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Random Ideas V.4

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Apollo was in his own little world, mainly thinking about his daughter. She was so young, but she had been through so much. He could see it in her eyes. Coming from a poor and unstable home, he could tell when people had been through a lot. He glanced over when he heard his wife, and he chuckled a little. "I don't know. I think it would be nice to have Maya with us for the rest of our lives. Her and maybe a few cats," he joked, and he started to sing along to the tune, dancing and holding her close. "Although, I will admit, I do enjoy scaring those boys that like you," he laughed, and he closed his eyes for a moment, letting his feet do the work. With his daughter, he didn't have to work to please her. She somehow managed to live him no matter what.

Apollo couldn't help but laugh. "I don't see why you think I'm such a horrible cook. I thought I was pretty great," he said with a laugh before rolling his eyes. He leaned back in his seat. "But seriously, let's host thanksgiving. We can watch Star Wars instead of the parade. Your brother and I will just have a grand time," he said, and he paused a moment. He wanted to make her happy and get along with her family. He was going to propose after all. He needed to make an impression. He needed them to know that he would and could take care of her. He could be responsible. He was a business man.

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A weak smile tugged on Maya's lips as her parents delved into another potential argument; yet, when her family disagreed, it hardly lasted. Actually, for the most part, the mood was lighthearted, even the disagreements. Her father had a habit of sending her mother into frustrations, which her mother often used to her advantage. Deceiving men, Maya learned that quality from the best. On cue, Willow rolled her ocean blue eyes as she crossed the room and planted herself on the edge of Maya's rumbled bed. "That is hardly fair. You didn't like it when my family ganged up on you," Willow pointed out to Apollo, a smirk spreading across her lips. Perhaps the trait was embedded in their fathers' genes; any father was more than willing to take care of his little girl, even if they endured the same turmoil when falling for the girl that they loved. Leaning her head against Apollo's chest, Maya continued to follow the movements. She was slowly beginning to feel more like herself, or at least not the shell of herself feeling she had been harboring before.

What Apollo thought versus reality were two completely different outcomes - Willow knew that first hand. "Not when the first time you tried to cook by yourself, you nearly caught the house on fire and set off the smoke alarm," she pointed out, shaking her head and stifling a laugh at, yet another mishap. In minutes, their apartment was surrounded by firemen, ready to put out the fire that wasn't even present. Once he mentioned Star Wars, Willow internally groaned. Or at least, she thought she had until all the students turned to face her as if she let a missile sore flying through the air. "What if I want to watch the parade," Willow probed, rolling her eyes as she leaned forward to rest her lips against his; when the class chorused "ew" in response, she merely rolled her eyes once more. "Like you have never done it," she grumbled. Because of Apollo, she had to endure Star Wars over and over again; it was fortunate that Willow loved him so. "Maybe," she finally muttered as she rested her head against his shoulder once more. In the end, one of them would cave, and it wouldn't be Willow.

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Apollo couldn't help the smirk that was growing on his face when he heard Willow's retort. There had only been a handful of times that the two had actually gotten into a fight, but most of the times that they disagreed, it was mainly witty banter. Maybe that was how Maya learned to be so sassy at times. He kissed the top of his daughter's head as he danced glad to finally see her back to her normal self, or at least as close as she was going to get. "I didn't like it because your father and cousin scared me out of my wits," he joked. Dayton and her father really did scare him. They were one of the few men that could. Apollo looked at the time, and a smile came to his face. "Maya, have you eaten dinner yet?" he asked. He knew just how to make her feel better. "I say all three of us go to the local diner. We get an order to go, and we eat at the treehouse I've always told you about in the stories. The one that your mother and I would always hang out at," he said with a bright smile. He remembered building it for her since she never had one as a child. She looked like the happiest woman on earth.

