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Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like the oth

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Random Ideas V.3

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26Random Ideas V.3 - Page 2 Empty Re: Random Ideas V.3 on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:47 pm

Dayton rose his brows and threw open the car door. "Stop asking questions in get in the car. I promise not to murder you," he said before he climbed inside and starting it up. "And the quicker we do this, the quicker it will be over with, so hurry up."

Ann glanced at the text and stuffed the phone into her little clutch before stepping out. She had decided to dress decent, but after the date with Aspen the other night, she decided to not wear a dress. She climbed into the car and frowned when she noticed that they weren't dressed up. "Hey...aren't you guys going to eat too?"

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If the first stamen didn't get Apollo in the car, the second one sure did. he rushed in, and he buckled up before looking for a jewelry store that was around. he wanted to get her the biggest, best ring that he could get for her. one that he would have to pay for with his entire paycheck. "There is one right here," he said, pointing to the store.

Dimitri looked down at his sister, and he smiled a little. "Yes and no," he said, and he casually locked the doors before slamming on the gas. He went as fast as he could to get to the restaurant soon, and he soon made it. He only then unlocked the doors and smiled ot his sister. "You date waits. he's tall, blonde, muscly, and goes to medical school. Have fun!" he said with a bright smile. Once she was out of the car, he sped off.

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Dayton drove along and parked into the parking lot before climbing out. "I hope you aren't planning to get her anything too big. Wills is more of an understated type of person. The less is more theory or whatever crap that is," he commented as he headed inside. "But either way, I think she would like it if she really likes you. Anyway, as long as it is real and nice, she is sure to like it."

Ann furrowed her brows in confusion as she slid out of the car. "Wait....Dimitri...," she began, but he was gone before she could even finish her sentence. "Sneaky, very sneaky. I will kill him later," Ann muttered before she stepped into the restaurant and tried to hide her discomfort. Did Dimitri have to leave her stranded without telling her more about the guy. He could be an ax murderer or something!

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Apollo got out of the car, and he thought for a moment. Did he really want her to have something that wasn't big? Dang, that was just what he was thinking. Maybe not ringpop big, but something along those lines. He started to look at all of the ring, and he smiled when he saw it. Half of the ring was lined with small diamonds, and there was a lager, intricately cut diamond on the top. "Would she love this?"

The man who she ad been set up with, Michael, had been sitting and waiting for her. He stood when he saw her, and he waved her over. "So you are Ann. It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Michael. Let's sit down," he said, and he politely pulled her chair out for her. Oh did he have plans for her. When she sat down, and he sat down in his own seat, and he placed the napkin in his lap like a gentleman.

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Dayton was looking around at the many rings on display when Apollo spoke. He walked over and peered down at the diamond. He hated to admit it, but it wasn't half bad, and he was sure that Willow would love it. He finally nodded and turned to Apollo. "Yeah, she just might," he answered with a half smile.

Ann cautiously sat down. Why did she agree to this? She probably should have left when she had the chance. She could probably still fake a, she wouldn't. She may as well give the guy a chance. She needed to get her mind off of Aspen anyway. The guy was bad news, and maybe Dimitri was right. Maybe she did need to go on a date or two. "Nice to meet you, Michael..."

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Dimitri smiled brightly when Dayton agreed about the ring, and he examined it for a moment. "Alright, we can go back to it. There are almost always better ones that the first one your see," he said, and he started to look through them. He wondered what Dayton would want for Willow. Anything that made her smile.

Michael smiled, and he could see that she was a bit weary of him. "Order whatever you want, I'll be paying. So, you are in nursing school. What kind of a nurse do you want to be?" he asked curiously, taking a sip of the water that had been brought to him earlier. He wanted to get to know her a bit better.

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Dayton rose a brow at that comment but just simply nodded slowly before he continued looking at the many rings. "When are you planning on asking her?" he inquired, raising his brows as he glanced towards Apollo. He glanced around at the other choices for rings.

Ann tried to relax as she picked up the menu. At his question, she glanced over at him and half smiled. "Well, I mostly want to be an anesthesiologist, but I also have thought about being a pediatrician. My mom was one....," she murmured, trailing. Shaking her head, she then glanced over at Michael. "And what about you? What do you want to do?"

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Apollo paused for a moment. He wasn't too sure when he would ask her, but he would know that it would be soon before he lost his courage and chicken out. "Maybe on my birthday, I don't know," he said, and he glanced around at all the rings. There were so many to pick from!

Michael looked down at her, and he thought for a moment. "I am going to medical school right now, and I am working on being a brain surgeon. Sort of what my dad wanted, and I'm the oldest. Kind of sucks, but at least now they don't have to be the perfect kid," he said to her, and he looked through the menu. Hopefully there was something good.

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"Your birthday, huh?" Dayton inquired, arching a brow as he glanced through the rings as well. He already knew about what Willow was planning. She talked his ear off all about it one night. She really needed to find some friends that were girls. Or at least someone that wasn't him.

