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Random Ideas V.3

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Blake thought about the idea. Daphne in buisiness? Was that a good idea? If she was anything like him, she probably wasn't organized at all, especially at this time in her life. "What's your favorite subject in school and your favorite way to pass the time? If you can combine those two in some way, I think that's the best way to make a living. I mean, if you have to work, I say just have fun while you're doing it. I mean, the only A's I ever really got were in art, and I love to draw with sharpie on people, so it was the best of both worlds," he said, and he thanked the waitress as she brought him in water. Now he just needed to wait for his milkshake. Maybe it would shake things up. Jamie rolled his eyes, and he pushed her playfully when he heard her. "I really do believe you mean I look hot from every angle," he said. When she started to talk about the TV show he brought up, he smirked. "But she got the guys, and if you ask me, I get the ladies," he said, moving his eyebrows up and down. Sadly, the whole thing with trying to get girls just didn't work out for Jamie. He could only be with one girl in his entire life. Wow, he needed to get some friends.

Apollo glanced at Willow. He could see how uncertain she was about the thought. "I know, but they don't have to take over it now. Maya can go to collage up there and work on her English things. After that, I think I might need a break," he said. He hated to dump it all on her like that, but what else was he supposed to do? "Besides, who says that she can't write a few books while Jamie works. I hate to admit it, but he really does a good job, and you heard him. He hates his job, and he needs to move somewhere quite due to his PTSD. It's the perfect opportunity."

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"That's the thing. School has nothing to do with what I want to be," Daphne replied, not meeting their gaze as she furrowed her brows thoughtfully. "After high school, I want to study cosmetology...more importantly, hair styling. I want to be a hair stylist one day," she explained. Though her own hair was normally kept simple, she wanted to create different outlets for other people - to make others feel amazing about themselves. Though she was highly intelligent - she just didn't apply herself - she didn't want to focus on any academic work or business. Truthfully, none of those options interested her. When he pushed her, Maya nearly tumbled off of the couch. Her coordination hadn't grown over the months. Actually, she might vouch that it had gotten worse, much worse. "If you say so. But if you are comparing yourself to Fran, you are basically saying you have big hair and an annoying voice," she pointed out, raising her brows at him.

A small sigh slipped from Willow's lips. Her gaze shifted to Maya and Jamie once more. She wasn't sure how they would take it; besides, her daughter had moved out for a reason hadn't she? Perhaps the farm life wasn't her forte. Either way, she didn't want to pressure her daughter into moving here, taking her place as the housewife. If she were honest, she was pushing her daughter to follow her dreams, because she had never had that opportunity. "I know you are right," she muttered finally, frowning slightly to herself. "But we can discuss it when the time comes. If worst comes to worst, we can always sell the farm. It would make a decent profit." She despised the thought of ridding of the farm, but she also wanted the best for her child. In the end, the people she cared about trumped everything else.

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Blake paused to ponder what she had said. Cosmetology? He never thought Daphne to be into that kind of stuff, but he wouldn't mind her pursuing that. "Do they not have cosmetology classes at your school? They had them at mine," he said, and he tried to think of a way to help her with her career. "I could buy you some wigs to work with and a few supplies to start out with. Once you are feeling pretty confident, I can rent you that space beside my shop. You could run your own little hairdressing place. A big sign that says 'Daph's hair salon.' Okay, maybe he was dreaming a bit big, but it was a start. Jamie smirked a bit as he watched her, and he thought, rolling his eyes playfully. He moved a bit closer to her, setting on the couch. "Well, what do you think about me? Do you think I'm good looking?" he asked curiously. In a way, he wanted to know what she thought of him.

Apollo sighed a bit as he listened to her. He knew what she meant. He had been forced to work on the farm to live when he was little, but he had grown to love it. He didn't want to sell it and disappoint his late mother, and he also wasn't sure exactly who would buy the farm. "I'll wait for Maya to get better before we say anything," he said, and he kissed his wife's head. He knew that all the worrying wasn't good for his health which was already deteriorating.

