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Random Ideas V.4

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1Random Ideas V.4 Empty Random Ideas V.4 on Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:24 pm

Jamie was glad that they had managed not to crash on their way to wherever Maya had her mind set to. When she asked how they would stop, his eyes widened, and his grip around her seemed to tighten. He never showed fear, but he was scared for his life in that moment. "Like a car! The breaks are like a car," he said with a voice full of fear. He closed his eyes, hoping and praying the death ould be quick. That or Maya would learn to drive a motorcycle.

Apollo walked along with her, holding her hand all the while. He could see that she immediately regretted her decision. He wouldn't blame her. He would if he were her. "Don't worry, I won't work you all that hard, I swear," he said with a small laugh, and he kissed her cheek. He soon came to all of the doors, and he paused for a moment. "Which do you like, babe?" he asked, looking at all of them and wondering which would go best with the house. As odd as it may seem, he had to have a sense of fashion for his job, which was rather hard to get since he had never had one in his life. He never needed one.

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The mere fact that Jamie was freaking out did not help the turmoil that was rising in the pit of Maya's stomach. If anything, it only keyed up her anxiety, and it was all she could do to keep from squinting her own eyes closed. If she did that, they would surely die. "You do realize I have never driven a car before right!?" she screamed over the wind roaring in her ears. With worry rising within her, she did the only thing she could think to do. She slammed down on the brakes, and that sent her off the motorcycle and down onto the cemented sidewalk; the motorcycle teetered to the other side. "Ouch," she grunted under her breath as she reached up to tug off the helmet. Scrapes skimmed along her arms and tore a hole in the knees of her jeans, where another scrape was produced.

"You won't be the one working me. The trainer will," Willow pointed out, wrinkling her nose as she thought it over. She definitely wasn't keen on the thought of Blake telling her what to do and how to do it; she had no doubts in her mind that he would work her butt off. Redirecting her attention to finding a door, she glimpsed over all the options before pointed to a dark chocolate tinted door. "What about this one?" she mused as she roamed her fingers over the smooth mahogany.

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Jamie, of course, hadn't really thought through the fact that she was only fifteen and hadn't driven a car yet. Oh, that was something he really should have thought of before he decided to let her drive him around. As she slammed on the breaks, he was thrown over the bike as well, grunting in pain as he hit the ground. is leather jacket was ruined, that was for sure. He rushed to the bike, as if to check and see if it was okay, but instead he reached inside and grabbed a first aid kit, running back over to Maya and kneeling down beside her. He couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "Hey, the bright side of this, ripped jeans are in right now. You got yourself a free pair of them," he said, trying to lighten the mood.

Apollo couldn't help but laugh a bit as he listened to her. Willow at the gym sure would be a rather interesting sight. He glanced up at the door that she had picked out, and he smiled a bit to himself. "That ould look very nice at the house. You have a good eye," he said before he called over someone that worked there. They were given an odd look for their attire, but Apollo didn't mind. He simply asked for the door.

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The night had definitely taken a turn of events, and definitely not in the direction that Maya had been expecting. She gritted her teeth and clutched her aching leg to her stomach. Sending a glare over at Jamie, she resisted the urge to shove him over, and instead settled for throwing daggers, metaphorically of course, with her eyes. "You think you are so funny, huh?" she muttered, letting a long sigh pass from her lips as she brushed some of the dirt and grime off of her knee. "And this is why normal people have cars and not those reckless things," she pointed out as she dropped her arms by her side.

"Why thank you," Willow mused with a teasing undertone hanging from her words. She merely glanced at the clerk and didn't bother with the obvious judgment he was throwing at them. At the end of the day, it didn't particularly mattered what they looked like. "You know what we need? A fenced in yard so that we can have a dog," she stated, the thought forming effortlessly. Actually, it sounded like a great idea. She had always wanted a pet after all.