While Willow was probably right, Apollo didn't want to think so. He at least wanted to prove that he could make ice. Although he would find a way to burn the house down even doing that. "Why do you have to be right so much?" he asked, kissing her back, chuckling all the while. As she started to go on about the parade, he smirked a bit. "You can watch the parade in our room and Tyson and I will quote Star Wars. All the original three movies. Not the stupid prequels," he said. They might even watch a couple episodes of the cartoon show. He knew that Willow wouldn't give in easily, though. "Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winner gets to watch what they want in the living room," he challenged.

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As the memories resurfaced, it was all Willow could do to hide the amused smile that crossed along her lips, creating a dimple along the curvature of her cheeks in the process. "They are hardly frightening, Apollo," she responded, an feigned sigh of exasperation penetrating the air. Though Apollo appeared tough, Willow knew that he was merely a ball of mush, especially when regarding her. He was almost as mushy as the silly putty that Maya always demanded to have as a child - also the substance that dried into the carpet and seemed to grow like their was no tomorrow. Upon hearing the suggestion, Maya thoughtfully tugged her bottom lip between her teeth. "Okay," she whispered finally. The last time she had been to the treehouse was with Jamie, the easier times when they felt like friends again, and she felt as if she could actually trust him, that he would never hurt her. Even so, the treehouse resembled pleasant memories, especially for her parents. Even now, she noticed the way her mother's eyes lit up at the prospect. Her mother loved the treehouse, no matter how old and decrepit it was.

The voice of reason behind Apollo's shenanigans, that was what Willow was for the most part. Yet, there were some cases she would join in. He brought out a different side of her, one that she didn't even know she had - a side that almost felt spunky, even if it was something as insignificant as rolling someone's house, which would definitely put them both in a world of hurt if they were caught. As he went on and on about Star Wars, Willow tuned him out; after all, she would never admit to actually enjoying the series. As far as anyone else knew, she despised being compared to the series at all. "Fine, but I think we should just have a vote. I know who would win," she pointed out with a growing grin. Actually, the votes would be quite divided, especially if someone presented the option of "football."

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A smile came to Apollo's face when he heard his daughter. He was happy that she finally decided to go with them. He could tell that there was something a little unsettling about what he said, but she seemed to be all for it. He kissed the top of her head. "Great," he said. A bright smile came to his face as he came up with an idea. "Now, I might break my back trying to do this, but I thin that I can give you a piggy back ride to the car like I used to do," he said. Maya used to love it, and she seemed so crushed when he started to have some back problems and he had to stop carrying her around. He would risk it this one time, though. She needed it more than he could even comprehend.

Apollo smirked a little as he listened to her. She was right so much. It was rather annoying. "We can watch Star Wars after we eat. Oh, and then we can watch some football. And then we can play football outside! You can set up maybe some painting or something while we play football. You're good at that crafting stuff. This is going to be the best thanksgiving your family has ever seen," he said. He wanted to prove to her family that he could take care of her. She really did mean a lot to him, and he wanted to marry her one day. Maybe this would make them change their mind about him.

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Scrubbing underneath her round eyes, she rid of the coal black eye shadow that had clouded beneath; if estimation served her correctly, she perhaps appeared as if she had stepped out of a horror film. Swiping her hands along the back of her jeans, she cast her gaze up to her father upon his request. It was clear that he was doing all he could in order to withdrawal another smile out of her, to lighten her mood in even the slightest, and for that she was utterly grateful. The one person she could count on to bring her back to solid ground in the darkest of times was her father, no matter the time or situation or how old she seemed to get. "Are you sure you can handle it, dad?" she whispered, her doe-eyes grazing up to meet his.

Willow tucked her feet under her, extending her height in the slim chair. Though quite uncomfortable, she would battle through in order to create enough distraction to keep her awake. Constant moving, whether it be shifting in her seat or pacing around, seemed to help the fatigue. "I still want to watch the parade," she declared as she rolled her brightly toned eyes. As she imagined the dinner, however, a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Perhaps it just might work to ease the tension and create a bonding between her family, or so she dearly hoped. "This just might work," she murmured, her hand clasping over his.