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"Cosmetology my school?" Daphne repeated, shaking her head. Extracurricular activities did not branch off into cosmetology. Though, she decided not to point that out Blake, however. Instead, she aimlessly stared at the menu. Though she wasn't interested in finding a meal, it gave her an excuse to do something. She rose a brow at his offer, and slowly glanced in his direction. She could use some practice on something other than her own hair. "Yeah, I guess," she began, considering his offer. "But only if you want don't have to," she added quickly. It didn't feel right to be greedily taking help from them. Sure, Daphne made mistakes, but she wasn't heartless. Maya's eyes momentarily directed to the flickering, muted television screen as she sat upright again. Her attention only diverted back to Jamie when the question passed from his lips. Pursing her lips, she considered her answer before she actually voiced it. "Minus that moppy head of hair of yours...yeah, you are good looking," she murmured finally, forcing the smirk that was attempting to fight its way onto her face back.

Leaning into his ever so slightly, Willow rested her head against his chest. A soft sigh passed from her lips as she thought of her family. She just wanted the best for them, in the end. Was it too much to ask to have a happy, healthy life? "All right," was all she murmured before she slowly pulled away and turned to the counter, handing him a helping of the food she had prepared. "You better eat before it gets too cold."

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Blake knew what she was thinking a bit. She wasn't greedy at all, and she probably didn't want to keep taking from him. But Blake wanted so badly to give her everything she wanted. He felt horrible for taking so much away from her. "Trust me, if you mom would let me I would buy you the world and the moon," he said, and he looked over at his wife, kissing her cheek. Okay, maybe he would save the moon for her. He did love her to the moon and back after all. In some weird, odd way she loved him too. That was enough. Jamie was a bit surprised when she had that he was actually good looking. "You're not too bad either. Funny how my hair is the worst part about me, but yours might be the best. Just looking at it makes me want to touch it," he said with a chuckle, playing reaching for it. He was being honest, though. She was beautiful to him. The only thing keeping her from dating a football player was that she wasn't a cheerleader. But Maya didn't need to be some cheerleader to make him fancy her. Just her beautiful looks and English loving qualities made her irresistible.

Apollo chuckled as she handed him a plate, and he kissed her head. "Shouldn't I be telling you that. After all, you've done more work than me. I don't know what I would do without you," he said. He said it plenty of times before Maya left, and he was a bit distraught when she left. He was a bit confused as it what to do. "Remember when Maya was little and she would follow me around. There was that one time that I was doing my morning chores and I didn't realize she was there until about an hour later."

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A half smile appeared on Daphne's lips, and she nodded slowly. She couldn't help but glance away, off into the distance, as they exchanged affections. She was still growing accustomed to the new revelation that these two were her parents. She just didn't know what to make of it. She wished she could spill her thoughts to Maya, but she hadn't spoken to her in what felt like years, but was perhaps only a week. Elaine rolled her eyes and nudged Blake lightly with her elbow. "You are so cheesy, that cheese is jealous," she commented as she leaned her head against his shoulder momentarily. Truthfully, Maya didn't expect him to call her "good looking" or at least not really. As far as she was concerned, Jamie basically hated her, or so she thought. Though he had called her beautiful once before, he wasn't exactly in his right frame of mind. The drugs were talking, not him. "I know, my hair is pretty great, right?" she commented as she tossed a few strands over her shoulders as peppy cheerleaders did in cliche movies. As he reached out to touch it, she quickly swatted his hand away, however. She was almost tempted to break out into the "can't touch this" song. Almost.

Briefly, Willow leaned up to press a quick kiss to his cheek. "Don't worry about me. I will eat later," she murmured in response; after all that had occurred already, she just wanted to take some time to relax. Besides, she didn't have much of an appetite at the moment. She pulled out a chair to sit down by Apollo. As he recounted the memory to her, the smile effortlessly etched onto her lips. "Yes, I remember that. It always scared the living daylights out of me, because I had no idea where she was," she mused, letting out a long sigh. Her daughter meant so much to her, almost as much as Apollo did.