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Jamie smirked a bit, laughing at how she seemed to swat him away. He knew that she probably hated it, but he loved to see her like that. He grabbed some alcohol, and he placed it on a rag. "Shut up and let me help you," he said in a rather playful tone before he pressed the damp rag on the scrapes on her knees. Once it was fine, he put a band-aid on them, standing a bit and sighing to himself. His father was going to kill him once he found out what had happened to his motorcycle. Well, there was no going back, after all. He couldn't fix it. "If it hasn't been clear already, I like to live on the edge. It gives me a thrill like nothing else can. Don't yu love the feeling of the wind just rushing past you at a speed you thought was unimaginable?" he asked.

Apollo glanced over at her, raising a brow when he heard her special request. "A dog? You know, the last time I had a pet was when I was like ten. I forgot to feed the fish for like a week. Do you think we can take care of a dog?" he asked, genuinely concerned, not him for but the dog. He would find someway, somehow, to accidently hurt it. "What kind of a dog do you want?" he asked, starting to consider it. He hoped that she didn't do the puppy dog eyes. He would give in to anything when she did that.

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Maya hadn't been expecting the stinging sensation that would come along with the alcohol. "Ouch," she hissed under her breath, and she attempted to not jerk her leg away from his grips. "That should not be legal," she grunted as she glared at the alcohol; eventually, the pain seeped away long enough for her to focus on Jamie. Her eyes trailed over his features, roaming over his unruly locks. There was no denying that Jamie was good looking; otherwise, how else would he get all those other girls. Yet, in that moment, he was all that she could concentrate on. Whether it be the added heroic factor or the mere fact that the alcohol he had swept across her leg had also gotten up to her head, he had entranced her. That is, until his words broke her concentration. "Considering my hair looks like a trolls and I am scraped up, I don't think living on the edge is up my alley," she replied as she rose to her feet, brushing her hands off on the back of her jeans. Scrapes crisscrossed across her dainty hands as well. She could only imagine how terrible she looked.

"Well, for the record, you have me around to help with the responsibilities. Besides, I have always wanted a pet, but we couldn't get a dog when I was younger because the apartments wouldn't allow it, and then my brother was allergic to cats. I once had a bunny, but he ran...well, hopped away," Willow rambled on, which often happened when she was relatively excited about a particular subject. "Either way, I think it would be nice to have a little companion. I was thinking a bulldog. You know...just in case we really do have a burglar," she suggested, already making plans mentally as she roamed along the tools section of the hardware store.

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Jamie could feel her eyes looking him over, but surprisingly, it wasn't uncomfortable like he had imagined it to be. No, he welcomed it, really. He chuckled a bit when he heard her. "Well, this is legal, but I can us stuff that isn't," he said jokingly. Unsurprisingly, he had that too. He stood up, looking down at her. He didn't mean to, but his eyes started to trail her as well. How could he have dismissed her all those years? He was beautiful! He scoffed a bit, rolling his eyes at his next words. He replied with the joking banter of, "Hey, at leat your hair only looks like a troll now. My hair always looks like a mop!" He even laughed at his own joke. "How about we go to the ice cream shop, regardless of what we look like. I mean, I am guessing that is where you wanted to go. I know you rather well," he said, a genuine smile forming on his lips. She knew him quite well too.

Apollo couldn't help the laugh that came to his lips as he tried to imagine the bunny hopping away from him. "Well, I guess now is a perfect time," he said before he followed her, looking at some of the fences. "A bulldog? I think we can do better than that. Maybe a corgi," he suggested. He always loved to look at those. They were adorable! Wow, he really was turning into Willow.

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Testing the damage on her leg, Maya rocked back and forth, adding pressure to her leg as she did so. The subtle, numbing sensation continued to radiate off of her leg, but she attempted to ignore the pain to the best of her ability. She, also, attempted to ignore the obvious looks Jamie was throwing in her direction. It just wasn't right; she couldn't possibly like him. She didn't know exactly where she stood with her so-called "boyfriend," and what would Daphne think? Her thoughts returned to Jamie as he spoke, and a smirk appeared on her lips. "So you admit that your hair is a mess?" she probed as she attempted to smooth her own unruly hair out with her fingertips. She was notably stunned into silence when Jamie guessed where she had been wanting to go all along. "How did you...?" she began, but trailed, confusion clear on her face.