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Apollo could see that she was a little hesitant to get in his back considering his past back problems, but the smile on his face only widened. "Trust me, Maya, I will be okay. As long as it makes you happy, I will be able to do anything," he said , before turning his back to her, waiting for her to jump on. He remember when she was a younger girl and he would give her rides upon rides all through the house and the yard. It scared Willow to death, but that was partly why Maya liked it. Anything to spite her mother was funny. He chuckled a bit to himself as he thought of it. He loved his family more than anything in the world. Maybe he could get Maya to stay with him forever.

Apollo could tell that Willow was about to crash. He had a feeling they had the same plans. Go straight home and sleep. If sounded like a great idea to him. He smiled a little before kissing her cheek. Soon enough, the bell rang. "The parade? That is nonsense," he said, a joking smirk on his face. He knew that she would just love thanksgiving this year. He kissed the top of her head before grabbing her things. "Have a nice weekend, kids!" he said, looking down at his girlfriend. He was so going to have to drive her home. She would hate it, but it was going to have to happen. She would end up getting in a wreck she was so tired.

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After careful deliberation, Maya managed a timid smile as she crept to the tips of her toes and wound her arms around her father's neck. With that, she jumped up ever so slightly to wind her legs onto his waist. She rested her chin against his shoulder as she often would as a child; a familiar scent tickled her nose. The mixture reminded her of peppermint and a musky cologne; she recalled the similar aroma as a child. "Thanks dad," she whispered, her voice barely audible.

Blinking her eyes repeatedly in order to stay alert, Willow offered them a smile and nodded as she rose to her feet. She wobbled slightly as she tugged on her heels, which only added leverage and formed a lead way for her to fall into a pit of doom, or more commonly known as tripping. "I can carry...," she mumbled, nodding towards her things expectantly. The fatigue weighed on her so that the formulation of a complete sentence rather than a fragment was quite the task in of itself. She scoured the room in search of her keys, not that it would be the best idea she drive in the state she was in.

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Apollo grunted a bit when he felt her weight on him. If he was going to be honest, it hurt him a lot, but this was all for Maya. He pushed the pain away and out a smile on his face. "Anytime, darling," he said with a soft smile. He started to then run around in circles, making engine noises like he would when Willow was a child. "All aboard!" he yelled, not caring how loud he was or what the neighbors thought. All of this was to make Maya happy. He would lose everything for his daughter. He started to go as quickly as he could down the stairs, making sure not to fall. Then he ran circles around the living room before finally making it outside. He made a few more noises, sounding like a train slowing down. "Passengers, we have now arrived to the car," he said, trying to make his voice sound like it was coming on an intercom.

Apollo looked down at her with a cocked brow. No way she was carrying that. She would face plant if she tried. "Baby, you are just going to walk to the car, and I suggested you walk without the heels. You honestly look like you're drinks, Wills," he said before grabbing her things. He quickly found the keys. He had a feeling that Willow would fall asleep in the car. He kissed the top of her head before saying, "Let's go and get home, darling. You really need to sleep. We both do," he said. He hated to see her like that. She just seemed to really be in need of some sleep. He could see the dark circles that surrounded her eyes, making her look like an undead zombie.

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Latching on to her father with all her might, Maya attempted to stifle her laughs by placing a hand over her lips. A few slipped through anyhow as her he raced around the perimeter of the house; she was certain that her mom was having a mini panic attack as she watched the entire scene play out. Yet, she didn't dare cut in the middle of the few moments of glee. As her father came to a halt at the car, she dropped from his back and worked to fix the wind blown hair. "You know mom just filmed all of that right?" she inquired with a grin peeking on her lips, one that hadn't appeared in oh-so-long. For even for a moment, she felt utterly gleeful.

Willow rubbed a hand over her tired eyes, attempting to will the ache away from them. "I fine," she mumbled, not realizing her sentences weren't quite coherent or complete. She reached out for the bag, but eventually dropped her arms by her side as she stumbled along to the door. One had to wonder how Apollo was still managing to walk despite the fact that the both of them had stayed up until the late night to handle the door issues. "I could use," she paused to let out a yawn pass from her lips, "some ice cream."