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Blake chuckled when he heard his wife. He couldn't help but raise his brows. "You're call me cheesy? I do believe I'm not the only one," he said jokingly, and he pressed a soft kiss to her lips, smiling to himself. He was glad that he don't end up like his parents. He never did know his father, but that was fine with him. His mother sure kept him in line, though. He was almost positive that he still would have been more scared or his mom even if he had a dad around. "Why do you not like school, Daph?" Jamie laughed as she swatted away his hand, and he smirked. "Someone getting a little rough," he said jokingly, and he quickly took some of her hair, starting to try and braid it, sadly, the boy couldn't braid very well. He had never been taught like his father knew how to.

Apollo laughed along with her, and he chuckled. "I can't believe I didn't hear her little footsteps following me around the entire time," he said jokingly, and he wrapped his arms around her, pressed a soft kiss on her forehead, but he made sure not to drop his plate. The food looked too good to be handled poorly. Willow's her worked hard on it as well.

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"No...I am pretty sure you are the only one," Elaine replied, a satisfied smirking gracing her lips. Throughout her life, Elaine's parents had always been on the run. Her mother always had to leave on endless work related trips, and her father worked day in and day out at his plantation. So, she basically lived with her grandmother throughout most of her childhood and teenage years. She had never wanted that for her kids - for them to barely know their parents. Yet, this had happened to Daphne, and the guilt weighed her down. Picking at the edges of the menu, Daphne didn't answer for a moment or two. When she did, she whispered, "What is the point of school if the career path I wish to take has nothing to do with math or science, or english or history?" Once again, Maya swatted at his hand when he attempted to braid her hair. "No touchie. You will end up tangling it up," she grumbled as she backed away from him. She carefully ran her fingers through the tangle now present.

Willow pressed her face into Apollo's chest and allowed a small sight to pass through. "Couldn't be much worse than when I caught Maya drawing on the wall with a marker. She was pretty sneaky," she commented, her gaze flickering to her daughter, who was sleeping peacefully. After realizing that Apollo had yet to eat, she released him and nudged him towards the table. "Eat."

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Blake looked over at his wife, biting his lip nervously. He could tell that she was in deep though, but he was worried of what exactly was going through her mind. He listened to his daughter closely, though, trying to see what was going through her mind and her process. "Well, I don't think that is entirely true. I mean, you have to put products in people's hair when you are dressing them, and products have different chemicals and all that. You have to use science to make sure that all of them will work together. And math for the measurements. Everything goes together more than you would think," he said. Jamie chuckled as she swatted a this hand once more. He closed his eyes, leaning back on the couch. "You know, I wouldn't mind taking a trip over to your grandparent's house. We could hang out for a little bit in the tree house. Maybe I can make another slide," he said playfully.

Apollo rolled his eyes in response, but he sat down anyway and started to eat. When he heard her talk about Maya, he started to laugh. "I thought you were going go crazy that day," he said honestly. With Willow, all of her things had to be perfect, and if they weren't she had to fix them. Sure, Maya was little, but Willow nearly fainted when she saw the drawings of her family on the newly painted walls.

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Furrowing her brows, Daphne considered this theory before her gaze glided down to the floor. "Maybe, but I don't need to know velocity, or how quickly the cut needs to be made, and such like that," she pointed out. She learned about measurements in third grade; as for the chemicals in the products, well, that is why the information label is right on the back. Either way, school did not seem of importance to her. Perhaps, it never would be important to her, not like it was to Maya. Kicking her feet up on the arm of the couch - which Willow would have a fit over if she were there, Maya stared up at the ceiling and vaguely listened to Jamie's comment. "I think that could be dangerous," she commented; she would rather not break her neck trying to slide down a makeshift slide that Jamie created.

"I probably would have," Willow answered, replaying the memory throughout her mind. Though she had been upset, she had never physically punished Maya; she just didn't believe in that sort of punishment. Leaning up, she briefly placed a kiss on Apollo's lips before pulling away. "You are too easily distracted," she commented, a teasing tone entering her voice.