Willow arched a brow and shook her head, uncertain of that suggestion. "Corgis will not scare away thefts, Apollo," she commented as she trailed her fingers thoughtfully along the fences. "Besides, there is only room for one cute being living in the house, and that would be me," she added on, winking jokingly over at Apollo as she did so. She pursed her lips thoughtfully as she eventually made it back to where they had been before, square one. It was all in the future, just a thought that could hopefully be made into a reality eventually.

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Jamie couldn't help the sigh that escaped his lips. Okay, maybe he walked right into that one, but that didn't mean that h agreed with it. "I don't think my hair is a mess. I think it looks pretty great, but you are always telling me how my hair is a mop. I just don't see it," he said, and he started to help his own little cuts and scrapes. He was fine overall, but he was going to need a new leather jacket soon enough. He chuckled a little bit when she seemed surprised that he knew what she had planned. "Maya Amberly Davenport, how long have I known you? Too long is the answer, really, but it has been long enough that I know your favorite places. Heck, I could walk right into that ice cream parlor and get your favorite order I know you so well. I know it may seem like I hate you sometimes, but I really do care," he said after a moment, smiling a little bit to himself. He felt something so strong for her that he couldn't put it into words, but she would never believe him.

Apollo rose a brow when he heard her, and he couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his lips. "So am I not cute or something?" he asked, a laugh coming out of his lips. Apollo smiled a little bit to himself, and he kissed the top of her head. "How about you and I go home and get this door in its place. The after work tomorrow we can look at dog breeds and fences. I don't know about you, but that sounds like the best afternoon I could ask for," he said playfully. He wouldn't mind a dog. They just needed the funds for the supplies and the fence. They could do it, though.

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"You can't back out of it now, Dameron," Maya replied with a simple eye roll as she wobbled on her legs. It wasn't enough that she was already a klutz as it was; now, she was going to be an ultra klutz in need of some crutches if she keeps it up. She hadn't expected the answer that he had presented her with. After all, Jamie had always been against her, ditching her for his much cooler friends. "Please stop using my middle name, or I just won't respond," she grumbled in response; her middle name made her sound, well, elderly. It just wasn't suiting in her own opinion. But somewhere, deep within his words, she knew that there was some truth in them. They knew each other better than anyone else. "You better watch the mush, James, or I might think you actually like me," she commented, smoothing away all of her tainted thoughts. She couldn't worry about a relationship with Jamie until she actually mended the mess that was her life.

"Sorry, honey, but cute and Apollo just don't fall together in the same sentence," Willow replied as she leaned up on the tips of her toes to pinch his cheeks. "But don't worry, I still love you anyway," she added on, her words holding a teasing lilt. Though, truth seeped through them as well. After she planted a quick kiss to his lips, she took in his hand between the two of hers; it was always made her feel so small and insignificant, her dainty hands placed in one of Apollo's. Yet, it was a comforting quality all the same. "I say that idea is rather swell, my dear," she murmured, taking on a posh accent as she did so.

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Jamie smirked a bit when he saw how aggravated she looked as he used her middle name. He loved the look that overcame her face when he used the name. Sure, he knew that she hated it, but it suited her so will, and whenever he used it, she got the angry look on her face that was the most adorable thing he had ever seen. He would frame it if he could. He listened on, and his smile seemed to falter at her words. He let out a nervous laugh, looking away from her instinctively. "Yeah," he said after a moment, hoping that she didn't catch on to how forced the words seemed. It broke his heart that she didn't like him. Sure, it was true that she didn't deserve someone like him, but if she didn't need him, what did he deserve? Was he going to end up with some girl that was too posh or maybe someone even worse than him? He took in a deep breath, trying to push away those thoughts as he grabbed his wallet, checking the money he had in it.