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Apollo was moving his back, trying to get it not to hurt so much. He rose a brow when he heard his daughter. "No way...I swear if she videoed me, I will chase her. I did it once, and I won't be afraid to do it again," he said, a smirk on his face, but of course it didn't mean much at all. He placed a hand in his back, trying not to grimace in pain. "I may be older, but I can still catch you, Willow Davenport," he said, laughing along the way. He could tell that Maya was starting to feel better. He was a smile on her that he hadn't seen in a long time. It seemed to really brighten Apollo's day. Seeing her happy was one of the best thing that happened to him.

Apollo chuckled as he heard her. He was starting to get pretty tired as well, but he needed to stay awake and alter, at least until they got home. Then they could fall asleep on their beds. Just thinking about it made him every more tired. "Ice cream? Oh darling, we are going home and you can have to cookie dough ice cream in the fridge. I might fall asleep if we stop somewhere," he said before yawning even more. He started to help her get her things in the trunk of her car. He wondered how teachers did it. He wouldn't stay all that time with those kids for the amount of money that he would be paid. They deserved a lot more.

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The radiant smile that adorned Maya's lips faltered a fraction when she noticed how much it had truly hurt her father, just to try to make her happy. Her eyes skirted down to the ground as she brushed a few wispy tendrils of hair back behind her ear. She was so selfish of her own concerns that everyone else never seemed to even matter. Willow's voice broke through the gloom as she crossed her arms over her chest. "So, unfortunate. I already uploaded it on Twittergram," she stated, an amused smile glimpsing on her lips; Willow knew very well that the correct term for the social media was "instagram" but it had become an insider between them all after they had tried to acclimate Maria into the social media world, and Maria had referred to instagram as "twittergram," which she seemed to meld two different sites.

Another yawn filtered the air as she shuffled alongside him; yet, she didn't fight him for the keys even if she wanted to. It would be quite useless, considering she could hardly form a plausible reason behind it. If she could barely form an argument, much less a sentence, than she didn't need to drive. That was what she would have to deal with. Fumbling with the door, she eventually managed to crack it open. "Yeah, okay," she mumbled as she sent him a relatively small smile. Truth was, the likelihood that she would stay awake on the ride home was rather small.

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Apollo could tell that Maya saw how much it al hurt him. He wanted to make sure that she didn't know. He wanted her to stay happy. This wasn't about him, after all. This was about Maya, and he would do anything to make her happy. He chuckled a bit when he heard his wife. "Twittergram? I thought it was twittergramchat? Isn't it, Maya. Where you post and send all those picture and make comments. Yeah, that's what it is," he said, a small laugh on his lips before kissing his daughter's head. "Lets visit Maria to figure out which one it is," he said playfully. He was sure that Willow would want to see her too.

Apollo walked to the car, and he kissed her head before helping her in. He then started to drive. He was being rather careful when driving. He wanted to make sure that he didn't get them into any trouble, but he had a feeling that he wouldn't have much of a probably considering that Willow would probably fall asleep on the car ride home. She was just so terribly tired. He couldn't believe that she stayed up with him that entire night. She had work and she could have slept, but she stayed with him. He loved her so much.

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Initially, Maya couldn't help but roll her eyes at her parents' behavior; they were far from what would consider the average parental figures, but they seemed to know just what to do to ease the burden that was on her shoulders, whether this was intentional or not. "It's not either of those," she proclaimed in response to her parents, as she climbed into the car. As Willow strolled out to meet them, she wound her arms around Apollo; her head rested against his back, considering she was hugging him from behind. "You seemed to pick up her mood," she whispered quietly, a smile slipping along her lips.

The moment Willow was settled into the car, she pressed her cheek up against the window; her eyes were already drifting closed due to the exhaustion of the day. She attempted to stay awake in order to hold up a conversation. Yet, she hardly could keep her eyes open, much less formulate the words to actually speak. Before she even knew it, she was slipped into the sweet abyss of sleep.

