack. He couldn't stay on them if he wanted to live.

Apollo bit his lip when she started out. He knew exactly what she wanted, and he really didn't want to give her a back rub considering how tired he was, but he would do anything for Willow. It was dangerous, really. If it made her happy, he would do it. He was devoted to this girl. He sat down on the bed beside her, and he started to rub her back, making sure to rub especially well in the places that she loved. His hands slowly slip down to her lower back. Oh, how he wanted to kiss her! She was so beautiful in that moment, but she also wouldn't speak to him. He continued to rub her back, hoping and praying that she would come around and talk to him.

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Maya was clutching onto the slim branch for dear life. There wasn't much wiggle room available, so one false step, and she would go flailing towards the ground. Neverthless, she knew she had outranked Jamie this round. Her gaze trailed down to him, and she stuck out her tongue tauntingly. "Ready to call a truce?" she called down as she wiggled her brows. Though they would declaring the "war" over, she believed that she was the one who had officially won; yes, pigs must have learned how to fly, because Maya beat Jamie in the athletic department.

As expected, Apollo was practically putty in her hands; even if she hadn't been "upset" with him and she had asked, he would have eventually caved anyway. All she had to do was bat her eyelashes and pucker out her lip, and he was smitten. Her eyes drifted closed as Apollo's hands eased the tension in her muscles. She tilted her head back ever so slightly, allowing the magic of some sort seep through her. Eventually, she murmured, "You are so gullible, Pollo, but it is okay, it is one of the things I love about you." A sneaky grin played on her lips as she pecked his cheek. "I wasn't mad," she mused, a cheeky grin sliding into place.

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Jamie didn't want her to win, but then again, he also knew when to quit, and this was one of those moments. He took in a deep breath, and he looked up at her, nodding. "I think it's time for a truce. If I try to go any higher, I am going to fall, and I think the same goes for yo, skinny Minnie," he muttered. Why did she have to be so light weight! He started to climb down, being careful as to which branches he chose. He managed to get down the tree all the way and not die. Well, that was a pretty good accomplishment. Now it was Maya's turn.

Apollo could tell that she was acting a little strange, but he just couldn't place why. He continued to rub her back, but then she revealed that she never really was mad at him. He wanted to be mad, but it was just so darn adorable. It also made him realize that she could really make him do whatever. He playfully pushed her and kissed her cheek. "You got me good," he said, laughing along with her. Man, she was so adorable when she was mad too. "Can you act mad for a second. You're really cute when you are. You try to look intimidating and your little nose scrunches up," he said, poking her nose.

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Truthfully, Maya hadn't expected Jamie to cave so early on; however, she wasn't going to complain. It wasn't often that she had the opportunity to snag the victory over their competitions. She poked her head out from behind the foliage, just to be sure that he was making his way down, before she too began her journey towards the ground. It was so much simpler to travel up the tree than to climb down from it. "Skinny mini, huh?" she pressed as she finally reached the ground. She brushed her hands off of the back of her jeans, which were at this point ruined anyway. A lone leaf was stuck in her hair, falling right between her eyebrows.

A triumphant grin remained on Willow's lips as she rested her head against Apollo's shoulder. "Anything for a back rub. I wasn't kidding. I needed it," she replied as she nudged him in return. Though they tended to mess with each other and, frankly, get under each other's skin at some points, Willow still loved Apollo more than she could ever begin to describe. Wrinkling her nose slightly when Apollo poked it, she couldn't help but furrow her brows as a thoughtful gesture. "I do that?" she mused; she had never heard of someone looking "adorable" when they were upset.

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Jamie smirked a bit, liking the new nickname that he had picked out for her. "I should call you skinny mini more often," he said. He couldn't help but laugh as he watched the leaf fall right between her eyes. He grabbed it, and instead of putting it back on the ground, he moved Maya's hair and placed it back in like a guy usually would with a flower. Jamie wasn't an orthodox man, though. He hated being like everyone else if that wasn't clear enough already. "You look pretty cute like that. You should wear a leaf more often," he said, a genuinely happy laugh coming from him.

Apollo rolled his eyes nad let out a playful scoff. One of his favorite things about Willow was that she knew him so well. She knew how to get what she wanted, she knew what made him happy, she knew what bothered him. She probably knew more about him than he even knew about himself. It was a scary thought considering how complex of a person Apollo was, but Willow would really be one of the only people he trusted to know all of his deepest and darkest secrets. Well, her and maybe his best friend, Blake.

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Arching a brow, Maya resisted the temptation with roll her eyes accordingly; it was almost as horrid as him calling her Amberly, almost. "I think not. I have a four-letter name for a reason James. No one can make a nickname out of it, which is exactly how I like it," she answered as she childishly stuck her tongue out at him; in one night, it seemed that he had been able to bring out the old Maya, whether she wanted him to or not. As Jamie tucked the leaf behind her ear, her stomach did a flip flop; she had never felt this way before. She almost felt queasy, but in a pleasant way. Eventually, however, she shook the emotions away as she refocused her attention on Jamie; she could only hope that he did hear the constant thud of her heartbeat. "Cute? All these compliments tonight, Jamie. I knew you loved me," she taunted, adopting her old Maya-ways; after all, it used to always get under his skin when she used those words. Then only difference between before and now was that Maya had grown a lot within the time period. She had transitioned from a child into a young adult in a matter of weeks.