Apollo smirked a bit, looking down at his girlfriend for a moment, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. "Well, if I am not cute, then what am I? I am just dying to know," he said, hugging her after a moment and walking along to a cash register. The door was rung up, and he paid for it without a second thought. Willow wasn't going to put her money into it when it was his fault it was broke in the first place. Well, it was really Dayton's, but he did have the cops called on him. He smiled a bit when she agreed to the idea, and he kept her hand in his. "Good. Maybe then we have more time to find a breed we agree on," he said with a laugh.

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A smirk remained on Maya's lips as she hugged her arms around herself. "Now come on. I think after that, I am in need of an ice cream fix right about now," she muttered as she rushed into the ice cream parlor; the intoxicating aroma of sweetened ice cream brushing against her senses naturally. In all truth, she could perhaps live off of ice cream. It had been a while since she had stepped foot into the ice cream shop; perhaps, mostly due to her depressed state. When she was at the peek of her depression, she barely went anywhere, especially for ice cream.

"I believe you are Apollo Davenport, my dear," Willow answered with a grin appearing on her lips as she trailed along beside him. It remained on her lips as they trailed to the cash register. Though she was tempted to, she decided not to object when he paid for the door. It was a lost cause anyway, and at this point, she was exhausted to the core. She was ready to be swept into the sweet abyss that was sleep. "I hope so, or we might end up with two dogs," she joked, nudging him lightly with her elbow.

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Jamie smiled a little, and he followed her inside the ice cream parlor. He stilled tried to hide the pain that was on his face. It was rather stupid of him to think that she would like him. He just needed to stop. The thing was, he couldn't. He couldn't stop his feelings for Maay. She captivated him more than he would like to admit she did. He walked into the ice cream parlor with her by his side, and he glanced around. Ever since he was a child, he felt out of place when it came to the town. He didn't fit in like the other kids did. He took a deep breath, pulling out his wallet so that he could pay for her ice cream. He didn't mind paying, even though he didn't really have a job. Anything for Maya.

Apollo started to walk to the car once he had everything paid for, and he laughed a little bit to himself. "My dear, I think it would be a pretty good idea to have two dogs. We could have an adorable dog was well as a guard dog, and who knows, maybe the cute one will learn from the guard dog and we will have two," he said in a joking way, walking to the car and putting the door in. He was beyond tired, but he knew that there wasn't much else they could do until they got the door fixed. After all, they both had work the next day, so they needed as much sleep as possible.

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Stepping up to the register, Maya propped her slender arms on the counter and commented, "Terrance, my usual." The middle aged man standing behind the counter chuckled when his gaze fell on Maya. He had thinning, gray hair, indicating he was hitting his later days. Nevertheless, he always sent a toothy grin in Maya's direction. "Haven't seen you around in a while. You used to come by nearly everyday," he commented as he scooped three scoops of chocolate onto a waffle cone. At first it had been an odd sight for someone her size to scarf down such a large cone, but she managed to eat it all. "What are you going to get?" Maya mused as she turned to Jamie expectantly.

"I believe you are going a bit loopy, Apollo," Willow commented as she rolled her eyes and climbed into the passenger seat of the car. "It will be hard enough taking care of one dog, much less two," she pointed out, imagining it herself. Though, she would have to agree that it would be quite the entertainment to have the "cute dog" attempting to guard the house like the actual guard dog. She buckled herself in and sighed to herself; it would be one long night. That much she was certain of.

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Jamie hadn't been paying much attention to their conversation. If anything, he was in his own little world, trying to come up with ways to get Maya to like him. He was taken out of his little world when he heard Maya's voice, though. He managed a small smile, and he thought for a moment. "Coffee ice cream," he said. He hoped that it actually had some caffeine in it. He needed it. He pulled out some money, putting it on the counter to pay for. He glanced down at his knuckles for a moment or two. They were scuffed up. If anything, it looked like he had gotten into a fight. Oh, he wished he had. He missed the rush it gave him. He also wanted a cigarette. He reached into his pocket to get his pack out, but it was gone. Then he remembered he gave it to Willow.