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Apollo was starting to get in the car when he heard his wife's voice. A smile managed to come to his lips when he heard her, and he looked down at the ground for a moment. "I try. I hope that this all makes her feel better. All I want in life is to make sure that my two girls are the happiest they can be," he said, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her head. He almost didn't want to let her go. Willow meant so much to him, and he liked having those little moments when they were alone and doing their own thing. He got in the driver's seat, and he smirked, trying to do a New York accent. "So to Maria's?" he asked, pretending to be a taxi driver in hopes that it would make his daughter laugh.

{...discussing timeskip...

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Even a few precious moments seemed to suffice; little time was reserved for them, and Willow cherished the few moments that they did have together. As her eyes skirted up to his, a smile managed to etch its way onto her lips. A quality she admired in Apollo was the fact that he could get through to Maya when no one else could. No matter the circumstance, he could bring forth this smile out of her that was often rare. "You do a pretty fine job if I say so myself," she murmured in response, remaining in his embrace a few moments longer. Strolling to the passenger side, she climbed in and buckled up; the soft click of the seat belt resonating throughout the car. It was all she could do to keep from rolling her eyes at Apollo's childish behavior; some things never seemed to change. Nevertheless, Apollo's antics seemed to work; out of the rear view mirror, she caught a hint of a smile appearing across Maya's lips.

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Apollo looked over at his wife for a moment. It was hard for him to believe that it was him who was making Maya feel better. Yeah, that was his goal, but he didn't think that he could do it. He closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, a smile tugging on his face at his wife's words. "I couldn't do it without you, babe," he said before pulling her in to a kiss, his hand resting on her chin. Oh, he loved his wife. He adored his wife. He was still excited to have her as his wife even though they had been married for years upon years. He pulled away after a moment and started to drive. It didn't take him very long to get to Maria's house. "Here we are," he said, bringing back the thick accent. "That'll be ten fifty, and I don't take cards," he said, trying to keep from laughing at his own self. He was going to make sure that Maya laughed as hard as she could.

Apollo was rushing just a bit. He was worried and excited at the same time. It was one of his favorite days of the year. It was Thanksgiving which meant that it was almost Christmas which meant going back to see his mother. He wanted to bring Willow, but he wasn't sure if she would go or stay with her own family. They were only dating after all. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly," he sang as he set up tables. Willow was doing to cooking. He suggested helping her, but she said he would make the turkey drier than a desert. "Sing along, Wills!" he said, coming up behind her and kissing her cheek before starting a totally different song. "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" he sang as loudly as he possibly could, and maybe off key as he could possibly be. "They'll be parties for hosting and loved ones for roasting - oh, those aren't the lyrics," he said mid way through yelling the entire song.

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A smile, though small, managed to creep its way onto Willow's lips. She had no part in making Maya happy, not now in the least. Apollo had always bonded well with Maya; they had the bond that Willow herself had always wanted with her father, but she never had the privilege of having, at least not for a long while. As they rode along, she rested her head against Apollo's broad shoulder; oftentimes, their affections towards each other was kept on the down-low whilst others were around. Though, there were instances where they did express their affections towards each other. Stifling a laugh as they came to a halt at Maria's house, Willow naturally nudged the door open. "Unfortunately, you are just out of luck. I don't have cash on me. Can I pay in something else?" she mused, leaning over to press a kiss to his lips. Just as she expected, an uncomfortable expression settled upon Maya's lips, as well as a hint off a smile, as she shimmied out of the car. "Please don't get all mushy-gushy. I might be sick," she protested. A sense of familiarity hung over the situation however.

