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Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like the oth

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Random Ideas V.3

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101Random Ideas V.3 - Page 5 Empty Re: Random Ideas on Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:27 am

Apollo smiled, and he hugged Maria. Like with everyone except Dayton, he towered over her. "Well, I believe they do," he said, and he smiled before he hugged her mother. "It's good seeing both of you. I miss you guys," he said with a smile. Even though he had only met them a few times, they felt like family to him.

Apollo looked down when he saw a girl he had never met before, but she seemed familiar in some way. Did she got o school with him? She wasn't half bad, but she wasn't the best either, wait this was what got him in the stupid mess in the first place. "Come here," he said, and he grabbed her arm, watching her for a moment or two.

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Willow rested her head against Apollo's shoulder and smiled as she listened to them talk. She nearly jumped out of her skin, however, when her mother squealed. She rushed over and inspected the ring on her finger. "Wait, this is real? This is real?" Grace asked, and Willow shyly smiled, dropping her gaze to the ground. Then, her mother smirked and crossed her arms over her chest. "Finally," she stated. ", you knew about this?" Willow muttered, and Grace shrugged. "Dayton isn't very good at keeping secrets. But how was my acting?"

Willow furrowed her brows in confusion and stumbled after him. "What?" she muttered as she shook his hand off. "Is everything okay? I could get you some water or something...," she said uncertainly. She wasn't sure about this guy. Funny, Apollo wasn't there. You would think it would be common courtesy to make an appearance to your own party, but he couldn't seem to even do that.

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Apollo watched Grace, and his eyes widened when she spoke. "Wait, he told you! Dang it! That gift card better be worth a lot then," he muttered the last part, but he watched Grace for a moment or two. "Did he tell anyone else?" he asked her curiously. Hopefully he didn't, but he couldn't be too sure with Dayton or anything.

Apollo bit his lip nervously, and he looked down at her. "I need you to say you love me," he said. She just needed to say those simple words and everything would be fixed. They didn't have to mean anything, right. His parents said it all the time, yet not once did it mean anything deeper than the words themselves. Even saying that was stretching it a bit. A bit being an understatement.

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"Oh, I don't know if he did or not," Grace replied, shrugging her shoulders as she sat back down. "He might have told Tyson, but I don't know. Otherwise, you might want to tell everyone soon, because I can't wait to start wedding planning," she said with a grin. Willow let out a long sigh and rested her head against Apollo's shoulder. "I think my mom is more excited about us getting married than me."

At his words, Willow instantly frowned and scowled slightly at him. "You are kidding, right?" she muttered. "Okay...I'll say something even better," she stated before she grabbed someone's cup as they passed. They didn't look too happy, but she couldn't care less. She then poured the drink over Apollo's head. "Have you not heard of 'stranger danger.' My gosh," she grumbled as she began to stalk past him.

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Apollo laughed at her words, and he nodded in agreement. Grace did seem very happy about the wedding. Probably more than he ever would be. He just wanted Willow to change her last name. That didn't seem like too much to ask for. They didn't need some big, storybook wedding. I'll announce it," he said with a small smile, and he grabbed a wineglass and a spoon, tapping the glass like in some cliché story. "I have an announcement everyone!"

Apollo's eyes widened when she spilled the drink on him, and he narrowed his eyes. "Do you know who am?" he asked bitterly, but then he realized that he couldn't tell anyone who he was. Not when he looked like that at least. "Just say it. it doesn't mean anything," he said, and he closed his eyes, begging her to just say it.

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Willow rose her brows and cracked a small a smile. She sat down in one of the empty chairs and rose her brows to him. "I might want to hear this one," she said with a smirk. She could only hope that he father wouldn't kill Apollo. "This couldn't wait until after the presents?" she murmured, shaking her head and letting out another small laugh.