Apollo scoffed a bit, rolling his eyes. "Loopy? I am tired, but I am not that tired," he told her playfully, and he started to drive home. He was sure that they door would look better than the one that they had before. The moment that he came home, he got the door out, looking down at Willow. "How about you go and sleep. I'll get the door fixed," he said. He could see how tired she was. She was already getting dark circles under her eyes. Besides, he had enough free time at work that he could probably take a nap if he wanted to.

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The answer was truthfully one that she hadn't expected; in all honesty, she had never heard of "coffee ice cream" before, but it definitely sounded like a health hazard. "Oh, no. You don't have to pay. Keep your money. I always give Maya free ice cream if it is late at night...and the boss isn't around," the man commented, his voice dropping to a whisper as the second half of the sentence was voiced. It was all Maya could do as she took her waffle cone and handed Jamie's ice cream over to him. As she lead the way to one of the circular tables near the front of the shop, she whispered, "He is the boss, don't let him fool you." It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Jamie was rather...distracted. She was merely trying to bring him back to earth and offer some amusement.

Rubbing her eyes, Willow attempted to keep them from drooping. She could have fallen asleep on the ride home; she was so tired. Yet, as she climbed out of the vehicle, she shook her head and attempted to force her eyes to remain open. "I can't sleep without you," she whispered, and it was rather true - she wasn't just saying it. When Apollo was on business trips, Willow often had sleepless nights, and when she did sleep, it was only a few hours at a time.

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Jamie hadn't really been paying attention, once again. He was off in his own little world, but he jolted when he heard someone. He gave off a nervous laugh and nodded, taking the money that he had placed on the counter. He sat down at the booth with Maya, and he took a deep breath, half listening to her. He couldn't seem to get something off of his mind. "Maya...that boyfriend of yours...are you two still dating?" he asked. He hoped that she didn't think all that much about it when he asked. He just wanted to make sure that he wasn't doing all of this for a lost cause. Oh, who was he kidding. She could still be dating that guy and he would still treat her like a princess.

Apollo glanced over at her when he heard her words. He thought she was kidding the first time he heard her say that, but it turns out that it was true. She facetimed him when he was in Europe. Sure, it was a normal time for him, but she was up in the middle of the night. It didn't help much, but just listening helped her fall asleep another hour or so later. "How could I forget that," he said with a small laugh. He kissed her softly, and he wrapped his arms around her. "Well, let's get this fixed so we can both go to sleep."

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The silence was edging on, and Maya was growing rather anxious. She wasn't sure what quite had happened since she crashed the motorcycle, but he was definitely She took a bite of the ice cream, and immediately regretted it as the subtle pain throbbed through her mind. Oh, how she despised brain freezes. It only made it worse that Jamie decided at that moment that it was the right moment to speak. She squinted her eyes to relieve the pain that pulsed through her temples before she focused her gaze on Jamie. "Jamie," she began with a long sigh slipping from her lips, "I honestly don't know. I haven't exactly had to opportunity to talk to him, and I am not sure if I even should." At this point, she wasn't certain where they stood; yet, she didn't want to face reality yet. She was just starting to feel like her old self again after all.

A sheepish smile appeared on Willow's lips, and she shifted her slender shoulders up in a slight shrug. She couldn't quite explain why it was difficult to sleep without Apollo; it just, well, was. She buried her head into his chest and let out a heaving sigh. Despite the ache and fatigue that she felt, she knew there was no use in even trying to sleep while Apollo was just down the stairs while he worked on the door. "All right, sounds good," she agreed, her voice muffled from her face being pressed into Apollo's sculpted chest. "We could make some brownies and coffee. I feel like it will be an extremely long night," she mused as she eventually pulled away and tugged on his arm towards the porch.

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Jamie listened to her speak, and he drew in a few breaths. He loved her, he really did. He just wanted to say the words, but no time seemed to be the right time. He always was either too scared or too worried it would ruin their relationship. What if after he told her how he felt, she didn't even want to be friends anymore. He pushed the thought away, and he took a bite of the ice cream. It didn't seem to hurt him as much as it seemed to hurt Maya. He closed his eyes after a moment, hoping that she wouldn't go back into one of her moods after he spoke. "I think you need to end things with him...I can if you don't want to see him. He isn't good for you Maya. I don't want to see you hurt," he said in a quiet voice, but then he started to assess himself. He wasn't much better. Maybe he wasn't good for her either.