Ann nodded and half smiled. "That sounds awesome. My dad would probably freak, though, if I tried to operate on brains," she said with a shake of her head. She was fine with sticking to the simpler side of the medical field. She didn't have to look over the menu more than once to know what she wanted. "So, uh, I wasn't the one who actually set up this date," she said sheepishly.

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Apollo nodded when he asked about his birthday. "Yeah, I am hoping that she will say yes. I was going to ask her when we were in Paris, but I was too afraid," he said with a small sigh, and he ran a hand through his hair. That and he didn't have a ring. he was just terrified that she wasn't ready for it yet. "Do you think she will say yes?" he asked.

Michael laughed, and he smiled. "Yeah, I think I would be too," he said jokingly, and he smiled down at her. When she spoke about she didn't set up the date, he laughed. "Oh, I know. Your account looked very confident and casual. The person I spoke to was awkward but professional. I could only guess that it wasn't at all a girl I was talking to. Maybe a guy friend or a brother. I was a bit worried about going, but if it was real, I couldn't pass it up," he said.

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Dayton glanced over at all the rings as he listened to him. He couldn't help but roll his eyes and mutter, "If she loves you as much as she seems to, I don't think that she would ever say no." He then found a ring and pointed towards r. "What about that one?" he asked him. It was pretty simplistic but it also seemed a lot like Willow.

Ann laughed and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, he was my brother. He kind of went all secretive on me," she said with a shake of her head. When the waiter came by, she ordered before she handed off the menu. "He has been badgering me about getting out there for a bit now," she continued, laughing softly. Ever since he started dating Lindi, he had wanted to set her up with someone. She didn't think he would actually go to those lengths, however.

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Apollo looked down at him, and he nodded. He just needed to trust him. She wouldn't leave him for nothing, right? She would say yes. He took a deep breath, and he looked at the ring that Dayton had picked up. It seemed more like something Willow would like than the huge ring he had sound her. The diamond was just the right size, and there wasn't too much sparkle on it. "That's it," he said with a bright smile.

Michael ordered his food when the waiter came by, and he handed him the menu. "I could tell that it was a different person, but maybe it is good for you to get out every now and then. I mean, I wouldn't have met you if you hadn't," he said with a small smile, and he thought of some more questions. "Tell me more about yourself. You seem fascinating."

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Dayton smirked and clasped Apollo on the shoulder. "See, I knew that I knew Willow better than you knew her," he joked. He waved towards the lady at the checkout, who hurried over. Dayton didn't realize it until then, but he actually went a full ten minutes or so without wanting to shove Apollo's head down a toilet, or something on the lines of that.

Ann leaned back in her chair and rose her brows at that. Well, he did have a point, but she felt as if she could find someone herself. Of course, she never really attracted the right people....She was pulled out of her thoughts when Michael spoke again. "Well, my father is an officer, and I have always been close with my brother...especially after my mom died. I don't know, I guess it is kind of a twin thing."

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Apollo chuckled at his words, and he rolled his eyes. " I guess you do," he said, and he pulled out his wallet as the lady came over. He paid for the ring, and it was quickly put in a box for him. "Alright, let's get back to the house before Willow sees that we are gone. She probably thinks that we have killed each other by now," he said with a laugh.

Michael listened to her, and he nodded. "I got along okay with my siblings. They are all younger sisters, so I never really understood them, but at least they don't hate me," he said with a laugh. "My father is also a surgeon, and my mother is a stay-at-home mom," he said before sipping on his drink. He never did get along with his parents.

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Dayton chuckled as he headed for the door. "Well, she wouldn't be completely wrong," he commented with a small smirk. He headed out the door to the car. "If you are going to ask her, make sure to make it special. I know I am not really Willow's brother, but she is like a little sister to me, and unlike Tyson, I could definitely take you."

Ann nodded as she thought it over. "I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. But I guess I will just have to deal with Dimitri," she said with a laugh. Lindi was close enough to a sister anyway. She had helped plan this out too. Traitors. "I've always been expected to be like my mom," she murmured with a long sigh. "But just because I look like her, doesn't mean I am anything like her," she continued with a shrug.

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Apollo walked out with him, and he gave him a nervous laugh when he started to speak about when he proposed to her. He rubbed the back of his neck, giving him a nervous smile. "I'll make sure it is special, don't worry," he said, and he quickly got in the car. He buckled up and opened the box, starting to look at thing ring. She would love it. He just knew it.

Michael looked down at her, and he smiled a bit. "Well, I think that you need to do what you want, not what everyone else expect from you. I am too far down that road to turn back, so I don't have that chance. You on the other hand, do," he said with a smile, and he took his drink, lifting it up slightly. "A toast?" he asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

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Dayton nodded and glanced over at him. "You better," he muttered as he began to drive back towards the house. "Oh, I've been thinking about where to get the new tattoo. I really can't add anything to my sleeve...," he began, then frowned. Was he actually having small talk with Apollo? Well this was definitely a first for him.

Ann rose her brows and glanced over at him. "I guess you have a point," she murmured before she picked up her own glass. "To, uh, first dates?" she muttered before she tapped her glass with his. She still wasn't sure about this guy, but he seemed okay for the most part. She then took a sip of her drink.