Sizzling chorused through the kitchen, as well as the bellowed lyrics that flew from Apollo's lips. Suppressing a smirk that dared its way onto her lips, she grabbed a oven mitt and tugged it over her nimble fingers in order to check on the turkey that was popping away in the oven. Though Apollo was quite off key and hardly a professional when it came to Christmas caroling, she found his spirit true, which was why she hadn't insisted on switching on the television to display singers who actually possessed the talent. Leaning back slightly, her head rested against his chest and her eyes drifted up to capture his face. "I hope we won't be roasting any loved ones," she commented with a smirk tugging along the corners of her lips, indenting a dimple in the process. "It's the happ-happiest season of all," she joined in, reaching up with the hand still enveloped in the mitten and cupping his cheek slightly.

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Apollo glanced over at his wife when he felt the pressure on his shoulder, and a smile tugged at his lips. They usually didn't do anything publicly considering how much Maya hated their PDA. He did like to aggravate her sometimes, though. He walked in with Willow, seeing that she was close enough to Maria to waltz in without a word. He kissed her back, closing his eyes and wrapping his arms around her contently. "I think that might pay for it," he said with a wink, suppressing the chuckle that wanted to escape his lips. His gaze broke from his wife when he heard his daughter's normal reaction to their display of affection. "I think someone's just jealous that they aren't getting enough attention," he said with a smirk, and without any warning he rushed to her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed his cheek and head, pulling her into a bear hug.

Apollo looked down at his girlfriend as she continued with the lyrics despite his butchering of them. "With those holiday greetings and gay happy meets. When friends come to call. It's the happ-happiest season of all," he said along, taking her hand. He was a little worried about some of her family. Half of them didn't like him for one reason or another. He was just that Dayton had somehow found about his past and exploited it. That was the only explanation. "You know, I just love Christmas so much I might as well get a snowman tattooed on to me," he joked. He was different than most businessmen considering he had many tattoos. He looked back at the time, sighing to himself. It was almost time for the family to arrive.

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An easy smile spread across her lips as his lips brushed her, an effortless gesture that they both had grown accustomed to over time. Her head fit against his chest perfectly, resting just at the right angle to capture the sweet symphony of the pounding of his heart - steady and solid as it always was. "I am sorry, but I don't believe my kisses are for sale," she mused, a teasing smirk gliding across her lips as she wove her way out of Apollo's arms just in time for Maria to join them in the foyer. As Apollo rushed forward and squashed Maya in his embrace, she let out a squeak of protest. The action was just enough to knock the breath right out of her. "Dad...," she grumbled between clenched teeth, "Can't breath."

As Apollo's boisterous voice vibrated throughout the kitchen, it was all Willow could do to withhold an eye roll as she pulled out the pie crusts. There was so much to do and little time to do so; Apollo's distractions, no matter how attractive they were, were not aiding in her frenzy in this fine moment. "A snowman?" she repeated, a tentative smirk approaching upon her lips as she stuck the finished pie fillings into the oven to continue baking. Time was running thin and driving Willow to the brink of insanity. "And where exactly would you find room to put it?" she mused, arching a brow as her fingertips lips his shirt sleeve to trace one of the many tattoos that littered his arms.

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Apollo glanced down when he heard his daughter, and he let go, pressing a kiss to her cheek. "I love you, Maya. I really hope you know that. You and your mother are the only two things in my life that keep me going," he said, looking down at his daughter. He never really had opened up to her u too that very moment. While he was a strong man, he didn't have much else to live for if his family was out of the picture, especially the two girls in his life. "Maybe I can convince Maria to let me play something in her record machine and we can dance like we used to. Remember? When you were little and you didn't know what to do so you would just stand on my feet and let me do the walking?" he asked, looking down at their feet as he recalled the beautiful memories.

Apollo looked down as she traced the tattoos that went along his arm, or at least until his sleeve ended. He paused a moment, closing his eyes. Maybe his tattoos were the reason they didn't like him. Sure, Dayton had them, but Dayton was family, and even if they didn't like them, they couldn't turn their back on family. Apollo wasn't in the picture yet, so he could be easily thrown out. Slowly, he pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Willow Walker, will you promise me that even if your family hates my guys, you will keep me around?" He wanted to make sure that she wouldn't leave him. He loved her so, but was worried about a rift he would put in her family. A curse escaped his lips as he heard a knock on the door. "I'll start entertaining and then come and help as quickly as I can. I love you," he said before scurrying off to the door.