Apollo couldn't help the chuckle that came to his lips as she pressed hr face into his chest. He wasn't sure why she liked it so much, but he went along with it. He knew that she probably was comfortable, but he didn't see how. His chest wasn't very soft, after all. He walked with her inside, laughing along. "I have a feeling it's a couple of cups of coffee. And none of that humanly cruel decaf stuff," he said, pausing for another moment as he started to ponder something. "And double fudge brownies, the ones your mom used to make, yes," he said, his eye lighting up as he remembered the special brownies she would make only for special occasions. Oh, they were good.

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The enjoyment of her ice cream seemed to decrease as the foreboding words seemed to pass between them. She should have expected it truthfully; eventually Jamie would bring up how much he wasn't a fan of her boyfriend. But why did he get a say in who she could and couldn't date? "Jamie," she began, her voice void of any warmth that it usually might hold, "you haven't exactly been by biggest fan for the past few years, and suddenly now you want to tell me who I can date?" It was rather irritating. One minute he was hot, and the next he was cold. Eventually, her agitation died away as she spared a glance in his direction. "This is the first day in a while that I have actually felt like my old self. Let's not ruin it by talking about my love life...okay?" she mumbled, dropping her head into her hands.

As she trailed along after him inside, Willow attempted to fight off the sleep that was beckoning her. She trudged along, her slippers dragging the ground as she did so. "We are just trying to stay awake, Apollo, not pull an all nighter," she commented, a slow smirk tugging on the edges of her lips as she started the coffee maker. The fragrant scent of the coffee mix was enough to give her enough willpower to power through the fatigue as she started the coffee pot. Afterwards, she pulled some brownie mix out of the cabinet and rubbed her eyes once more. "You'll eventually have a sugar crash, and don't say I didn't warn you," she mused between a yawn. At the moment, warm brownies did sound delicious however.

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Jamie looked down at the ground, and he bit his lips for a moment. He knew that she was right, but he wished that she would just believe in him for once. He knew what he was doing. He opened his mouth to object, but he stopped himself, knowing that she deserved some sort of a break from everything, and talking about her stupid boyfriend wasn't going to help. He leaned back, licking his ice cream cone in defeat. The only good thing about having a fight in an ice cream shop was that there was ice cream to calm the nerves, and he ahd no many to calm down. He could probably go for a second cone. He glanced down at his hand for a moment. He was having withdraws. He needed a cigarette.

Apollo rolled his eyes as he grabbed a screwdriver. "Sugar crash? Oh please. Willow, the one and only Apollo Davenport doesn't crash," he muttered, leaning back before he started to grab some hinges, hoping that he would be able to get the door on. He hadn't really done all that much handy work before, so he had no idea what he was doing. He took in a deep breath, trying to make sure that he had enough of the coffee smell. It seemed to already be giving him a buzz, and Lord knows he needed it.

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As Maya careened back in the metal chair, she shifted slightly in her seat. The silence was deafening, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere between them. It was all she could do to keep from rushing out of there. It was no shock that Maya wasn't a fan of silence, at least not normally. "Chin up. You can't be sad when you have ice cream," she commented as she reached out to lift his chin with the tip of her finger. Afterwards, she dripped the pad of her thumb into the smooth, chilling chocolate ice cream and ran it across the tip of his nose. "See? No reason to be mad."

"It will happen, Apollo," Willow stated in response, rolling her eyes once her back was turned to him. Apollo might think he was invincible, but he was not as strong as he tried to lead on. "But like I said, don't say I didn't warn you," she pointed out as she worked on the batter for the brownies. "Oh, just so you know, you are doing that all wrong," she called over her shoulder. A teasing smirk played on her lips as she finished up with the batter and slid them into the stove. Brown powder covered the floral patterned apron that clung to her waist.