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Blake looked down at his daughter. he could see where she was coming from, but she needed to understand one thing. "Without a high school diploma, I don't think a cosmetology school will accept you, and you can't be a hairdresser without going to school to be one," he said, and he looked at Elaine. He wished his daughter would understand the severity of everything. She needed to at least finished high school before she could be a hairdresser. "Besides, when you start practicing, you will be at the top of your class. Just go through a little bit," he said, kissing her head. Jamie couldn't stop is laughing, and he smirked a bit. "Fine, no slide, but you and I are going to have one of those tea parties again, and you are going to eat the food," he said, smirking. He was going to make all of her favorite snacks.

Apollo looked toward his wife, raising a brow. "Really now? I do believe that I can keep my focus a lot," he said, but he knew that Willow was right. When it came to him, he always seemed to be right. It was a s if she knew him better than he knew himself. He wouldn't be surprised is that was the case. He started to eat some of the food, closing his eyes. "This is amazing, Wills."

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Though she knew that he was right, Daphne didn't want to admit it. Truthfully, she was betting on the cosmetology school paying on her tuition; if one is good enough when they sign up, they usually pay a portion themselves. She hoped the same would go for her. "I still don't see the point in the lecture. Just because I should do well doesn't make me like school any more than before," she whispered in response, sighing. "If I promise to apply myself more, we can talk about something else, please?" Maya reached across to grab the sour patch kids that rested on her coffee table. She popped one into her mouth and wrinkled her nose. "I shouldn't trust you and food. You might end up putting a slug in my drink," she replied before she pulled out a blue sour patch kid and nudged him with her converse. "Open your mouth," she instructed, waiting impatiently to throw the tarty candy into his mouth.

Instead of arguing, Willow merely rolled her eyes and tugged the apron off of her. She lied it on the rack as she usually did and pulled up the seat beside him. "Will you ever stop calling me that?" she inquired, noting the fact that he called her "Wills" - like just about everyone else who knew her. The only person who didn't call her Wills was Maria.

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Blake smiled bright as she agreed to working harder in school, and he nodded. "My lips will be sealed," he said, and he leaned back as the waitress brought him the shakes and took the order for the burgers. Of course, Blake got one of the most fattening burgers on the menu, but that was fine with him. He looked over at his wife for a moment, and he kissed her cheek. "So, what do you like to do in your free time?" he asked curiously. He wanted to get to know his daughter even better. He really did feel as if he failed her considering that she was almost able to drive and he still didn't know everything. Jamie smirked as he heard her, and he rolled his eyes playfully. "A slug? What am I, five?" he asked, acting as if he found that childish, but then a devilish smirk came to his face. "I am much more creative than that, Amberly," he said. He loved calling her by her middle name. It drove her crazy.

Apollo chuckled. He loved finding things to call his wife that she hated, as well as with Maya. He always either called Willow Wills, or he would call her some name he came up with in the spur of the moment. "I happen to like the name Wills," he said, and he kissed her head, smiling. He hoped that they would be one of those couples that still held hands when they were bedridden at the age of eighty. "Do you know another nickname you would like me to call you?" he asked.

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Maneuvering her straw around the glass, Daphne momentarily remained quiet. She watched the whip cream form a dip in the shake; she wasn't exactly hungry, but she decided not to say anything as she mulled her thoughts over. Eventually, her gaze returned to her father as he asked the question. "Er...," she began; she wasn't sure if she should elaborate on what she enjoyed doing in her freetime. "I just, uh, hang out with friends," she commented vaguely. She would rather not them know about her horrid life decisions, and then they relay the information to Maria. Frowning at the nickname, Maya chucked a sourpatch kid in his direction, hoping to sock him right in the eye. "Please stop calling me that. My grandma does. It makes me feel old," she grumbled before she popped another sourpatch kid into her own mouth.