"Uh, no, not at all, actually," Willow muttered in response, glaring at him. The guy did seem an awful lot like Apollo, though. He definitely was full of himself like Apollo. It counted for something. "I am not saying 'I love you' to some stranger that I don't even know. Do you think I just hand out 'I love you's to just anyone?" she muttered before she began to move past him once more. He was really getting on her nerves, and she was there for a reason. She needed the money.

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Apollo smiled down at Willow, and he smirked a bit, He didn't really think about her father, but maybe he would be cool with it. He was going to tell him, but then Dayton came in and distracted him. "I just wanted the announcement that the lovely Willow Walker will soon be the beautiful Willow Davenport. Sorry guys, but she is officially off the market," he said. Okay, so maybe David didn't react the way he planned. Maybe that was because David chocked on his drink and was glaring daggers at him. Yeah, he was a dead man.

Apollo sighed, and he grabbed his wallet. Well, at least his money was okay. He grabbed five hundred dollars out, and he handed it to her. "Say the words and I'll give you this money. All I am asking of you is to say three simple words. People never mean it anyway," he said casually, and he grabbed another hundred out. "Come on, just say it!" he said in a rushed voice. He just needed to look normal again.

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Willow had to stifle a giggle and stop herself from rolling her eyes. She reached up on the tips of her toes and kissed his cheek. "Nice way to say it, Pollo," she commented with her signature eye roll. Grace reached out to pat David's back to stop the coughing. "It's okay. She's growing up on us," she said with a long sigh. She glanced over to Willow, who looked like she was on cloud nine.

Willow frowned and glanced at the money. "Why are you so desperate for someone to say that they love you? I mean...," she began, but trailed off, shaking her head. "I'm not taking your money," she stated, shaking her head. Although it was tempting, she couldn't do it. Why would she say words that she didn't mean?

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David looked down at Grace, and he tried to regain his breath. "You would have thought that they guy would give a little warning," he said, and he continued t glare at Apollo. He still wasn't so sure about the guy," he said. Apollo chuckled, and he kissed her softly. "Well, I did try my best," he told her jokingly, and he wrapped his arms around her. "Now, how about those present?"

Apollo sighed when she didn't even take the money. "Not for one thousand? Listen, this is all I have on me right now, but I have lot more back at home. Fine, you won't take my offer. You'll be sorry later," he said bitterly, and he started to run off to find that girl. The creepy one who made him like this. He would pay her ten times more than he would pay that girl. He just wanted to look normal again.

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Grace smiled hesitantly and glanced over at where Apollo and Willow were. "Well, maybe he was afraid that you would kill him otherwise," she stated. "Besides, look at how happy she is," she stated, nodding towards them once more. Willow grinned and grabbed his hand. "All right, mine is last," she stated before she tugged him over to the presents.

Willow furrowed her brows as she watched him race off. Shrugging, she went straight back to work. She had no clue what was wrong with that guy, but he definitely had some issues. The girl was sitting at a table, drinking and leaned back in a chair. She had been watching Apollo the entire time and had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The curse wouldn't have broken anyway, because the girl wasn't truly in love with him.

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David watched her, and he sighed to himself. Why did it have to be like that? Why did she have to grow up so quickly? It seemed as if it was only yesterday when he walked to the door of Grace's house after all those years, and he finally saw her. "I miss when she was little and I could pick her up," he said. Apollo chuckled, and he followed her quickly. "Why does yours go last?" he asked her curiously.

Apollo finally found her, and he narrowed his eyes. "How much do you want? I will pay you all the money I have to get rid of this curse!" he said, and he started to reach for any amount of money he had. He would give her everything he owned just to look normal again. The stupid girl was a witch, and he was going to make sure she paid for what she did.

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Grace watched as the two headed off to the presents and cracked a small smile. "She had to grow up someday, David," she murmured as she reached out and gave his hand a little squeeze. Willow grinned and pulled out a chair for him. "Because I am your fiancée, and I said so," she stated before she handed him a gift. "Oh look, it's Day's gift. Act surprised," she whispered.