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23Random Ideas V.4 Empty Re: Random Ideas V.4 on Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:06 pm

As much as he didn't want it to, a laugh came to Jamie's lips as he felt the cold ice cream touch the tip of his nose. He looked away, but he didn't up bursting out laughing. Maya managed to find a way to make him of all people laugh the hardest. He wasn't really sure why or how, but she could do it. He stuck out his tongue, trying to lick off the part that she had stuck on his nose. He could get just a little, and he laughed to himself as he leaned back in his seat. "I hate it when you're right, Maya," he said, smirking a little to himself. He had to admit, as much as he hated being wrong, the chocolate was amazing. He might just have to order himself a cone of it. He took some of his own ice cream, placing it on her nose. "Rate it ten out of ten," he told her, smirking a little and laughing to himself. His previous thoughts were gone.

Apollo wiped a small bit of sweat that was already starting to appear on his forehead. He looked back at his wife every now and again, hoping that she was happy and okay. She seemed to be able to make him love her even more. His mood changed, though when he heard her. He didn't care how cute she looked in that apron, he was doing everything wrong! And he had no idea how to fix it! He refuses to get someone to do it for him. If he could do it himself and do it cheaper, he would. "How do you do it?" she asked. She must have learned a thing or two from watching Dayton do Lord knows what over the years. He took the door of the hinges, and he signed a bit, going back to square one as he tried to figure out what to do and how to fix it

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24Random Ideas V.4 Empty Re: Random Ideas V.4 on Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:36 pm

The familiar laugh that chorused through the ice cream shop tugged a simple smile to Maya's lips. She hadn't realized how much she had truly missed the simple times, before high school her corroded in on her picture perfect life. It was as if the moment she had entered high school, all the perfect order in her life shifted. This was a comforting familiar to reach. "Well, I love it when I am right," she mused with a satisfied grin appearing on her lips. As the icy ice cream trailed along the tip of her nose, she reached out with her tongue to flick it off. However, she immediately wrinkled her nose in disgust as the flavor exploded on her tongue. "What is that? That is not even ice cream!" she grumbled as she tried to cancel out the flavor with the chocolate that she had. It definitely helped, until another brain freeze appeared.

It was all Willow could do to withhold her laughter. As she wiped her damp hands on the edge of her apron, she crossed the room and bent to examine his handiwork - or his not-so handiwork. "You know, it would be so much easier to have someone come here and do it, and we could sleep," she pointed out. Though, she knew Apollo too well. He would be adament, and he would much rather do it on his own. "You might be using the wrong size screws?" she suggested as she inspected the supplies that he currently had handy. She knew a thing or two about hands on work, perks of growing up with a bunch of guys around.

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Jamie was trying his best not to laugh all that much, but he couldn't stop himself. "Maya, everyone knows you love being right," he joked, and he smiled a little bit, taking another lick of his ice cream. Oh, it was good. He nearly dropped his come, though, when he heard Maya, and when he realized what had happened, he burst out laughing, doubling over and nearly wheezing from laughing so hard. "Maya...its coffee," he said, having to hold on to the table to make sure that he didn't fall off from laughing too hard. "I know you hate coffee, but I didn't realize your hated ran that deep," he joked, and he looked down at her, smirking a bit, but it took a bit for him to calm down. In fact, he was crying. He patted her head, knowing she had a brain freeze. "You should take a liking to coffee," he said. It was the best thing in the morning, or anytime of day really.

Apollo looked down at her, and he sighed to himself, shaking his head. He was no handy man from any stretch of the imagination. He was simply Apollo Davenport, the hustler and buisiness man. As she suggested that someone come and do the work for them, he quickly shook his head. "Do you know how much that is going to cost? Besides, how else am I going to prove my manhood?" he asked, looking at his girlfriend and raising a brow. As she made the suggestion, he grabbed a screw from the original hinge, comparing the sizes. He sighed a bit, knowing that she was right. "Let me find a different size," he said, and he stood from his place, hoping that he could find a different screw in the garage.

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