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Apollo was a bit surprised himself at first. Dayton wanted to have small talk with him? Was he sick? Did he have a fever? He must have one because Dayton young didn't do small talk. "I have a good friend of mine that had done all of my tattoos, and he did Willow's as well. I would trust the guy with anything. If you want to, I can call him. I'm sure I can get a discount for you. I've known the guy for years," he said.

Michael smirked a bit, and he nodded. "To free futures," he said, and he clinked the glass before taking a sip. Soon, the waiter came over and gave them the food. "So, I am guessing that your love life has been pretty dormant considering that your brother had to set up a date," he said with a small laugh, and he started on his food.

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Dayton rose a brow as he continued to drive along. He considered this thought for a moment before he nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea," he said finally. He was sure to find another place that he wanted to get a tattoo. Dayton was always getting tattoos anyway. What was really a few more? "I am surprised you could talk Wills into getting one. Now if you could talk Ty into getting one...that would be a miracle in itself. He is scared just looking at them."

Ann arched a brow over at him and shrugged her shoulders. "Not...exactly," she began uncertainly. "I mean, ever since I have graduated, I haven't really been in a serious relationships, but I have been on a couple of dates," she said vaguely, shrugging her shoulders. She probably wouldn't ever mention the date with Aspen to Dimitri. If Dimitri didn't kill him, their father probably would.

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Apollo chuckled at his comment, and he smiled a bit. "It took more than you would think to convince Willow into getting a tattoo. Tyson will probably take even more convincing, but I think that with a few nerdy puns, I could get him in the chair and a tattoo on him before he even realized where he was," he said jokingly.

Michael listened to her speak, and he nodded in agreement. "My father wanted me to be with someone else who would also be successful. Maybe another surgeon or someone from Harvard law. Any Ivy League school would do for him," he said with a small sigh, and he continued to eat his food.

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Dayton chuckled at that and gave it some thought. "Actually, that's a good idea...why haven't I tried that?" he muttered, shaking his head. No, Dayton wouldn't be good at the puns thing. He would probably mess up a Star Wars reference or something, and then Tyson would probably dive into this big lecture. Really, he should have been one branded with the nickname "Skywalker" not Willow. He soon came up to the house and parked. "And we are back."

Ann nodded and took a bite of her own food. It actually wasn't half bad. "Good luck with that. If my dad had to choose, he probably wouldn't ever let me get married," she muttered as she shook her head. She took a sip of her drink before continuing.

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Apollo tried to imagine Dayton making a nerdy pun, but he just couldn't. He ended up laughing a bit, and he smiled, shrugging. "I will try to convince him," he said. When they got there, he took the ring box and put it in his pocket. If Willow saw it, it would ruin the entire proposal. He walked inside, and he began to look around for her.

Michael looked down at her when she talked about her father, and he rolled his eyes. "So your dad is one of those dads," he said, emphasizing the word "those." Honestly, he hated protective fathers. They always ruined all of the fun. "So what is this brother of yours like?" he asked her curiously.

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Willow was hiding behind the door, waiting for Apollo and Dayton to return. When Apollo walked into the house, she jumped on his back and said, "Hey, Pollo." She planted a kiss on his cheek before she jumped down and hugged him from behind. "So I see you and Day had a little...bonding time," she began, then added on in a whisper, "He didn't try to murder you or anything, right?"

Ann just nodded. She couldn't blame him too much, though. She and Dimitri were all that her father really had left. His next question pulled her from her thoughts. "Nerdy, awkward," she began, and added on in her head, A secret superhero. "It's a wonder he actually found someone before me," she continued. Ann had always been the outgoing one.

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Apollo was surprised when she jumped form behind, and his eyes widened. He almost fell over, but he managed t keep his balance. "Hey abbe," he said with a smile, and he looked up at her. "Nah, he didn't try to kill me. We actually had a really good time together," he said, and he smiled a bit. "We are going to try and talk Tyson into getting a tattoo," he said, laughing.

Michael laughed as he listened to her description for her brother. "Well, he sure does sound interesting," he said with a small smile. He soon finished his food, and he pulled out his wallet. I am guessing that since your brother dumped you here, you don't have a ride home. Would it be okay if I gave you one?" he asked before smirking, "maybe along with my number?"

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Willow rose her brows, and she almost didn't believe him. However, when Dayton walked in and didn't look upset, she almost couldn't believe it. "Okay what happened? Do you two mutually hate someone?" she asked in confusion. Tyson happened to walk in when Dayton made a comment about the tattoo. "Oh, no. Tyson doesn't get tattoos," he refused. Willow rolled her eyes and muttered, "He was scared of my tattoo. Good luck with talking him into getting one," Willow muttered.

Ann was going to insist that she pay for her food, then gave it some thought. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to let him pay. She needed to save her money anyway. His question brought her back to earth. "Uh, I guess," she said uncertainly, rubbing the back of her neck. He wanted her number? She debated on giving it to him or not as she gathered her purse. "I don't know. I will think about it," she said simply.

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