The girl shook her head and folded her arms over her chest. "There would have been no point in making you look this way if you don't learn your lesson. I changed you for a reason, and I am not just going to lift the curse so that you can go back to being horrible to people," she stated, narrowing her eyes. "Consider this a...humbling experience for you."

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David sighed, and he looked down at her before he watched Apollo open up the presents. "So what did we get him again?" he asked. He had ordered it a little bit ago, and he completely forgot. It was something along the lines of cufflinks. Or what it? Apollo rolled his eyes at her words, and he kissed her softly before went along to open Dayton's present. When he opened it up, he smiled brightly. "How did you know just what I wanted?" he asked.

Apollo narrowed his eyes at the women. "You gave me an impossible task!" he said bitterly. He just wanted to go back to normal. And punch her in the face. he wanted to get back to normal more though. "I better be normal by morning," he said, and he raced off. Maybe his father could help him get surgery or something. His father would care, right?

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Grace glanced over at where Apollo was opening his gifts and pondered this for a moment. "Was it cufflinks? I can't remember," she said with a shake of her head. She had forgotten herself - not on purpose of course, but she had all the same. Willow giggled and glanced at Dayton, who merely rolled his eyes. "Wills told you, didn't she?" he inquired. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he definitely wasn't dumb.

The girl rolled her eyes and shook her head. "What an ignorant boy," she scoffed before she stood and headed off into the crowd. Dexter was in his office, going through some paperwork and talking animatedly on the phone. He expected Apollo to be at the party, so he was of course surprised when he heard the door open.

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David shrugged, and he started to walk to the presents. "Well, I guess we will find out," he said, and he started to watch Apollo. "I still don't know about him. Dayton gave him a giftcard for tattoos for crying out loud," he said. Apollo chuckled, and he nodded. "Yeah, I knew, but I really do like it. I plan on putting this to good use. Thanks," he said with a smiles, and he went for the next present which was from his mother.

Apollo came to the house, and he went to his father's office, already knowing that he was working. He took the phone from his hand and ended the call. "You have to help me!" he said in a panicked voice. His father of all people would probably think he was a freak. He didn't want his father to think that. He was good looking! They just needed to fix it. How could he explain what happened, though? He wasn't even sure himself.

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Grace rolled her eyes as she followed him. She glanced at Willow, who was leaned back against the table. "And so what if he tattoos? Dayton has tattoos, and we let him stay around," she replied, raising her brows as him. "Stop worrying so much. You know, I fell in love with a guy who wasn't perfect many moons ago." Dayton chuckled and rolled his eyes at that. "Well good. I think a face tat would suit y-" he began, but Willow cut in. "No," she muttered, then turned to Apollo, "No. Don't even think about it."

Dex glared at him when he snatched the phone from him. "Apollo, this was an important....oh, God, what happened to you?" he muttered, scowling at him. He raked a hand through his hair and shook his head. "This is just a dumb prank of yours, right?" Dexter muttered, glaring at him all the while.

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David chuckled at her words, and he kissed her softly. "The may be true," he said, and he looked down at her, taking her hand. "I love you, Grace," he whispered. Apollo smirked at Dayton's idea, and he smirked. "You know, I might consider it," he said jokingly, and he chuckled before going on to open his mother's present. His eyes widened as he saw a teddy bear. It was the same one he had when he was a little boy. When his mother had to work long nights, she gave him a teddy bear to hold close when he was scared.

Apollo narrowed his eyes at his father. "You think this is some prank! I would meet do this to myself! Let alone the night of my party. I am in serious trouble, dad! This could ruin everything," he said, terrified of what would happen to his social status. He could lose everything! All because of that stupid girl.

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Grace smiled lightly at that and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I love you too," she murmured softly, grinning up at him happily. Dayton smirked, and Willow stuck her tongue out in response. There was no way that she was allowing that to happen. When she looked at the bear, a small smile slid onto her face. "I'm guessing this is an 'old friend'?" she inquired as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Dex frowned at that and shook his head. "We can't have you going out like this. No," he muttered as he glanced to him. "We have to make sure no one sees you," he insisted, crossing his arms over his chest. He wasn't going to have his reputation ruined because of this.