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A weak smile tugged along her lips at her father's confession; she had heard of his troubled past, but most of the information was excluded from her. All she knew was that Apollo Davenport was a different man than he used to be, whether that was a positive thing or not. A distance past seemed to lay out before them; all the memories rolled into one jumbled mess as she shifted through all the rubble to pinpoint one exact moment. Tucking a few strands of unruly hair behind her ear as she wiped aside the mascara that had dribbled along in regards to her mood from earlier. "Dad, are you sure that was not just a few months ago?" she noted, arching a brow as she thought back to the memories. Even now, she was not so light on her feet, not like her mother was. She always admired her mother's aspirations. If anything, she could have performed on Broadway.

As her fingertips traced the black inkwell that rested upon his skin, Willow considered his question. Her eyes did not meet his, for she was contently studying the assortments of tattoos twining around his arms. Eventually, her voice spoke above the chatter that was continuously trailing from the cracks in the door. "Sometimes I don't always like you, but I kept you," she noted, arching a brow as her eyes briefly met his. "Sorry, Apollo, you are stuck with me!" she called after his retreating figure, masking the smirk that dared to glide its way onto her lips.

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Apollo watched his daughter as they waited for Maria. He could tell that she had a lot on her mind. He started to think of his best friend and how they were probably doing. He wondered if they even knew were Jamie was and if he was even okay. Jamie wasn't the most rash and logical thinking child, so there was no telling where he was or what trouble he could have already gotten himself into. He tried to push the thought away and focus on his family. They were the ones most important to him after all. He couldn't help the chuckle that came to his lips when he heard his daughter, an eye roll coming along with it. "Okay, so maybe it wasn't that long ago, but I would still like to do it," he mentioned. His attention was pulled from the girl in front of him when the door opened. It was Spencer. "Apollo Davenport! Looking as dapper as ever," he said playfully, pulling the man into a hug.

Apollo was worried for a moment or two when she didn't seem to reply, but it turns out the she had just been studying the ink on his skin. A smile broke out on his face when he heard Willow, and he was unable to contain his happiness. So she had no plans of leaving him just yet. "I have a feeling I might regret saying that in a few years, but right now I could care less," he joked before he went to the door. The smile was wiped clean from his face when he saw who was at the threshhold. It was his best friend in the world; it was Dayton Young.

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Weeks, seemingly extending on to months, seemed to pass by without Jamie showing up for school; the paranoia didn't settle in for a while, for she was uncertain how to handle the crisis. Her mind fought for alternatives, debating on whether he was sick or merely skipping in order to avoid her presence. After time grew on, his family called about the matter, and only then did Maya set out a plan to go find him. Extensive research brought her to an abandoned warehouse, one that housed one of the well known drug lords. As she crept through the alleyway, she was careful not to make too much noise. Every step seemed to magnify in the confined space, and she had to hold her breath in order to choke down the worry. Her eyes squinted in order to grow accustomed to the lighting change. She listened carefully, attempting to track the mayhem - to be certain that Jamie was here after all.

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Jamie had done everything that he wasn't supposed to when it came to the rules of the drugs. He didn't deal like he was supposed to, and he certainly didn't give the money when he used it for himself. Now he was being chased. He was paranoid that around every corner someone was there to get him. Maybe it was a mixture of the drugs too. His hands were shaking, and his breaths seemed ragged and quick. He was currently trying to find a way out of the warehouse without being detected. He was leaning against the wall in the shadows, begging to stay hidden. "So Dameron in the kid's name? How long do you think he's been foolin' us?" one of the men asked. They were both quite fit. "It can't be long," the other replied. "Dexter has dealt with this before. Although the odd thing is, he wants this one alive for once. I pity the fool. No tellin' what he'll do to him." The two men, both with guns, walked off, going to patrol another area. Jamie took his chance and darted.

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