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Lifeclan is a clan built on the vast meadows and forest of the place these cats call home. It is a lush clan with many cats and many good times. The clan rules well with the warrior code to tank for that, as every cat follows it. They are not like the oth

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Random Ideas V.2

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Apollo couldn't help but laugh as he watched her, and he grabbed a random bill form his wallet, handing it to the taxi driver. "Keep the change," he said with before he followed Willow as quickly as he could. He soon came to the hotel, and he unlocked the door. "Alright, before you run me over, it's on the counter," he told her.

Dimitri smiled, and he placed a finger on his lips. "Quiet down. She'll catch on," he aid with a small laugh, and he kissed her cheek before pulling up his phone, showing her the guy that was interested in Ann. "He's really smart, and he's got a nice paying job. I think that him and Ann will get along. He's even in medical school!" he said. He only wanted the best for his sister.

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"I wouldn't run you over," Willow replied with an eye roll before she bolted into the room. She didn't even have to reach the counter before she smelt it. It smelt so delicious. She rushed over, and her eyes widened into round disks. "You made this?" she asked as she glanced back over at Apollo with a bright smile.

Lindi took a look at the guy. He didn't look half bad, and he seemed pretty nice. However, he definitely didn't seem like Ann's type. She didn't voice her opinion, though. "So how did you come up with this idea?" she inquired as she turned to look up at him then. "And won't Ann sorta freak when she finds out?"

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Apollo smiled as he watched her walk in, and he looked down at her, nodding. "It's not going to be as good as it could have even, but you know, I tried," he said, and he looked down at her, closing his eyes for a moment. He wanted to make her as happy as he could. "I also made this dessert. I found it online and thought it was pretty cool. I mean, it isn't French like I wanted it to be, but Greece is close enough," he said.

Dimitri smiled, and he blushes a bit. "I might have gotten it from a chick flick, but we won't talk about that," he said with a small smile, and he kissed her softly. He nodded when she asked about Ann. "Oh, she will kill me, but hopefully she will see the method to my madness," he said, and he glanced over at his sister. Hopefully Ann wouldn't hate him.

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Willow glanced over when he spoke and cracked a small smile. "It is the thought that counts, Pollo," she murmured before she hugged him tightly. "It is really sweet of you," she continued with a wry smile. When he continued, she rose her brows and grinned. "Ooo, what kind of dessert is it?" she asked curiously as she grabbed two plates. Her stomach growled in anticipation.

Lindi arched her brows at that comment. "A chick flick, huh?" she asked, giggling as she returned the kiss. Dimitri was so cute, and despite it all, she admired him that he was trying to look out for Ann's best interest, even if it isn't exactly what she wants. "Well, good luck telling her," she stated with a small laugh. She could only imagine Ann's face when she finds out the news.

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Apollo smiled when she asked about the dessert. "It's flakey and has some sort of syrup coating and it has nuts in the middle. I might have eaten a couple of them, and I know that they are a bit rich," he told her, and he smiled a bit before getting out the desserts he had made. He set them out before grabbing his own plate. "Let's eat, again!" he said with a bright smile.

Dimitri smiled, and he glanced at the ground, trying to think of ways that he could tell his sister. "I could just drive her to the date after telling her that we are going to the movies, but it would be nice if you could come along and make sure she doesn't kill me," he said with a small laugh, and he looked over his shoulder to his sister. She would kill him if she found out!

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Willow giggled and glanced over at Apollo. "If I keep eating like this, I may get fat," she joked, but she scooped some of the food into her plate, wanting to save the dessert for last. "And you cooked all of this," she murmured as she glanced to him. "You didn't burn yourself, did you?" she inquired, arching a brow as she took a seat at the table.

Lindi rose her brows at his suggestion. "So not only did you make a dating account on a website," she began, leaning back against the counter. "She has a date?" she asked, laughing softly as she thought it all over. "All right, I will go with you, but I don't know if I want to try to stop her if she tries to kill you. Ann can throw a punch," she murmured, only half kidding. She doubted it would get that far away.

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Apollo smirked, and he rolled his eyes. "I only did a little, but I burnt the first dish I tried to make," he said with a small laugh, and he took some of the food, including the dessert on to his pate. He looked down at her, and he smiled to himself. "You look really nice today, you know," he told her. She looked more beautiful than ever when she smiled too.