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Apollo smiled, and he nodded when Willow asked about the teddy bear. "Yeah, he is. I used to sleep with him all the time when I couldn't be with my mother," he said, and he smiled down at the bear, hugging it tightly as if he were a little boy again. "I love it," he said with a birhgt smile, and he got up, hugging his mother tightly. He wasn't sure what he would do if he didn't have his mother in his life.

Apollo watched his father for a moment, but he knew just what he was thinking. His father wasn't worried about him one bot. He was worried about his own reputation. "You dn't care," he said bitterly, but he could say anymore. He didn't care for his father either. His father couldn't even be considered his father. He closed his eyes, and he tried to calm down and not get angry with him.

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Willow cracked a small smile at that and sat down in her seat, brushing her hair back out of her face. It was a side of Apollo she hadn't seen before. He just seemed so....vulnerable. "I see what you mean," she murmured, letting out a long sigh. It made her wish that she had kept one of her childhood stuffed animals. She, instead, didn't keep any of them.

Dexter scowled at that and muttered, "When did I ever say that I didn't care." He frowned and stood from him seat, crossing his arms over his chest. "We are putting you away, and we will even get you a special home school teacher," he muttered before he folded his folder over.

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Apollo smiled, and he examined the bear for another moment or two before he hugged his mother tightly, thanking her. He grabbed another present, and he smiled to himself. "Mr. and Mrs. Walker!" he said, and he started to open the gift. He soon opened it, and he looked down. It was a nice, sliver watch that would go well with any of his suits. "I love it," he said, and he started to set the time.

Apollo listened to him, and his eyes widened. "Wait, are you telling me that I can't go to school. But I'm the president of my class," he said. No, e would ruin his father's reputation. He was supposed to just drop everything for his father. He closed his eyes, and he went to run his hand through his hair, but then he realized that he didn't have any.

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Willow cracked a small smile as she watched Apollo. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "That is a nice watch," she murmured in agreement, and she wouldn't be surprised if her mother had been the one to pick it out. "You only have two left," she continued as she handed over the one Maria got him. Actually, her and Maria had kind of went in halfsies with the gift. Inside were merely the car keys. "We will kind of have to...share the gift," she said with a wry smile.

"You are going to be homeschooled until we figure...this out," he muttered as he motioned to Apollo. He wasn't going to have his reputation ruined for his son's mistakes. "Now you better figure out how to undo this, and soon," he continued. He could barely look at his own son for more than one second. He was too disgusted.

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Apollo nodded in agreement, and once the time was set, he put it on. "I like it a lot," he said, and he thanked them. He picked Maria's gift up, and he gave Willow an odd look whens he spoke. "Oo, is it a bed?" he asked jokingly, and he opened the gift. An odd look came to his face when all he saw were car keys.

Apollo closed his eyes, and he shook his head. "Don't even bother," he said bitterly, and he rushed to his room, slamming the door. With his stupid looks, he was reduced to his room. He and so much. he didn't know that he could fall that fast from the top. "A year? No one in eighteen years has ever loved me. How am I supposed to get someone to love me in a year?" he asked himself.

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Willow rolled her eyes and snorted. "Save the inappropriate comments, Pollo. We are around my family," she muttered in response. She grinned when he pulled out the car keys and grabbed him by the wrist. "Come on, time to see your last present," she stated before she began to pull him outside.

{poor little pollo. should we timeskip? c:

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Apollo chuckled when she grabbed his wrist, and he looked at her oddly. "What in the world is this present?" he asked as he followed her quickly. It was almost insane to be following her out there, but he did it anyway. Wait, she wasn't going to get him a car, was she? That would be insane and way too much money!

{I know right! when to?

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