Leaning over slightly, Willow rested her head against Apollo's shoulder. The fatigue was weighing on her, but subconsciously she recalled that the door had, yet, to be finished; it was already three o'clock in the morning. At this rate, they would be lucky to even have an hour's worth of sleep. "We need to finish the door," she mumbled, her words stifled slightly from her face resting against the crook of his neck. In truth, however, she would have preferred to remain in Apollo's arms and drift off to sleep, even for a little while. Sleep was a taunting and teasing little twat.

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Jamie watched her, his eyes scanning her face and examining every inch. She looked so beautiful. How had he not noticed this before? He was a blind fool, that was the reason. He was insane and he just couldn't function until recently.. He chuckled a bit when he heard her. He comtimplated even saying his next words. Perhaps she would think he was just joking. Maybe she would even think he was mocking her. Either way, he said it. "I would say that I simply tolerate you, but that would be a lie. Damn you, Maya Davenport. You've figured me out." There was no going back now. Jamie Dameron had dug himself in a hole six feet deep. Oh, he was screwed.

As much as Apollo wanted to sleep, he knew how right she was. "I hate doors," he muttered before getting back up. "If you can sleep in here, try sleeping on the couch," he said. He had a bad feeling they were both going to have rough days at work tomorrow. He got up, and he started to walk to the living room, hoping and praying that somehow it had miraculously been fixed, but he knew that wasn't going to happen. He sighed a bit to himself and continued to work on it.

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Whilst Jamie was studying her, Maya was practically blind to the attentive stares he was throwing in her direction. In fact, she was worrying with the mud that cling to her jeans like a vice. Her knees were perhaps worse than her pants, and her mother would probably kill her; whether it be for tracking in mud or ruining her pants, she wasn't certain. However, at Jamie's words, her head involuntarily shot up. She screwed her brows together uncertainly; this wasn't the usual Jamie fashion, and she couldn't decode the meaning behind it. Was it the truth or was it merely him taunting her? "You really shouldn't curse," she muttered curtly instead as she nudged a rock with the toe of her shoe; it skittered off to the side. Even now, she couldn't comprehend how her feelings were. Was it even a possibility, her and Jamie? They were too, well, different, and in some ways - perhaps the worst ways - they were too much alike.

"No no, don't blame the door. It didn't do anything besides lock you out of the house," Willow replied, smirking over at him. However, her eyes were already drooping from the lack of sleep. Though she could drift off at any moment, she wouldn't sleep well. Ten minutes later, she would be up once more due to tossing and turning. Without Apollo by her side, she just felt so...alone. She crawled out of bed as well and grabbed a robe, winding it around her. If she was going to hang out in the living room all night, she may as well be comfortable. "How much longer will it take?" she mumbled as she joined him by the entryway, sitting crisscrossed on the floor as she watched him attempt to put together the door; if she were honest, they would have better luck if she put it together.

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Jamie watched her closely, thinking to himself for a few moments. She was beautiful. She was perfect. Even so messy and confused. She was beautiful. Jamie slowly and carefully took a step closer to her, he knew that he wasn't the smartest man, and he knew that he should have thought, but his heart clouded his head. He looked into her eyes, and he slowly leaned forward. "If I swear not to curse for the rest of my life, would you let me kiss you? Just this once," he whispered, and he paused for a moment. He wanted her with everything in him. He suddenly felt the extreme realization that he would do everything in him to make her love him. Why did this girl make him so crazy.

Apollo was staring at the door, hoping that maybe somehow it would fix itself. Sadly, he knew that wasn't going to be the case, no matter how hard he tried. He yawned a bit, and he smirked as he listened to Willow. "I can't believe the neighbors thoughts I was a burglar," he muttered. He continued to try and work on the door. As Willow asked the question, he paused for a moment or two. "I shouldn't be long. Maybe another ten minutes." Ten minutes quickly turned into an hour. An hour became two. Eleven became the next day. Before he even knew it, it was two in the morning. The door was finally done, though.

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The close proximity definitely felt different than normal. On occasions, Maya would make offhanded comments about him adoring her and the like; however, it was merely something she often fell back on to, well, antagonize him. It was her job, in a sense. In that moment of time, however, she couldn't help but wonder if she did harbor feelings for him, or was her mind merely screwing with her? She was only a freshman after all; she had barely even kissed anyone, especially her boyfriend. "That is a lot of weight to put on one kiss," she whispered, her words merely a breath. The last time they had kissed, it hadn't been right - she didn't even count it, because she had rejected him, and he had been out of his mind on drugs. Now, he was sober, but perhaps still out of his mind.

"The neighbors are an elderly couple who can barely see. They were merely looking out for me. Mrs. Maria is actually really nice, and not a typical old cat lady," Willow stated before a yawn of her own slipped past her lips. She leaned her head against the door frame, and her eyes drifted closed while Apollo worked. It wasn't the most comfortable position to sleep in. Yet, she still could manage to doze off with Apollo there. Eventually, when she did wake up, her eyes rested blearily on the door. A triumphant grin spread across her lips. "Finally," she stated as she hopped to her feet.

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