Dimitri chuckled, and he rolled his eyes. "You are coming, no matter what," he said, and he kissed her softly before taking her hand and heading off in Ann's direction. He smiled, and he looked down at his sister. He seemed to look down on everyone. Even his father. "So, Annie, what are you doing Thursday night?" he asked her curiously.

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"Why am I not surprised?" Willow inquired before taking a bite of the food. It didn't taste exactly the same but it was still amazing. When she heard his next comment, she nearly chocked on her food. She had to grab a water and take a few sips before she calmed down. "Thank you, but you are just saying that," she murmured, trying to hide her red cheeks.

Lindi laughed softly and followed after him as he walked over to Ann. Ann was chewing on a croissant she had bought when they came over. She arched a brow and glanced up at him. "I don't know what I'm going to eat for supper tonight, much less what I am doing Thursday," she replied, raising her brows.

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Apollo smiled, and when she nearly chocked on her food, he couldn't help but laugh. "Of course I mean it. You are the most beautiful girl in the world, after all," he said, and he kisses her softly before taking a bit of the dessert. It wSnt too bad actually. He was afraid it would be worse.

Dimitri rolled his eyes at his sister's words. Of course she didn't know her plans. "Well, you have plans now. Lindi and I are going to go out for dinner, and you are coming with us," he said with a smile, and he glanced down at Lindi. Hopefully Ann wouldn't think too much about it and just agree. He wanted her to go along with it.

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Willow shook her head and kissed him back. As she pulled away, she whispered, "You really shouldn't lie to me, Apollo. I love you though." She leaned forward and kissed him once more before taking another bite of food. "You didn't do too bad. But don't eat all of the dessert. I want to still try it."

Ann furrowed her brows at that. "Uh, isn't that a bit weird. I mean, I wouldn't want to be a third wheel or anything...," she said uncertainly. Lindi piped in before Ann got suspicious. "It isn't a date, Ann. It's just an...outing," she muttered. Ann just glanced between them and sighed. They didn't make any sense but she just nodded either way. "Okay, fine," she agreed finally.

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Apollo rolled his eyes, and he wrapped an arm around her. "I won't eat it all. Well, I'll try not to eat it all, but it's going to be really hard," he said with a laugh. He looked down at her, and he kissed her head. "Alright. Let's start," he said. He Ooo a bite of the food, and he closed his eyes. It wasn't bad.

Dimitri looked down at her, and he smiled brightly when she agreed. "Great! Alright I'll pick you up sometime. It's going to be great," he said, and he ruffled her hair before he looked at the time. "Gotta blast!"

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Willow arched her brow at him and rolled her eyes lightly. She doubted that he wouldn't eat all of it if she didn't eat fast enough, but she didn't voice her opinion. She took another bite and grinned lightly. "This isn't half bad. Thank you, Pollo," she murmured as she leaned over to kiss his cheek.

{should we timeskip? c:

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Apollo looked down at her, and he smiled to himself. "Thanks. I tried my best," he said, and he pulled her in for a quick kiss before he continued to eat. It really was pretty good, and he was surprised. He was almost sure that it wasn't edible. "I'm better than I thought it would be," he said.

{sure c: when to?

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Willow kissed him back before returning her attention to eating the food. She was impressed. Maybe Apollo was actually getting better when it came to cooking. Once she finished, she took the dessert and turned to him. "Moment of truth. Will she gag or won't she?" she teased, giggling as she sat down once more. She took a bite and smiled in satisfaction. It actually wasn't half bad.

{hm..the date?

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Apollo listened to her words, and he pushed her playfully. "You can be such a jerk," he said playfully, and he kissed her head before he took another bite of the dessert. It was pretty good, and he wanted more. "We should cook more often," he said.

Aspen looked down at his watch, and he smiled. He was right on time. Although he wasn't wearing a suit or anything, he had cleaned up rather well. He knocked on Ann's door, and he bit his lip nervously. He was hoping that maybe it would all work out in the end. He really did like her, even if he did act casual around her.

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"I will just take that as a compliment. Dayton would be proud," Willow joked, sticking her tongue out at Apollo and planting a kiss on his cheek. She then proceeded to take another bite of the dessert and grinned. "We?" she repeated with a giggle. "I think this was all you, this time, Pollo."

Ann was sticking an earring in her ear when she heard the knock on the door. "One minute!" she called before she finished up getting ready rather quickly. She let out a long breath and sighed. Ann was never one to dress up too much. She wasn't a big fan of dresses, so the fact that she was wearing one indicated that this was a big deal. She paused one last time before she rushed to the door. "All right, let's go."


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