"Wills is not a name. It is a nickname I was branded with well before I knew what words meant," Willow commented in response as she drummed her fingers on the table. Though Apollo's terrible nicknames irked her, she still loved him all the same. She adored him for his quirks and his flaws - even if they sometimes made her want to tug her hair out of her scalp. "Or, here's a thought, you can call me by my actual name," she suggested, arching her brows at him and nudging him lightly with her elbow.

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Blake nodded a bit. What else was he supposed to expect? Teenagers didn't do all that much else besides hang out with friends, and depending on those friends, that could be a good way to pass the time. "I played football for a while when I was in high school, but parties and sports don't mix. I got kicked off my junior year," he said, taking a small sip of his shake. he didn't mind that he didn't go to collage. Sure, he didn't have as much money as people that did, but he could guarantee that he was happier than some of them, and happiness was all that mattered. Jamie winced as she threw the candy at him, but he picked it up and ate it anyway. "Hey, these are good. Can I have some?" he asked, and in the true boyish fashion, he took some anyway. He smirked, laying on the couch like she was. "Well, what would you have me call you then?" he asked.

Apollo chuckled, listening to her talk about her nicknames. She was adorable when she got frustrated, especially with nicknames. "But see, if I call you by your name, I won't be able to see you aggravated, and I love the look on your face," he said jokingly, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. As a child, he was worried that he would have a relationship like his mother. It was hard since she was shamed upon for their father leaving. That was why he moved from the west to the south. He needed a new name after his mother died.

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Daphne quietly listened to him as she stared into the shake; when he mentioned sports, her nose wrinkled as she recalled the minuscule cheerleader skirt and the tight matching top - much to revealing for her tastes. She wouldn't have been apart of that mess if Maya hadn't begged her to try out with her. "I'm a cheerleader," she dully noted; though, it wasn't what made her thoroughly ecstatic. Actually, she wished she could just quit. Although, at the moment, it was the only stable part of her life currently. Slowly, she took a small sip of the shake, just for Blake's benefit. Glaring at him playfully, Maya popped another sour candy into her mouth. She ate sourpatch kids like a druggie pops pills - okay, perhaps not the best analogy, but it would do. "Oh, I don't know...the name I was given at birth," she replied, rolling her eyes once more as she tossed another sour patch kid in his direction.

"You like seeing me agitated?" Willow grumbled, letting out a long sigh as she did so. Though, no matter how frustrated she was with Apollo, she couldn't seem to stay that way for long. She rested her head against his shoulder and let out a long sigh, thinking back on all of their memories. Once upon a time, Willow only had an older brother and a mother to look up to; her father hadn't been apart of her life until later on, well into her adulthood. "You should finish eating," she commented to Apollo; she felt guilty she was continuing to distract him from eating, which was much more important in her eyes.

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Blake nodded, listening to her talk a little bit about her life. He could seem to understand how she was a cheerleader considering her attitude. He wasn't going to ask, though. He was going to keep things running smooth. Luckily for him, the waitress came by and delivered the food. "Oh, this looks amazing," he said with a bright smile, and immediately he bit into the burger. Sadly, that was a horrible idea. The burger was terribly hot, and he dropped it in the plate. "Crap!" he muttered. Jamie rolled his eyes, smirking a bit to himself. "But I don't get the same reaction when I just call you Maya," he said. He moved to catch the candy, but his eyes widened a bit as he fell off the couch. He winced a bit before grabbing the candy and putting it in his mouth. "Still good," he muttered.

Apollo laughed along with her, and he started to eat his food when she reminded him of it. It was sort of something that he forgot about. He soon finishes his food, and he pressed a soft kiss to the top of her head. "I'll go and finish Jamie's work while he takes care of Maya," he said, and he looked at the time. He would be a little late for dinner, but that would be fine with him. "I'll see you in a little bit," he said, kissing her cheek one more time.

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An amused laugh slowly slipped from Daphne's lips at Blake's reaction; had no one taught him to wait a good five minutes before touching a meal that had just left the oven seconds before? Her simple fingers wound around the glass as she promptly took a few more sips of the shake; the chocolate coated her tongue with sweet goodness. Perhaps it wasn't nearly as bad as she was making it out to be. "You are a grown man, and you still say crap?" she mused, arching a brow at her father. He definitely acted more like a teenager than an actual dad. Maya snorted and shook the box, coating the sourpatch kids with the sugar sticking the bottom of the box. There were only a couple left, for Maya had been chopping them down all afternoon. Truthfully, they were the only things she had the appetite for. "See, that's what you get for calling me Amberly," she noted when Jamie collapsed in a heap on the ground below.

Willow pulled him into a gentle hug and let out a long sigh. Though she was appearing strong, she was thoroughly worried for her daughter. She wanted nothing more for her to be healthy and happy. "Be careful," she whispered softly in his ear before she pulled away once more. She would busy herself with cleaning the dishes and putting the chicken away for leftovers; they didn't believe in wasting after all.

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Blake looked over at his daughter a bit, and he rolled his eyes. After swallowing, he took a few sips of his drink, trying to cool his mouth down. "Would you rather me say something more profane?" he asked jokingly, raising an eyebrow at her. He had an idea that Daphne probably didn't have the cleanest vocabulary, but he didn't mind all that much. He waited for a moment before he took another bite of his burger. "Ah, that tastes good," he said, smiling a bit to himself. Jamie rolled his eyes at her response. He smirked a bit as he thought of another nickname for her. "What about Sparky? That's a cool nickname, don't you think?" he asked, cocking his head to the side. When he saw what she was doing with the sour patch kids, he smiled and said, "Ooo, the ones like those are the best! Let me have one."


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Swirling the straw around the drink once more, Daphne shrugged her slender shoulders. "I mean, you are an adult, and I am not a child, so what is really stopping you?" she replied, a smirk tilting up on her lips. She then took another simple sip from her shake and tried to not wrinkle her nose in distaste at the greasiness that was the burger. Was it worth giving it a shot? She had no clue. Maya scowled over at him and crossed her arms over her chest. "Sparky is what you call a dog, not a person," she replied detestedly before dropping another candy into her mouth. After a moment of pure observation, she held the box out and sighed. "Don't steal them all. This is the only box I have," she replied, sticking her tongue out at him afterwards.

(To when?)

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Blake couldn't contain his laughing as he heard her, and he took another few bites of his burger. He grabbed a handful of fries, dipping them in the ketchup before shoving them in his mouth. Sure, he was an adult, but he didn't care about the way he ate. In some ways he wasn't the most mature man in the world, but he sure wasn't the least mature. He actually had a job and everything. Jamie scoffed, and he watched her for a moment before he took the bag of candy, taking a few of the ones that had the sugar coated all over them. "I wouldn't say it is strictly for dogs," he said joking.

After nearly a week after the accident, Jamie went back to work. Maya was doing rather well, and she should be able to walk again and everything soon. He had stayed by her side and made sure she was comfortable and happy every moment. Sadly, it was time to go back to work. He smiled a bit at Maya, kissing her head. "Why don't you come outside with me? I could have you sit under the shade tree by the garden with a cold glass of tea and some snacks," he suggested. He had a feeling she wouldn't be happy being cooped up all day without him.

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Aimlessly, Daphne nibbled on her fries and pondered her many thoughts. Though it wasn't the best family bonding time, it wasn't the worse either. Awkward, but perhaps it wasn't too weird. "I honestly don't understand how you can shovel all that food into your mouth and not gain a pound," she commented, shaking her head lightly. Though, it seemed the trait was genetic. Elaine could eat whatever she wanted and remain thin, and Daphne seemed to inherit that same genetic quality. "Of course. It is for boneheads too," Maya commented in a grumble, snorting afterwards. She reached for the box and snatched it back to grab a few more of the last sourpatch kids. "Daphne used to always make the comment of 'no wonder she is so hyper. she eats sour patch kids like it is crack,'" she commented with a smirk. The memories flooding through her; memories of herself before she dove into depression and Daphne got a hold of cigarettes...and alcohol...and the party life.

After the first night, her mother had given her a boot to wear to secure her injured leg. Now, it wasn't nearly as painful to walk; though, she wouldn't be able to remove the boot for another few weeks - perhaps even a month or so. Though, Maya wasn't complaining. She was lucky to still be able to walk; it would have been a shame if her leg had to have been amputated or to some other degree - medical terms were not her strong suit. "Are you sure? I mean, I was going to help my mom clean...," she murmured, trailing. She hated feeling useless and taking from her family without helping out in some aspect; a guilty sensation washed over her everyday.

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Blake chuckled a bit as she made the connection between his eating habits and his weight. "Well, I do this sort of thing called CrossFit. You know, right before Apollo and Willow's wedding, I made them take a class with me and Elaine. It was sort of us first double date," he said, closing his eyes as he tried to repaint the picture in his mind of Willow half dying form only being in the class for five minutes. he knew then that she had to have loved Apollo if she didn't walk out of the class right then and there. Jamie chuckled a bit, and he rolled his eyes at her, getting back on the couch after he ate the few sour patch kids he managed to get form her box of them. "I think you were born just a little more hyper than normal, but then again, I've always liked that about you."

Jamie shook his head in response. He knew that she wanted to work, but work her hurt leg, there was no way he was going to let her do anything until she could walk without cringing or hiding her pain. "I am sure your mother will be fine with it, and I think she will understand. Come on! You can see me plant some of these carrot seeds your father wants me to get going," he said, picking her up. His job until they left was t take care of his own little garden area, and as the days grew, he didn't mind all the work all that much. In fact, it was rather fun.

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Wrinkling her nose, Daphne tried to imagine doing crossfit; though she was healthy and quite skinny, she rarely worked out, unless it was for cheerleading. "I don't think I could handle it," she commented as she took a delicate sip from her shake. Truthfully, however, she could possibly keep up. Though, it was more of the fact that she wouldn't want to do it. However, it would be pretty amusing if she forced Maya to go...especially after the cheerleader incident. Maya rolled a sour patch kid between her fingertips. Arching a brow, she shifted in her seat to face Jamie. "There's nothing bad about being....optimistic, especially after life has pretty much sucked the past few months."

Just as Maya was about to force herself up onto her feet, Jamie had scooped her up into her arms. Though she understood that he was just looking out for her, it only drug out her frustrations when he wouldn't let her move for herself. She wouldn't get any better if she didn't attempt to work with her leg. Though it always sent stabbing needles of pain, it was the only way for the leg to heal properly - to work with the pain. "Jamie, I am capable of walking," she murmured softly. Her arms were tossed over his shoulder, meeting at the back of his neck.

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Blake smirked a bit as she seemed to be a bit intimidated by the idea of crossfit. "Trust me, it's not that hard when you do it for a little bit. Maybe we should try it out sometime. If Willow can do it and not die, I think you can," he said, winking her way. He loves eating whatever he wanted a lot. Sure, to stay in shape he had to eat healthy, but he had the ability to splurg and have a few cookies if he wanted to. It really wasn't hard at all. Well, for him. "You should have some friends do it with you too. That's always a fun part about it," he said. Jamie listened to Maya, and he knew she was right. He was just never able to be all that optimistic. Maybe he needed to learn from Maya. "Well maybe some of your optimism will rub off on me. Lord knows I need it," he muttered partly to himself.

Jamie smiled a bit. In a way, he knew she was right, but he didn't want to admit to it. He wanted her to be happy and unhurt. "You can walk back home for lunch. I'm not putting you down now," he said with a smirk, and he managed to grab the glass of tea that he already had ready for her. He got up extra early so that he could have a chair set out for her as well as tea full of ice incase she needed it. He came to the shade tree, and he set her down in the chair. "Do you like it?" he asked a bit nervously.

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